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Author Topic: Ohénmár's Treehouse Description  (Read 1160 times)
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« on: December 17, 2009, 03:04:06 PM »

   Ohénmár Celeste sat under a tree thinking. I want a a house in the trees somewhere, just under the roof of the trees. With a garden up above in the sunlight. Near a stream for fresh water. At first she thought about having it in the Quallan forest, where her father was supposed to be, but decided against it. She hadn't seen any sign of him there, he might be somewhere else entirely. She needed a place near the middle of Santharia. She also thought it should be near the center of the forest, so it would be equal distance from anywhere. But she didn't want to travel alone in the forest at night. So she took out her maps and started looking. Then she saw it. Perfect! She thought. The Thaelon forest had a path running through it, so she could be both at the edge and in the center. She would make her house at the northwestern part of the Thaelon forest, also known as Aelle'lón.
   The house is in Southern Sarvonia, the province of Vardýnn, Thaelon forest. It is in the section of the forest known as Aelle'lón, near the southeastern edge. Visitors are always welcome, and any traveler passing through is welcome to stay for the night. That is, as long as they ask nicely first. While it does take a few days to reach the nearest villages, there are elves nearby where she lives that are very nice. At least most of them...
   Ohénmár looked at the spot. To the left, southwest of where she was standing, a creek could be heard. She could see bits and pieces of it through the trees. Slightly upstream, she knew, was a pool from which the water came.
   She turned her attention to the tree in front of her. It was perfect, big and sturdy, the tallest tree in the area. Her house would be two stories, the main floor under the treetops, with a garden above. The top would serve not only as a garden, but as a place to sit and talk. The bottom, and main, floor was where she slept and ate. A ladder led up to it, and another led to the roof. Though it could be considered small, for one person it is very decent in size, not crowded at all. Both floors are square in shape, with a tree trunk coming through the house, the leaves shading most of the top level, which is very nice when it gets warm.
   Ohenmar sat with a paper in front of her, thinking. A ladder will take you to the second level, which is the garden. You would then stand on a sort of balcony encircling the whole thing. There will three entrances, one in front of me, another on the opposite side, and a third to my right. She continued to draw the side without an entrance to the balcony and how it shows a view of the forest stretching into the distance. When I climb the ladder, to my right I will barely be able to see the road. It isn't a real road, but rather a thinner part of the forest, a natural path. Above the garden, the tree branches will provide cool shade on hot days. In her mind, