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Author Topic: Character Descriptions Ximax  (Read 2955 times)
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Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
Lady of the South
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« on: December 01, 2009, 06:21:10 AM »

Please all who are part of the Thalambath's Heart please post a very short summary of your character description here again, mainly what  somebody can see who sees you the first time, your appearance and how you affect somebody.  Your link to your CD, if it is not in the signatur anyway and your contact information. In addition, please send me your e-mail per PM, if you don't want to post it here, sometimes I'm sending mails around!

Thank you!

PS: Pictures are of course welcome also!


The old Character Description Thread is here

Edited to correct title typo. ;)
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Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
Lady of the South
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Gender: Female
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 06:23:04 AM »

Contact information:

Talia Sturmwind, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

Name: Talia Sturmwind
Race:   Human
Tribe:   Shendar (adopted)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Fighter/Adventurer
Age: Unknown, assumed  mid thirty (33 to 37  years)
Dark long hair, one braid
Grey eyes with a sparkle of green
Height: 5 fores and 2 spans
Weapons: a special sword with magical properties, daggers, a sling
Armour: Shendar
Clothing: Shendar
Animals: Aj'Nuvic , Dune Mouse
Magic: Not remarkable

About five Santharian fores and two spans tall, Talia has just the right size for a fighter, not to big for her smaller enemies and not to  small for taller foes. She is slender, but not thin, some may even find that she is too well built for a sword fighter, but so far her sword convinced all that this is not true for her. Her dark, shiny, though not black hair is tied together to a  tight plait  falling down her back. A small braided leather ribbon around her head holds back the meddlesome wisps which are escaping the plait. And there are the first white, well, lets call it silvery streaks in her hair. But they don't tell you how old she is, nor does her   face, not old , not  young, reveal her age. Bright  grey eyes with some greenish spots in them dominate her face, but only till she smiles. Then her friends begin to love her even more as they do anyway, but her adversaries get cold feet and ask themselves why  and how they came to be her enemies.

Travelling the Rahaz Dath one will find her dressed like a Shendar warrior, with  a blue leather  tunic, underneath with a thin, toccon ,  raw white shirt with long sleeves with small braces at the end, white toccon  trousers,silvery looking long  boots of an unknown material and in her luggage is a thick white woollen blanket with a slid in the middle. Her armour, her weapons? Well, her armour is somewhat unusual. It is very light, with a silvery shimmer, covers her body, her neck,part of her legs and arms and if there is time to fix it in time she even wears a kind of helmet. And this armour is partly very hard, impenetrable., made out of the skin of the Rahaz-Estar and prepared with unknown means to be flexible and impenetrable at the same time, a true Shendar work. Part of her equipment is a cape out of a similar material, very light, very thin, but reflecting the sun and keeping the desert heat away, impenetrable for water and warming in cold nights at the same time.
Travelling the north she prefers however a dark woollen cape with a hood and black leather trousers.

Her  main weapon is a fine sword who's origin might lie outside Sarvonia. Normally she carries it on her back, ready to draw it.

 The workmanship is exquisite, the pommel wrought in a silvery metal is of a winged creature, it's strange feet form the handle standing on a sphere made of a single  Seastone the lands of  foreign realms etched in silver around the setting in which it sits. The winged creatures‘ head sits in the middle of the blade and it's wings form the pommel guard. Diamants encrust it's wings making them glow by what seems to be of their own accord. The Blade itself is a double edged broad sword made of the finest steel alloy to be forged in these days, it's length a full three fores. A flowing magic script runs the length of the blade, an inner glow from the writing marks it as a powerful magic item. And written just above the pommel the ancient  runic script states <D'kaar Thruum.>

That is Princess Anakerie from Wind in the Willows, I scanned it from the back of a book cover. I liked her so much and so I liked her picture also and took it for a long time as my avatar. There is a slight resemblance to how I looked many years ago. ;)

As my character description is not in the archives anymore, I need to post it here.
If you want to read some more about a certain compendium writer, look here

And her other weapons? She has surely several knives or daggers  somewhere and she knows to fight without weapons as well, but who knows before it is too late? A sling completes her equipment and though she doesn't carry a spear with her she isn't bad in throwing it either.

