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Author Topic: Angron Bloodfist: Repost  (Read 1126 times)
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« on: January 01, 1970, 09:00:00 AM »

Name: Angron Bloodfist
Age: 25
Birthday: Dálonjerá (June), 13th
Place of birth: Village of Kargul, Celeste Lowlands
Gender: male
Height: 2.25 peds
Width: about 1 ped (at the shoulders)
Race: Human
Tribe: Helvet'ine Kuglim
Class: Mercenary/ Berserk

As common for his tribe, Angron is of sturdy physique. His strength seems to be uncommonly great, even for Kuglim-standards. A really strange thing about him is his dark skin and long, deep-black hair, floating down his muscle-packed neck and shoulders. Prooving Angron had had some pretty tough times are the many scars that cover most of his muscular body. His pale eyes remember one more of icy crystals than organs to see with, and when grinning his lips reveal a pair of wolf-like canine teeth. Noone, not even Angron himself can tell from whom he inherited these quite uncommon features.

Angron had no parents, for he was found by a blacksmith one day in a forest near the village of Kargul. He was believd to be about 2 years old. This blacksmith was an honorable person, but his wife had been killed in an orc counter-attack whilst the men of Kargul were out hunting for another group of maroding orcs and so he was without descendants until he found Angron. He raised him like he was his own flesh and blood. His name was Thorolf Bloodfist, son of Baelin Bloodfang. From him, Angron learnt the art of making weaponry and armoury, but noone knew who taught Angron how to fight. He was truly gifted. On his 18th birthday, Thorolf presented Angron with the Fang of Baelin, a by Baelin himself masterly forged dagger in the shape a huge canine tooth. As said before, Thorolf was an honest an honorable man, and telling lies was something he really couldn´t stand. Once, he even tossed another man into a camp-fire, because he said something about Baelin (one of the greatest warriors of his time) being a lousy coward. Yes, breaking a promise was like dieing a thousand deaths to Thorolf. Angron probably adapted this way of living, and noone dared to doubt something what these two men said.

One reason for the other kids in his tribe to mock Angron when he was still a child, was that he had always been afraid of riding a horse, needless to mention that he couldn´t even manage to get on the back of one of these fury 4-legged things. But it was ok for him, because he was the fastest runner in his home-village, maybe even in the whole Helvet'ine-area. As because of never riding a horse, he wasn´t in the need to wear the armour suitable for the cavalry-tactics of Helvet'ine tribe. Instead of doing so, he forged his own heavy plate-mail. He also forged his own weapon, a gigant battle-axe, with runes encarved on the humongous twin-blades. This massive instrument of carnage is said to be able to cut through even the hardest materials, from solid rock to even a dragon´s scale-hide.

Several years later, Angron, now grown up and hardly surpassable in strength and dexterity in close combat, he was sent by the elders of his home-village to check on a farm way out in the wastes east of their territory. When he did not return after 3 three days, the elders sent out a patrol to see what happened to the young warrior. They found him mortally wounded midst a huge pile of slayed orcs, with a spear in his chest. Strangely there was this small kitten sitting next to his head, really strange because there was no way such an little animal could have survived long enough in that enviroment. None of the patrol-members could tell how Angron was able to stay alive on the journey back to his village. They told Angron lateron about this kitten when they were back at the village, and he thought of this little fury animal as a symbol of fortune.

When Angron enters a combat, especially for defending other beings (no matter what race), he doesn´t pay diddely to his own safety. Be sure that he will do anything he can to protect those who are threatened and outnumbered. But although he seems to be a big show in fighting and craftsmanship, he´s a rather a little light when it comes to proove his mental capacity: "Hey, look at that cute lizard-thingy ::approaching a grown-up fire dragon::". Meaning he´s rather weak-minded (although that doesn´t mean he´s stupid...well, maybe a little slow). But when it comes to talking with girls, it´s probably gonna end up in a disaster. So to all the ladies out there: Take it easy on him! He may look like a blood-thirsty killer during a fight, but he really has a lot of love and tenderness to give (although he more prefers a good fight than a candle-light dinner...).

Angron does not believe in any gods, neither does he think that there´s an after-life. The one thing he DOES believe in is reincarnation. "The more lifes you saved, the more honest you have lived your life and the more brave you fought, the life-worthier creature you will reincarnate as." - that´s what Thorolf said to him before Angron left his home-village.

- Gigant battle-axe "Hagun Tan" (Never seen an axe chopping through a tree with only ONE blow? you will when being with Angron and his axe around...)
- heavy plate mail
- Dagger "Fang of Baelin" (in secret pocket in his pants)
- dark brown leather pants
- orc-skin undergarment (don´t laugh )
- spare undergarments
- heavy leather-boots
- medium-sized backpack
- Shan'si (not really an item, Shan'Si is a cute little kitten, and she always sits on Angron´s shoulder)
- 3 small bottles of "Wulfen Blood" (potion, brewed to help in most kinds of sicknesses, wounds, and to prevent freezing to death. Taste: very spicy, feels like needles stabbing into your throat. But when finally in the stomach it helps curing deceases and sickness, and also influences the body with comfy warmth. Also to be poored into wounds to accelarate the healing-process and for dísinfection).

Aces/ strenghts:
- cat-like reflexes
- skilled craftsman ("Don´t worry, i´ll repair your scale mail...")
- Berserker´s rage ( better don´t mess with him when he´s in that mood, it might not be too good for you...)
- The Pet-whisperer ("what´s that little kitty? you want some milk? here you go ^ ^"...seems like he really CAN talk to animals....)

Hindrances/ weaknesses:
- clumsy (although he is almost unsurpassable in close combat, he could hardly throw a stone into a bucket next to him...and be sure that if there is a stone lying on an empty street Angron strolls on, there is no way he could avoid tripping over this little puny piece of rock...)
- "lemme alone, i´m tired" more like sleeping-beauty-style, nothing can wake him when he sleeps...well, maybe ONE thing *hehe*
- big britches ("Oooh, looky here, 50 blood-thirsty orcs coming our way...lemme at 'em! LEMME AT 'EM!!!")
- "Ewww, look at those purdy lights "...Angron had never shown any ability to handle magics and spells, although he managed to forge his magical-like battle-axe and plate-mail. He holds great admiration for those who use magics in combat and normal life rather than envying them
- wounded heart: A big scar marks the spot the one orc stabbed the spear into Angron´s chest. That hit was mere two fingertips close to Angron´s heart itself, and although it did not damage that organ, a stunning pain rushes through the barbarian´s chest from time to time. That is why Angron always carries a few bottles of the so called potion "Wulfen Blood" with him.

...Ripples in the Dream Pool...

Edited by: Khiera at: 6/15/05 18:21


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