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Author Topic: Fight with us: Story applications for Thalambath's Heart  (Read 4606 times)
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Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
Lady of the South
Story Mod
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« on: November 11, 2009, 06:19:27 AM »

Invitation closed! Thank you for participating.

We  are currently looking for three to four new, permanent players. We will accept a guest character now and then for a limited time, see details below. If you wish to  apply with two characters, do so, but please do not accept both offers, if this should be the case ;)

We are looking for    ***    We are looking for   ***   We are looking for    ***    We are looking for    

Permanent characters:

A (powerful) mage who will support us in the fight against the greatest evil rising: Eckra

The type of mage is not as important as his skill and his ability to get along with us. We might 'employ' a weaker mage additional, or as a guest character.

An 'innocent'  person:

Let me describe a bit, how that character should be:

He/she should not be ignorant, but have an optimistic view of the world, in particular one where the lack of knowledge stems from a lack of wrongdoing. He/she should have a ‚purity of heart‘, he could be a little naive ( lacking worldliness or sophistication), a bit artlessness, most times inoffensive. One definition of innocence is „Uncorrupted by evil, malice, or wrongdoing; sinless: an innocent person, especially a young child or an ingenuous adult“.

This is of course an idealistic description, but you should come to this as close as possible. If somebody remembers the character Kenriil, I would classify him as „innocent“, though he had a sword!

A 'comical relief', a character which makes us now and then forget, that we will all probably fail and with  us the world which will be doomed to fall to the evil forces entirely.

What we could need eventually is somebody good with a ranged weapon. If that would go together with the other requirements above, that would be excellent. Any other combination will of course be considered as well. Those with their primary skills in melee weapons need not to apply.

Guest character:

He should be able to help the group in a way, be it, that he is knowledgeable with the area we are in (a Kuglimz leader once we are up there), or from the tribe we are just visiting (the Zirghurim e.g.), or that he has a skill we might need right now. We will announce, when we see the need to have somebody, but if you follow the story, you might find a fitting gap for you we might not have discovered yet.

Requirements    +++   Requirements   +++   Requirements   +++   Requirements    +++   Requirements   +++   Requirements

You should be able to post twice in a week, once a week at the longest and on a regular basic. Of course, RL tends to intervene, but then you NEED to tell us that in advance that you cannot post, if possible. If your internet breaks down, you should go to an internet cafe or to a friend to give us a very short note. An email will do as well, so you don‘t even need to login.

You don‘t need to have a very long experience in rping, but we expect you

-  to know the general RPG rules which you can find all over the board
-  to be a good writer with a lot of fantasy.
-  to read every post thoroughly, so you can react appropriately.
-  to use the spellchecker every single time, if you need it!  In OOC as well!

And now we have a little task for you:

1. Find a reason, why we should take you, why your character would fit to our group, why we would need you. How we could integrate you. Or how you want to achieve it, that we take you with us, even if you are a hindrance to us.

2. We want you to write a short 'entrance  post', where we can assess your skills, be it in writing or  interacting with the group. In this post you should meet us, at least  one of us. Four of us are currently in a tavern in Ximax, having breakfast, but you are allowed to make up a possible situation somewhere as well.  The length should be about the size of this post or longer .(Length does not necessarily determine quality though!)

That is your chance to convince us, that the group cannot continue without you :)

Please post your application -  a link to your CD and  your 'entrance post'  - below, and not more.

Questions, discussions , answers etc please post here

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Tiras The White Rose
The White Rose
Approved Character
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Gender: Male
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Human , Male ,Erpheronian

« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2009, 10:15:32 AM »

Comical relief ? Well it is just my alley , I would love to be a comical relief , especialy with women.... evil

<a href="http://www.santharia.com/adv/index.php?topic=815.msg27340#msg27340 target="top">Tiras The White Rose[/url] - What one can say about the White Rose ? The world greatest lover ? No that would be just stating the obvious . He is mostly an adventurer , a thief , a burglar , anything that puts money on his pockets and women on his bed .
He only cares about two things , Women and money , in that order , although he would forfeit the second for the first on a heart beat . Amazingly as it seems , he is skilled with a sword , as long as his target doesn´t move much...

Anyway , this is me in all my glory , I would much enjoy this , if not , well Ce La Vie ...
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“My crime? It is a serious one -- you see, I am too handsome to look upon.”
<a href="http://www.santharia.com/adv/index.php?topic=815.msg27340#msg27340 target="top">Tiras The White Rose[/url]
Alexandre Scriabin
Music Adept
Approved Character
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Human, Erpheronian/ Rhulran

« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2009, 11:02:51 AM »

To show that Scriabin makes for the perfect innocent, insightful individual, here is his personality section:

Scriabin is thoughtful; and because of said thoughtfulness would never classify himself to a person, seeing as words are always just plain inadequate. Only when he deems it necessary or it is requested will he feel comfortable enough to clear his throat and utter anything. Because of this, he is not a man who is so keen on poetry, just music. There is no reasoning with him unless he has been misinformed prior to making a judgment, and as a result he hates to make excuses for anything.

He does whatever he is obligated to do if he must accomplish something, but he has different standards of success. It should be taken into account that he values nothing physical, and the very ideas of society, finances, and social interaction are naught but a sick joke to him. He is of the belief that Ava conceived us all for a mutual relationship with her, and one another.

Facial expressions don't come so easy for him, so it is easy to misinterpret his attitude towards a situation. Because of this, you can only discern his emotions from his eyes with any certainty. One wouldn't say he didn't give a damn either way, but that he is withdrawn; Routinely preoccupied with studying people, their habits, insecurities, bashfulness, hate, and overall sense of antiquity. He is rather good at it, and that is where his intuition and persuasion skills stem from. He observes what subjects make a person perspire, what lights their desires, their remarkably low self esteem, what pheromones get them going, and he takes note of it all.

They are definitely more than a science experiment, mind you, he loves them to death. But you know, the most ironic thing of all is: he can cure a person, sort out what clutters an individual's mind, but he is rarely disposed toward making his own opinions on life audibly heard, unless he finds it prudent. Almost as if so very much careful study amounted to nothing.

Who knows? Maybe he doesn't even have any sense of self anymore; maybe his aspirations are a combination of all of ours? Is there really such a thing as too much selflessness?

Aside from his innocence, Scriabin is a very apt musician. He can sing very well, but doesn't do so very often at all (just as the personality details).

And the full CD: http://www.santharia.com/adv/index.php?topic=6948.0

As for posting skills, I'll just quote a former entry from Banshee's Crest:

Scriabin removed his Fioela from it's case, and made to sure to carefully caress it both mentally and physically. He truly treasured these occasions with people.

The Half Elf seemed a little displeased, and he understood well enough. People have a way of being overwhelming for me too, at times... he mused. And then he returned to the matters at hand.

Dek gave forth a reply to his earlier greetings/formalities: "Scriabin, greetings and salutations, my friend. Are you heading north or south?"

Still inattentively holding the instrument on his lap, he noticed another man who promptly addressed him: "G'evnin! T'names Cap'n Shahpnah an' welcum t'mah inn, T'Banshee's Crest. Wha' canni get fur ya?"

"Me sir? Well, come to think of it... I'd like to stay for a day or so. But right this moment, I'd heartily appreciate some stiff liqueur."

Now having realized he had forgotten Dek's remark from just a few seconds before, he continued the discourse: "Well, in all actuality, I'm not headed in any particular direction. I'm not sure if I've had much of a specific direction to go to in about 30 years; besides the last occasion we met at, of course... How about yourself? Is there any direction, or grand order of some sort in your world?"

As he spoke, he rose the instrument from his lap and deftly practiced some scales and randomized progressions. After having vocalized himself to Dek, he started to play a gypsy kind of piece; He tooled around with some minor cadences to start with, and then sharped his third, resolving into the same key in major. Having developed a A (beginning) motif, statement, and section to work off of later in the piece, he took the major key and experimented with light chromatics, and "soft-spoken" trills.

Now, to bring a different theme into the B section, he worked in the bass register with open fifths, a light accentuation of legato, and repetitive rhythmic drive. Having worked the theme to a satisfactory level, he began a diminuendo and then drove himself forth into a myriad of double stops, sweeps, contrapuntal figures, and occasional repetitive use of the open fifth in reference to the previous theme, and sweet, thoughtful, and slightly chromatic exploration of the highest register of the instrument.

Now, he wanted to bring out some real genius, so he let off with a decrescendo and a slight ritard; He then hurled himself back into the minor key from the A (gypsy) section. Using every painful angle possible for his old fingers, he combined all three themes into the minor key, with staccato and accents dotted about everywhere. It was a massacre of fingers everywhere, with purely immolating double stops, a riot of double sharps in randomized scale progressions and scintillating chromatic deviation every now and then.

And it ended as suddenly as it began, with an aggressively bowed minor seventh chord, full of vibrato and colourful tone.

Having pleased himself enough, he played out a few thoughts in his head: I'll have to write this one down when I head to bed tonight. After all, how hard should it be to remember. Nothing complicated, really, just a piece in A-B-A format. :D
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The statement below this is false.
The statement above this is true.

Alexandre Scriabin CD
Sondirra Moryveen
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2009, 03:09:02 PM »

Dear Journal:

I find myself in Ximax, having only arrived here late last night and too late to explore.  It's been weeks since I left Willem and Catria in New Santhala.  I miss them terrible, and Mother and Father, but I'm resolved to not turn back, no matter how how my heart aches at times.  I'm beginning to see the world, and its amazing!  On the trip here, I saw the Shivering Woods, though the carriage driver would not go too close to them.  Something about a Silver Hand, though my guide, who was really just another patron in the carriage, did not wish to expound further on the matter.  I have heard Ximax has extensive libraries, and if I am able I will...

"You're breakfast, mum."

Sondirra looks up from her journal and flashes the woman who served her a wide smile.  "Thank you."  Sondirra puts down the quill she had been writing with and puts the stopper on the vial of ink.  She blows softly on the journal page, helping the ink to dry.  Satisfied, she closes the book and slides it out of the way and pulls her plate closer to her.  Local eggs and some bread, baked fresh this morning by the smell.  Her mouth simply waters in anticipation.

She reaches out and takes the flagon of water on her table and sips from it while looking about the room.  Only a few tables were not being used, so it was busy this morning (or maybe it wasn't for this place!).  Sondirra giggles.  One table in particular catches her attention.  It wasn't because it was a table full of Ximaxian mages, but, strangely enough, it was precisely because they did not belong in Ximax that they caught her eye.

The people at the table looked like well worn travellers.  Immediately, Sondirra begins to weave intricate stories around them.  They were heroes, all.  Battling evil mages, they travelled here to put an end to the horrors.  The leader, the man with dark hair and rugged features, was the leader.  A man with a noble heart who led his band of heroes through every imaginable danger to rid the world of evil.  Beside him, his sister, the tall woman with similar eyes and skin colour, whose hair hung in a straight braid behind her.  She shared his noble blood and ambitious ideals.  The other woman had to be the wife of the leader, for they looked at each other with too much love to simply be cohorts.  And with them, their faithfull dog (okay fox! but dog writes so much better, for who would believe a pet fox?).

Suddenly, Sondirra realizes that her daydreaming has not gone unnoticed.  The woman with the braid has spotted her staring, and Sondirra feels colour rushing to her cheeks.  She places both hands over her heart and gazes at the woman apologetically.  "I'm sorry," she mouths, before looking back to her own table.  Filling her mouth quickly with bread, Sondirra suddenly has the thought; What if they don't speak her language?

Hello :)  My name is Sondirra Moryveen.  I'm a runaway from Onved, seeking to partake of the world and write about it.  Perhaps one day something of mine may make it into the Compendium.  Until then, I fill my journals with my adventures.  As you can see, I have no magical ability, nor am I particularly amusing, therefore I am applying for the role of the innocent.  As for how I may earn my keep within your cabal, you will need someone to transcribe the efforts of yourselves so that future generations will know the sacrifices and deeds of you all.  And the question of my innocence, I am only in my early twenties and have only had one boyfriend, and he married my best friend.  I'll probably die an old maid!  So, uhm, I guess this is my application.
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Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
Lady of the South
Story Mod
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Gender: Female
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2009, 05:52:39 PM »

Thank you for all the applications so far! Questions and answers in the extra thread please!

We are still waiting for others to apply!
Twén Aråerwén
Death's Mistress
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Gender: Female
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Elf, Ifer’hém

« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2009, 02:11:18 PM »

Position Applied For: (Powerful) Mage
Link To CD: Link Provided In Signature
Any Questions: PM this Screen Name, all answered within 24 hours.

The elf’s metallic grey eyes wandered across the dining hall of the tavern. Injera’s light dancing over their opaque surfaces, as the morning lit rays of radiance flittered through the windows. Infinitesimal glitter shimmered across the silvery woven fabric in her karikrimson robes, when her arm shifted to retrieve the goblet of Arti wine she had ordered with breakfast. Twen had risen before the sun to dine with her twin sister, whom had already departed for the library. She had been left alone with only the joyful aroma of the fine wine before her, a glass half-full.

Loneliness was not something she had enjoyed for long, soon a multitude of patrons had wandered in with the sunlight. Although diverse, it was not an uncommon thing to be observed in the city of magic. Many had come and went throughout its streets over the centuries and Twen had seen countless in her time within the Red Tower. With a fragile hand the mage raised her goblet to supple lips, poised gingerly against them she reveled in the wine’s complexity. Almond-shaped eyes closed gently as she inhaled, the dark elf’s mind fluttered for a moment as the scent took her home, if only for a blink.

The blissful moment shattered by the tiny clatter of the obsidian bracelets cascading down her forearm, their perverse decorations chiming lightly as they slid. Once again her ancient elven eyes scanned the gathering throng with cursory interest. Many of them were evidently farmers, travelers or workers from the academy, most likely errand runners for some of the affluent members. Yet, there were a few that seemed out of place, mainly a small gathering that had formed about a table.

All of them had come to the main hall from the sleeping quarters. One lady with fiery red hair in a formal white dress and two others, a man and a woman that seemed to be of foreign descent …. Shendar possibly? She had met many of them whilst working in the Herald.