She knows some magic, but she prefers not to use it, not sure if it would work if needed. She knows some healing spells, but it is more her presence which seems to quicken the healing process, she finds more often water out of intuition than with an spell for finding water.
It is different with her sword. Talia herself has only few limited magical abilities, but the sword given to her is a strong magic item, though she doesn't know it. This sword, held in her hands and pointed forward will disable or at least weaken any spell spoken against her and protect as well all persons standing behind her or being in touch with her. In special cases it will even reflect the spell upon the caster. It senses magic and if strong, mainly threatening magic is around it will emit a  humming sound.

One of her other special possessions is a magical flute which she acquired during her stay in Strata accompanying Capher and others on their quest to find Thalambath‘s Heart. It plays a weird tune when a friend is in danger, held with bare hands it influences the mind of the person holding it, showing partly who is in danger and where, but using it too long  drives the holder into insanity.

Now I have drawn the image of a fine warrior, but would you believe me if I tell you that she hates killing? Yes, she does. And that is one of her biggest weakness. She is hesitating when she should go on and kill her enemies. But be aware! If she is convinced that death is inevitable nothing can stop her. That is why she got her name, Sturmwind. Those who survived her said only that they experienced a fierce storm wind.

And that is not the only contradictory side on her. Most times she seems to be a very happy and merry person and that is her real nature, but there are times she is so sad and no attempt to help her is successful.

That sadness surely has its origin in her history.
Nobody knows from where she came. Rumours say that she was found by the Shendar in the middle of the Rahaz Dath...dressed with strange clothes, her sword in a tight grip but otherwise more dead than alive. It is unbelievable, I know, but I heard that there was an outburst of magic near the place where she was found, but who has ever heard of a major magic place  or events in the Rahaz Dath? Ridiculous. Well, she doesn't want to speak over these times , nor how she became friend of the Shendar  and especially one of their leaders, the hrul Zhaeón,  and what she did to get this magnificent armour from them.
Her riding animal is Shendar as well, a true bonded Aj'Nuvic called Swing.

And now you know why she is travelling around and earning her living by lending her sword to anybody who can pay her (if she is convinced that this person deserves her protection), she hopes to  get her memory back with the time and find her roots. And she is convinced that they lie somewhere in Caelereth!

Ah, there is one thing I forgot to tell you, no two in fact!
Talia loves to fight for other women, especially if she thinks that they are treated unfair . So if you want her to protect you just make up a story with a woman in need and she will do what you want...that is another weakness she has ..but make sure she never finds out what you did....
And on the other hand she is a bit impatient, especially when it concerns men who don't act as quick as she would like them to be.

And the other? I shouldn't mention it,  unworthy for a fighter as it is - she carries a dune mouse in one of her pockets which she loves dearly. I admit these mice have more intelligence than a mouse should have, but carrying this mouse near the body while a fight may occur suddenly, just ridiculous!!

You want to know even more about her? Well, just hire her and you will find out.....

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Terra Artemos
Moonblade Warrior
Story Mod
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Gender: Female
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Human, Sophronian

« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2009, 06:22:43 AM »

Contact Email:

Short Bio

Name: Terra Artemos
Race: Human
Tribe: Sophronian
Title: Wandering Warrior
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Hair: Long, Deep, almost blood Red.
Eyes: Brown
Height: One ped, eight palmspans, and three nailsbreadths.
Weight: One pygge and two hebs
Build: Athletic.
Home Land: The Town of Syhron


Terra looks her age of 27 years old. Her cool, attractive face, unscarred despite her battles, is framed by straight, deep red hair that falls past her shoulders. The color is near enough to that of blood that it does not show easily. Her hair naturally stays out of her face most of the time, except in the heat of battle where it may sometimes be tied back, but not often as it does not bother her. Her brown eyes can always be seen coolly and vigilantly sweeping her environment and drinking in the details others may miss.

She is tall, standing a few nailsbreadths taller than one ped and eight palmspans. Her body is well proportioned and athletic, with nothing out of place, which leads to a rather attractive appearance. She has only a few scars on her body; most are usually not seen as they reside under her clothing. The only scar she has exposed to sight is a fine scar on the back of her left hand, which is barely visible and almost healed, left by a wound from a sparing session in the early stages of her training with the Kar'ii. Terra has a few other scars like this on her arms, also caused by shallow cuts inflicted during the course of her training. Though the speed at which she picked up the skills of using a Moonblade means that there are not many.