As the elfess pondered the armed group, yes even the well dressed lady had a blade about her supple waist-line. She averted her eyes, so as not to draw attention to herself; Twen continued to postulate what would bring Shendar into the city of Ximax. For a few blinks the elf twirled the goblet in her hand, allowing the wine to swirl about it slowly. Tenderly she allowed her will to focus upon the alcohol and with a casual exertion the dark elf cooled the contents faintly. Eloquently the mage’s fragile hand replaced the container upon the table before her.

The movement caused a minute cascade of golden curls to fall over one eye, shrouding her vision slightly. Tentatively she raised frail digits to respite them once again behind a pointed ear. She used the opportunity to tilt her head vaguely to one side, so as to listen in on the conversation of the trio at the table. If she were to be leaving this town in the future, she would need other travelers and it seemed this group wasn’t a band of locals. She never journeyed alone, nor was she one to really care where her sandaled feet carried her.

It would be another decade before she returned to this table irregardless; she had promised Shai this well over a century ago. Neither had ever missed the reunion, then again neither spoke much of what they had done while in absence of each other.  
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•º•The spell fell upon the crowd like a dragon, •º•
•º•ancient and full of death.•º•
_.·´¯) Twén Aråerwén's CD(¯`·._
Lyth Elstrum
So Danar fa Eya
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Gender: Male
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2009, 05:51:54 AM »

Postion applied for: Innocent person
Link: In my signature
Questions: PM 'Sylvia Palinor'

Note: I hope this post is fitting to this wonderful story. If it is not, well, at least I have tried. It may at least be practice for my writing skills.

Golden streams cascaded through her bedside window, gently nudging Lyth out of the catacombs of her slumber. Slowly opening her violet pools, she welcomed the morning Injera with a faint smile. She softly slipped out of bed and ambled over to the washing basin located across from her bed. Silently washing her face, she faintly sensed the emotions of those downstairs in the dining hall.

Lyth gracefully strode over to her pack, humming a lullaby tune her mother sang to her as a young girl. Memories of her now dead mother caused a soft sadness to wash over her. Oh how I miss her so, she thought whilst a single tear fell onto the ivory sheets below her.

Reaching into her pack, she selected a white robe, now clean from one of those kind servant girls washing it for her. She smiled gently as she recalled arguing good-naturedly with one of them about how it was too much trouble for them to go to. The girl ended up being victorious in that particular disagreement. "Such nice women." she said aloud to herself. "I really must find a way to repay them."

Slipping on her soft leather shoes and her various items of jewelery, Lyth kneeled beside her newly made bed to say a quick prayer to Eyasha. She spent several moments thanking her for the peaceful moments the goddess had granted unto her, and praying for more to come in the future. With her morning activities complete, she strode out the door, closing it quietly behind her.

As Lyth made her way downstairs, the clamour of loud voices, as well as even louder emotions reached her sharply pointed ears. As she passed numerous tables, she sowed peaceful and happy emotions where there was sadness and anger. Stepping up to the counter, she ordered a loaf of bread and a glass of red wine. As she waited, she fingered her necklace, baring the trinity herb symbol of Eyasha. This was her only gift from her Mindsmoothing master.

Taking the bread and the glass of wine, Lyth let her natural inclinations find a seat for her. She was drawn to where there was happiness and excitement, and leaving herself open to the various emotions allowed her to find such an area. Finding a seat at a table next to what looked to be some excited travelers, she focused on them, basking in the radiance of their emotions. As she nibbled lightly on her loaf of bread, Lyth examined her well-kempt nails, glowing a bright ivory in contrast to her exotic, honey skin. Lyth then moved her hand to fiddle with her beaded bracelets, thinking of how her father hadn't written in what seemed like ages. I do hope he is well, she thought, concerned for the man who had cared for and comforted her when she had needed him most.

Gingerly sipping at her wine, and playing with her light chocolate hair, the tall, slender elf glanced over at the travelers seated at the next table over. They seemed ordinary enough to her, two women, a man, and a Brownie and her mount. Not an uncommon sight in her opinion. As she continued to sit stationary, she pondered time and time again what could have them so excited.
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"I am Eyasha's servant. I am The Hand of Peace."

Lyth Elstrum
Gavril 'Whitebeard' Baird
Deluded Chatterbox
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Posts: 10

« Reply #7 on: November 16, 2009, 02:56:24 PM »

Position: Comical Relief
Character Description: http://www.santharia.com/adv/index.php?topic=6507.msg252584#msg252584
Contact Information:
     PM - Garret Arroway
     Email -
     YIM - jordy_3491

Gavril has two things: he has money and he has lost his mind. It's not too difficult to figure out a reason for him to be doing things. He is a very flexible character and goes wherever the wind blows him (with hopes of flying at some point or another). No adventure if complete without this crazy old 'mage'.