In the past to most observers Terra appears cool, even stoic,yet carries herself with grace and pride, that only accentuates her height. She has since falling in love with a Shender warrior, Ta'las become more light hearted but no less vigilant. She typically glows with her love, smiling and even giving a special smile to he who she loves. It is not unusual for Terra to wear a pear of metal armlets that extend from her wrists and curve gently to a dull point protecting the elbow. She always wears her greatly cherished Moon Blade at her hip; the scabbard taking its place behind a plain brown belt, if not it is very rarely farther than arms reach. Within Ximax feeling more confident that they will not come under attack she has taken to the indulgence of wearing her simple yet elegant white dress. In the field she will often wear her armor, despite being heavier that other outfits she may have. It is made in a way that makes it comfortable enough to wear it regularly, as its weight is distributed evenly across her whole body, and she can move easily and freely in it without discomfort.
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Gender: Male
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« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2009, 01:07:24 PM »

contact information

Capher-pronounced (saw-faire)
Race-Rarest of all dragons, A shapeshifter. Mostly goes in the shape of a human cleric.
A. Height 1.7 peds tall.
B. Weight 160 pounds-as human.
c. Body shape- average.
D. Hair- Silver surounding bald crown.
E. Eyes-right one azure blue, left one emerald green set in deep eye sockets so color is not readily noticable.
F. Clothes- usually wears a grey cloak.
G. No Weapons, looks harmless.
H. Seemingly can pull any type of jewel you can imagine out of nowhere.

History Capher was named by the original Wizard of the White Tower. He is the wizards helper and friend. Given to the wizard by Seyella, the goddess of fate, to defend the kingdoms, their people and Ava's dream from Coor or anyone else who follows evil. Known througout all the lands by different apperances and names. Some names, are Capher, The Traveller, Storyteller and The White Wolf depending upon what land or people know him as.

Magic is as natural to him as breathing. Only one type of dragon is as powerful as he, those are the Adamant Dragons, and only one is yet alive. There were three. Though he knows he could wipe out a town with just one thought, His normal reaction is to not to use any of his skills or powers unless forced to and then usually only in self defense or escape. He would rather help those around him and his Master than kill or destroy them. He uses his shapeshifting abilities more than any other magic.

He has two pieces of jewelry he wears which was given to him by the Wizard. A ring worn on his right ring finger- Silver, with an embossed coat of arms on a black jade background. the coat of arms is a silver quill pen crossed over a broken sword.  He also wears a medallion, same coat of arms on medallion with one exception, only in moonlight on a full moon and only at a certain angle can you see a irridascent dragon changing shape into a man in the back ground.

Sondirra Moryveen
Approved Character
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Posts: 66

Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2009, 05:29:38 AM »

Contact via PM

Name:  Sondirra Moryveen
Gender:  Female
Age:  21
Race:  Human
Tribe:  Erpheronian
Eye color:  Crystalline Blue
Hair color:  Honey blonde
Height :  1 Ped 2 Fores
Weight :  1 Pygge, 4 Ods
Occupation:  Chronicler
Title:  Chronicler

Overview :  Young, but wise beyond her years, Sondirra has a voracious appetite for the mysterious.  She has set out on an adventure to bring knowledge to the world.

Physical Appearance:  Sondirra is a petite human girl, barely into her adult years.  She is almost always seen with a wistful expression on her face, her large luminous eyes taking in all that is about her.  Her hair falls gently around her shoulders, softening the angular features on her serene face.  She is attractive, though not what one would call beautiful.  Though her looks, while in a crowd of women, would not garner the attention of many, it is in the quiet moments, the hour before the sun rises, or the light of a full moon, that her beauty is fully realized, and can melt the heart of anyone who would gaze on her.  Her innocence and gentleness shine within her smile, that is filled with bright, even teeth, her full pouty lips framing it thus.  Her neck tapers gently to her shoulders that have the shadow of light freckles dancing upon them.  Her lithe body is highlighted by small, well shaped breasts, and the soft angle of her hips.  Shapely, well toned legs can sometimes be seen beneath folds of her dress as she gracefully moves across the floor.  Her arms melt into hands, coming to a climax in long, thin fingers, nimble in everything that she does.

Clothes:  Not one for extravagance, Sondirra prefers to wear simple dresses.  She wears one of white cloth that has small blue flowers embroidered into it that her mother made for her, that flows down to her ankles.  Her shoes are mere sandals with leather straps to hold them better.  She wears a simple silver ring on her right hand, and a plain silver chain around her neck, with a small polished black stone hanging from it.  When in season, Sondirra likes to wear small flowers in her hair, or behind her ear.