     The yelp of an obviously angry creature could be heard from the back of the inn, followed the smashing of crates as they toppled. Some of the occupants of the inn looked around curiously, noticing the owner of the inn step into the common room, pulling an elderly man in a long cream colored robe with silvery swirls and matching hat behind him. The regular patrons just went back to their breakfasts, recognizing Gavril.

     The owner, who had an angry red mark on his forehead that was swiftly swelling into a very noticeable bump, let go of the man who stumbled a few steps before catching his balance with the aid of his walking stick.

     Straightening his robe, the old man glared at the owner, "You might be a little thankful. After all, I just saved your life and your inn. That creature would have ripped it to pieces."

     The Innkeeper's face was now matching the color of the growing bump as his anger grew.

     "That creature was just a cat," he mumbled, his jaw clenched, "that was just doing its job and hunting that mouse you call a pet."

     Just then the dark grey head of the mouse, Ash, poked his head out of the 'spell pouch' at Gavril's hip that he had claimed as his own. It glanced curiously at the owner before climbing from its pouch to its human's shoulder, obviously to get a better view of the red man.

     "A bat?" Garvil asked, misunderstanding the man. "No, good sir, that being was definitely not of the winged variety. And it wasn't a creature of this world. It must have been a demon of some sorts, though I must say, I've never meet one that angry. Or that orange for that matter.

     "Why, look what it did to your head poor man," he exclaimed, as he leaned forward to prod at the massive bump which causes the Red Man to yelp. "You should see a healer. The creature must have injured your mind."

     With that, Garvil turned away, unaware of the snickering of the nearby regular customers who received glares from the owner of the inn. As he started walking away, his walking stick swung back, hitting the innkeeper in the knee, which prompted another yelp from the man, but Gavril hadn't noticed.

     Surveying the room, Gavril notices a small group of people, who even though sitting, look heroic. Heroic like the people from his past who save the day and keep the kingdoms from destroying themselves. A huge smile crosses his face as he realizes that this is his heroic mission to. He knew these people so of course he was on the same heroic mission to save the kingdom. The faces seem familiar though Gav's damaged mind didn't recall that he only recognizes them as he had passed them the day before after being tossed on his rear by someone at the academy.

     Without a second thought, he marched across the room, dislodging Ash, who quickly climbed back to his little pouch at his human's waist. Pulling up a chair, he sat himself down at the table with the others.

     "So ...," Gavril Baird said, pausing for a moment as his mind couldn't bring up their names.

     Believing that his poor memory had caused him to momentarily forget his companions names he blushed, the red faintly showing up in the heavily tanned patches of his face that were visible beneath the mass of hair.

     Trying to recover, he simply said with a wide grin, "When do we leave?"
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Azhira Styralias
Approved Character
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Gender: Female
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Half-elf, Aellenrhim/ Erpheronian

« Reply #8 on: November 17, 2009, 01:22:42 AM »

Link to CD

Why you want me:

Azhira took to the art of healing at an early age. She is an accomplished herbalist, having learned the art of utilizing various plants and mixtures to ease the suffering of others. In addition, Azhira is also well skilled in earth magic and has employed her spells towards the healing of physical wounds as well. She possesses a keen intellect and wanderlust. Her drive to explore her environment and documenting her adventures in a journal are very important to her. Despite these personal strengths, she holds some deep secrets that threaten to inhibit her work and life. Nevertheless, like the magic she practices, her resolve and willpower is strong. She possesses an indomitable spirit that is essential in her line of work.

Sample Post:

The battle was over so quickly, Azhira barely registered the scream of the wounded man. His opponent's blade completed its arc, coming away with a fountain of blood that splattered the nearby tavern tables. Onlookers screamed in terror as they found their finery drenched in the dying man's gore.

Azhira's instincts took over. She couldn't fathom why the attacker would try to murder an unarmed man! She deftly leaped over the table, landing solidly on her feet. She was kneeling over to the wounded man in a blink. She tore his cut shirt open to reveal a nasty jagged wound running almost 25 nailsbreadths on his chest. Azhira knew this man. He was the town's mayor and it was obvious to her now that the attacker was an assassin!

The assassin sneered as he raised his blade to bestow the killing blow. "Move outta the way, wench," he hissed at Azhira. "I will finish this mongrel right now."

Azhira slapped a hand on the mayor's wound, drenching her hands in blood. She looked up at the assassin. He was a rough looking man with slick dark hair and fierce green eyes. His lower face was covered in a bushy beard with ears decorated with golden rings. His yellowed teeth gritted in anger.

"You'll do no such thing!" Azhira replied. "How dare you come in here! You will hang for this."

The mayor groaned softly as his body grew limp from the blood loss. The onlookers stared helplessly, unable or unwilling to move to Azhira's defense.