Personality:  Calm and serene, these are the adjectives that best describe this young woman.  Sondirra is an upbeat girl, who prefers to look at the world with wonder and enjoyment.  There is almost always a twinkle in her eye, and a soft smile on her lips.  Her curiosity is the driving force that propels this woman through life.  She has always asked why, and now wants to bring the answers she gets to the world.  Though tiny, she is brave, not afraid of the unknown, those dark areas that fill the imagination of those much hardier than herself.  Her life, so far, has enabled her to have an innocence, as she has never come in contact with the horrors that have befallen so many others.

Gavril 'Whitebeard' Baird
Deluded Chatterbox
Approved Character
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Posts: 10

« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2009, 03:21:36 AM »

Note: Don't have time to shorten it if I could. Will give it a shot when I've more time on the internet.

     - PM: Garret Arroway
     - Email:

Basic Information
     Name: Gavril 'Whitebeard' Baird
     Gender: Male
     Age: 61
     Race: Human
     Tribe: Centoraurian
     Occupation: Mage / Storyteller
     Title: Deluded Chatterbox

     Overview: Level ten mage Gavril Baird, affectionately known as Whitebeard by children, is completely insane, and for the most part harmless. All magical ability Gav claims to possess is the product of his insanity. This old man believes that the so called 'spells' he uses actually make things happen. In his early years he was more 'cautious' in his opinion, though as he hasn’t be arrested and imprisons in that time he enjoys going around 'magic'ing people into ash. Not just ordinary piles of ash, but walking, talking piles of ash that he refers to as 'Ash Pile #'. On top of that he even turned his pet mouse, Ash, into a pile of ash for eating his cheese, and he constantly talks to the little animal, or the little pile of ash, as the creature appears in his mind.

     Anyone that spends a few moments with this man could tell that he is absolutely out of his mind. He is also pretty much harmless unless he feels he is in danger, at which point he will start flailing his staff around as he recites imaginary incantations, becoming a danger to anyone within range. Aside from that he is rather friendly and good with most children, though his tendency to be somewhat rude can get him in trouble with the occasional hot-head.

     Height: 1 ped, 2 fores, 1 palmspan, 3 nailsbreadths, and 3 grains
     Weight: 1 pygge, 3 hebs, 1 hafeb, and 1 od
     Hair Color: Silvery White
     Eye Color: Steel Blue
     Main Hand: Left

     Physical Appearance: Wreathed in a mass of rebellious silvery white hair, two steel blue eyes tell everything that anyone would want to know about this man before he even opens his mouth to speak, but only if they take the time to look. Foremost in the front of all other emotions is a spark of child-like wonder that baffles people as they look upon his clearly aged face, silvery white hair, and frail appearance. Even though he has lived and experienced a good deal in his sixty one years of life, he still looks upon the world with a child-like wonder, as if everything he encounters is new and exciting. Behind that, everything from the excitement of his experiences, joy of the various friends he’s made, to even the pain of a past that is still present deep down within his own memories and those memories, thoughts, stories, and legends that he had claimed as his own.

     Covering most of his head and face is a large, unkempt mane of silvery white. Gav still has a full, thick head of hair that appears to have experienced a distinct lack of brushing and cutting for a good portion of his life. The longest strands fall just past the middle of his back in a mass of slightly wavy hair in which small handfuls are all trying to go in a different direction, giving the elder man a rather eccentric look. Errant strands often break loose of the confines of his wide brimmed hat on a regular basis, mingling with bushy white eyebrows to pretty much cover his forehead. The only patches of skin on his face that can truly be seen are his eyes and nose as his thick beard stops at his cheek bones, exposing a tanned and weathered patch of skin just beneath his eyes and a somewhat crooked nose. The rest of his face is covered with a long, bristly beard, of color identical to the hair on his head and the rest of his face, that hides his mouth for the most part and falls down to his waist, thinning out as it goes to end in a dignified, if rather rough point.