The assassin grunted and shook his head. He pulled back and dropped his arm in a downward slice. Azhira gasped and raised her arm to block the blow. The blade hit her exposed arm with a whack and bounced harmlessly away. A look of surprise crossed the assassin's face. The woman's arm should have been flying across the taproom, not still attached to the impudent girl!

Azhira opened her hand and pushed it towards the assassin. Immediately, the killer's sword dropped to the floor with a loud clunk. The assassin dropped to his knees as his body suddenly took on the weight of a small boulder. His arms hung loosely at his sides and try as he did, he couldn't move them.

Azhira's spells had worked. By increasing the earth's influence on him, he weighed four times than normal. And, by giving her own skin the properties of earth, by making it extremely hard, the sword's blow never made a scratch.

With the killer incapacitated, Azhira set to work on the wounded mayor. She first focused a spell on the man's quickly draining blood. Within a few blinks, the blood slowed its flow as it became thicker and easier to staunch. She ripped off a portion of his shirt and applied it to the wound.

Next, Azhira focused on the wound itself with another spell. She hardened the flesh and willed it closed so it wouldn't get any worse.

The mayor was still in great pain, however, and Azhira had to calm him. She touched his head and whispered softly to him. His head stopped moving and his breathing became regular again. By influencing the spiritual property of stubbornness and languidity, Azhira slowed his mind from feeling the pain and calmed his panic for a time. The mayor would live.

At that moment, two town guardsmen pushed themselves through the crowd. They came upon the scene and immediately grasped the assassin and tried to pull him up. Of course, the killer weighed far more than they could handle. Azhira looked over and released the assassin from the spell and he fell over with a gasp.

"Get the mayor to his bed to rest," she ordered. "I've stabilized his wound and he can be carried now."

One of the guards nodded in response. "My thanks to you, miss. Come to the constable's office to make a statement. How did you stop this man from killing you? He's a ruthless bugger. We know him well."

Azhira managed a grim smile. "I suppose he just didn't have the strength to do it."
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"Be still and I shall calm your mind and mend your broken body."
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Dwarf, Zirghurim

« Reply #9 on: November 17, 2009, 04:48:34 AM »

Position: Comic Relief/ Maybe Innocent
CD: Is in my Sig
Contact Information: PM or email at
Shomgar found himself in Ximax, he wasn't sure why but he really didn't care, it had probably stemmed form the fact that he had never been there, having never been there he had gotten curious, having gotten curious he felt he had no choice but to go there, and so here he was, in Ximax, in a tavern performing.

Shomgar looked around the tavern, judging the area he had to perform, the Innkeeper had cleared a small place for him to perform in by pushing a few tables together. The innkeeper thought Shomgar would perform his act only in that space, but he was thinking he might not. Tables could provide a great prop.

Shomgar decided to start, not very many people were paying attention, but hopefully that would change soon. Shomgar started with a seemingly difficult trick, though not so hard for him, he stood his staff uprite and quickly alighted on the top of it. He stood there for a minute just looking around, eventually someone gasped and pointed. The people in the common room began to murmur. Shomgar smiled at the crowd, and took a bow, still balanced on his staff. "Thank ye for yer attention ma ladies and lords, I be but a meager acrobat here teh dazzle ye with me stunning feats of flexibility and agility, I hope ye will enjoy!" with the last word Shomgar performed a back flip off the staff landing arms up, he quickly caught the staff as it began to tumble towards him.

Shomgar made a quick motion to Grock and Sentha who began there little bit, Grock standing on his hind legs walked around a bit while Sentha began a ring of flips, Benk was no where to be seen, Shomgar grunted hopeing the rascal wouldn't get into to much trouble. Shomgar started another backward flip this time landing on his hands, he shuffled over to an empty table where he sprung form his hands landing on it.  Atop the table Shomgar bent over backwards slowly, inch by inch drawing out the motion as those observing him watched he touched his heels. With a painful sounding grunt he suddenly lurched backward further grabbing his heels. Some of the observer stood quickly thinking he might be hurt, when he saw them do such he barked a quick laugh at them, the standing patrons laughed a bit nervously as they sat down.

Sitting there upside down Shomgar spoke to the crowd "Now don't ye worry yer selves about me folks, I've never hurt meself before and I don't plan on a startin now, don't ya know!" Shomgar, still holding his heels started to roll, right off the table landing on his feet, he started to roll again, around the open space, as he rolled he started to catch up with Sentha who was still do her flipping routine, Grock had moved on to somersaults himself. Just as he reached Sentha he sprang out of his loop into a forward flip over the dog landing on his feet and quickly rolling out of her way.