     Along with his robe, his long hair and beard successfully manage to hide his thin torso, though long skinny arms, both covered by baggy sleeves, ending in thin wrists and large long-fingered hands give away the fact that his is rather thin, though by the amount of food he consumes, none would ever guess it. However, an obvious lack of physical strength is noticed. This thin torso leads into a narrow waist around which a rope belt containing the pouches he keeps his spell components in, as well as long, thin legs. This gives him a frail appearance, as if a gust of wind just might blow him away, which he will often say, it's something he truly wishes for because that would mean he had finally managed to learn how to fly.
     Clothing: Fancy, flamboyant, and absurd are just three words to describe Gavril's choice of clothing. With a pair of plain straight-legged pants and a of couple loose shirts, one long-sleeved and a few short-sleeved, he carts around no less than four robe and hat combinations at a time. While the other three might change from time to time, there is one he always keeps with him and if it wears out he will go out of his way to buy another one from the same shop in New-Santhala. This one is dyed a strange whitish-cream color with random silvery swirls throughout the article, with the hat to match.

     While that is his favorite robe, he wears the other ones as often as he knows that the more he wears it the sooner it will wear out and he will have to travel without it for a while as he heads toward New-Santhala. The robes are pretty much any color he desires at the time. If he tires of a color he will sell it or just discard it and buy another one in a different color, though by the time he finishes talking and bartering with a merchant who realizes he isn't all there, he'd be better off just giving it to some random person.

     All of his robes are long flowing, colorful articles of clothing, usually falling to rest just above the ground, flapping about his feet as he walks. On the helm of the robe he usually has some odd trim and/or embroidery such as swirls, zig-zags, or even creatures, but his silvery-white robe is clean of any decorations. Each of these also has long sleeves with wide openings, which hang down another palmspan at least on the smallest of them. To finish it off, each has a deep hood that he pulls up over his head when it gets windy and he must remove his hat for fear of it flying away.

     His hats are overly dramatic pieces of work as well. Gav wears what he believes to be a traditional witch, wizard, or magic user's hat, which has a wide brim with a cone spouting up from the middle. However, his hats tend to be on the rather flimsy side as the cone in the middle is always bent at a different place and angle each day, and the wide brim has a habit of falling down into his face from time to time.

     To finish off his outfit, he has a few, rope belts, which he uses to tie his robes at the waist with his component pouches slip through the thin cord. These seem oddly plain against his colorful attire, though he finds that he has a habit of misplacing belts and also has an issue with the buckles so he sticks to the rope, as he has no problem tying things. From time to time he will also find a dyer in which ever city his is in and try and dye a piece of rope to match his outfit. This whole thing is completed by a pair of scuffed black boots that reach his calves, mostly hidden by his robes.

     While his eyes appear to look at everything as if it brand new to him, his mind is rather developed, if not a little bit twisted. Gavril seems to have a habit of ‘stealing’ ideas, thoughts, memories, stories, myths and such without meaning too. In his world, everything he hears sticks and after a time seems to turn into a memories so that he believes those are actually his thoughts, ideas, memories and he actually lived through those stories, events, times and met people who lived around the beginning of it all. Once, believing a conversation he overheard in a tavern to be a memory of his own, he told a local woman as some village he knew what it was like to give birth and had three daughters of his own. Needless to say, he was shunned by that particular woman even after the town had spread the word that he wasn’t ‘all there’.

     However, while many would consider the mentally ill to be child-like, Gavril functions rather well, if not a little scatterbrained from time to time. People tend to come to that conclusion when one is found in their room, rummaging through their belongs in search of some mysteriously disappearing fruit. Gav is perfectly capable of carrying on a conversation or speaking with someone, though he has a habit of leading into stories and turning the conversation in directions he wants to it to go. He’s somehow managed to turn a discussion on the inn’s apple soup into a story about how he was the main participant in the war of the chosen, fighting on the side of good as a messenger for the gods. At that point, if his madness isn’t already perfectly clear, it's pretty obvious.

     While he can pass as a functioning member of society his main problem is that he lives in his own little world. In ‘his world’ he’d a level ten mage that can use magic from all four elements along with life magic, blood magic (though he‘s slightly squeamish when it comes to his own blood so he leaves this magic be), demonology, druidic magic, shadowmancy, and a bit of hedge-witchery. Along with that, his world has subtle differences, namely in the way that anyone he ‘magic’ed to ash now appears as walking, talking ash piles in his mind.

     Finally Gavril is a talker, but he doesn’t know how to reply to certain things. When something comes up that he can’t think of a suitable rely to he will pause for a moment before randomly starting another conversation on a completely different topic. Also, when he gets into story mode, there is little to stop him once he starts a tale and then if given the chance to tell another he’ll take it, over and over until he gets tired, at which point he is usually talking to himself.


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