Just as Shomgar was about to continue his routine with some quarterstaff work, he heard the yipping of a small dog, giving a start he looked around and spotted Benk's little white tail wagging rapidly, the dogs but sticking up in the air the way it was signaled the he had his fore paws and head on the ground. Jumping slightly he saw the patrons of a table looking down at the dog concernedly. he quickly ran over to see Benk barking at a red fox, wich appeared to have a passenger, a small white haired brownie, whose gender Shomgar could not yet discern as he wasn't close enough. The other people sitting at the table included a man, he was clean shaven and lean, with light brown hair and gray eyes, and two women, a slender dark haired woman, also with gray eyes, and a well built woman with long red hair and brown eyes.

Shomgar quickly scooped Benk into his hands taping him on the nose to make him be quiet. "Pardon the lil rascal sir and mams, he be but a pup yet. I'm sorry if he has bugged ye, i'll give him to his mum and pop to take care of." With a broad smile he looked at them all again. "Pardon, i do not mean to be rude or intrusive, but ye do be an odd bunch, what may i ask, do ye all be traveling together for?" Shomgar hopped onto a chair Benk chewing at the dwarves Tekki red braids like they were toys.
Shomagar is a fitting comic relief because of what he is and the way he dresses and acts. A humorous dwarf capable of acrobatic feats dresses in outrageous eye popping color combination. He could be possibly innocent because of his manner, he is completely trusting and forgiving, he will not believe someone capable of violence against him or other until they have begun trying to hurt them, and even then he tries to stop them without violence. However he may be judged not applicable because of his gambling and drinking problems.
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"What a dwarf who can touch his heels bending backwards!?!Where is he? I want to see!...Oh wait, that's me!"
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« Reply #10 on: November 17, 2009, 08:29:26 PM »

Thanks for the new applications!

We are still open though!  :D
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« Reply #11 on: November 19, 2009, 05:05:48 PM »

Due to Capher's illness and our wish to include him in the decision process the invitation for new characters will be prolonged until  Sunday, the 22. November 2009, midnight, GMT
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Gray Elf, Kaýrrhem

« Reply #12 on: November 22, 2009, 10:58:56 PM »

(yay, finally feeling well enough to get off an application post :))

Position applying for: Mage

Contact Information:
PM: I check my other account, Josephine Caranos, more often than this one
MSN: rhifox(at)hotmail.com
Email: fox(at)www.santharia.com
CD: In sig

Character Overview: Drustai is a powerful elven sorceress, trained in the element of Water. She has become hardened from events in her past, and though she may have good intentions, her quest for greater power in order to reach an impossible goal comes at the cost of others around her, as well as her own soul.

At this period in time, Drustai is in Ximax seeking readmission into the Academy after having been removed earlier due to her associations with the dark arts. This happens 10 years ago in her history, but as Thalambath’s Heart is a nearly 10-year-old story, the two incidents closely match up.

Reason: Drustai is already planning on traveling north to research the Keep of Tak’dinal (among other areas in North Sarvonia) at this point in time in her history. This gives a clear tie between her and the TBH group. While Drustai is normally a loner, she would have enough reason to travel with the group that that shouldn’t be a problem.

Though Drustai will be denied access to the Academy, she will attempt to steal some tombs from the library for her research. It is possible that she finds out some information on the Sword of Fury, or perhaps just some general knowledge of Tak’dinal that the group would need, through this theft. Alternatively, the group finds out information that she needs, and after she escapes from the Ximax prison (as she is caught), she would track the group for what they know, and end up sticking around in their journey north.

I don't have reason to join up with the group immediately at the tavern however, as neither party has any reason yet to walk up and talk to the other.

Entrance Post: Drustai stretched her neck outward as her eyes peered downwards at her reflection in the mirror. With the exception of a v-shaped patch of skin ending just above her collarbones, her neck was wrapped in a blackish-purple band of cloth that reached up to her jaw line. She took a slow breath, and felt it almost restricted, as if the material was compressing her throat. She pursed her lips for a moment, and then lowered her head down to be level again. It would do.

It had been almost 30 years since she had last been in the City of Mages. They had removed her for practicing Necromancy, alongside her former master, Azthudan. Drustai tightened her jaw slightly as the name entered her mind, and then pushed it away. She had learned all she needed from him—she no longer needed him. What she needed now was Ximax. Nybelmar had been a waste, arrogant human pigs and ancient ruins lying dead under the dirt had locked their secrets to her.

Drustai closed her eyes as she dipped a small brush into her pot of black eyeshadow primer. She lifted the brush to her eyes and wiped it slowly over the contours of her eyelids. She opened her eyes after a few moments and checked the smoothness of the shape, before she began to blend the second color.

She was crawling back to grovel before these humans that had cast her aside before. She doubted that they would readmit her. These human mages prided themselves on their limited control of magic, yet rejected anything that did not fit their frame of mind. Drustai was less interested in learning any more of their ‘techniques’, moreso that she needed what could be found in their archives. Maybe something could be in there that would help her. Something that these humans had discounted because of their poor grasp of the true nature of magic in favour of what they knew and could control.

Drustai pulled her black hair behind her ears as she patted a touch of pink over her cheeks. With her pale skin, only the very lightest tone looked natural. As if they would even notice or care about any of this, she mused. But it was a trait of human nature that she had learned over the years, and she knew that their reactions and decision making was easily influenced by the appearance of the person they were talking to. And Drustai could not deny the joy in feeling beautiful, even after all these centuries. The edges of her lips curled up in a brief smile as she leaned forwards and momentarily admired her visage, before leaning back and letting the smile fade.

She was wearing her finest robe for the hearing. The same black-purple material that encircled her neck hugged her body down from her shoulders to her hips, where it proceeded to loosen slightly in a dress and fall down to her feet. A silver brassiere in the center of the robe shaped her ample bosom, which peaked out from a split down the middle of the robe that began below the Bloodstone pendant around her neck down to her waist. Two teal-green toccon straps rimmed by silver flanked her chest on either side, and they ran down from her shoulders to just before the edge of the dress.

Drustai turned from the mirror and walked over to her bed, and picked up her usual steel-clawed gauntlets. She slipped them over each of her hands, and stretched the fingers out for a moment as she looked at them. Though the sharp metal claws at the tips of her fingers were perhaps disconcerting to others, they were more of a last-ditch weapon for her than an eccentric fashion statement.

To finish off the outfit, Drustai picked up her royal purple cloak and placed it over her shoulders. Though she traditionally wore a simple cloak around her shoulders, this time she wore a mantle. Two ornamented teal-green pauldrons stretched outward from her shoulders, causing the cloak to completely envelop her as if she were twice as wide. It was a regal and pompous outfit by any standards—the kind that made clear her status. And to further sharpen the point, she clasped her thick scrollbook to her belt and grabbed her staff from its place against the wall.

Drustai turned to take one last look at the mirror, before she spun on her heels and stepped out the door.

*     *     *

Drustai held her staff up slightly as she walked down the stairs to the bottom floor of the inn so that the bottom would not clap against each step. Though it was early, the tavern was already getting some early customers. She eyed a small group of travelers who were clearly not natives of the City of Mages. Most of their attire was worn, with the exception of the red-maned human woman in a white dress. Though, the dress did not seem to fit her, and the sword—no, moonblade—betrayed her lifestyle. They were not the first such band she had ever seen in Ximax, and were likely just a wandering band of mercenaries. Still, she did not trust anyone with a weapon near her.

Drustai looked outside as she walked over to the counter. She had some time before she needed to head to the Academy after breakfast. She considered looking over one of the larger public libraries while waiting, though she doubted that anything of significance could be found in those.

She signaled the bar tender for a breakfast meal, placing a few coins on the counter top as he handed her a plate and glass, and then sat down at a nearby table a fair distance away from the armed group. She began to silently eat her meal, letting her eyes lazily cast a glance over at the other occupants of the tavern.

"Capher!" One of the women in the mercenary band shouted as an elder man approached. Drustai's ears perked as she looked up at the group. She leaned back in her seat as she moved a bite of her meal to her mouth, watching the group again. Though they were some distance away, her ears were able to pick up a few bits of conversation. Among them were what sounded like the Sword of Fury, and Tak'dinal and Eckra. Drustai narrowed her eyes. She had been planning on traveling up north to the Keep shortly after her business here was concluded, as Eckra had been a powerful necromancer during the War of the Chosen. If these people knew something...

Her thoughts were interrupted as the old man doubled over and clasped his head, and began shouting out as if he were mad. There was clearly something odd about this group. They weren't just mercenaries, as she had originally believed.

Drustai turned back to her meal as the group began to talk about more mundane things again. After she finished her meal, Drustai stood up from her seat and grabbed her staff, then began walking towards the door. As she did so, however, she passed close to the group's table, and paused for a moment to look down at them. "The old man," she motioned towards the human known as Capher, "speaks rather loudly about this quest of yours. If you are seeking information about Tak'dinal, then I might be interested in helping."
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« Reply #13 on: November 23, 2009, 07:57:21 AM »

Invitation closed! A big thank you to all who have participated!

We will now deliberate on whom to take in. Please be patient :)

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« Reply #14 on: November 27, 2009, 12:05:25 AM »

The Heart has chosen: We like to announce, that we are glad to welcome the following three characters:

Sondirra Moryveen as innocent person
Gavril 'Whitebeard' Baird as comical relief
Drustai as powerful mage.

All three have fully met our requirements and we welcome them heartily. A warm thank you to all others who have taken the effort upon them to write a post for us. Please see it not as wasted time, but practice! We might consider taking one or two of you in as a guest char at a later time, if you are interested in it. Thank you very much!

Sondirra, Gavril and Drustai, you will get a note soon.
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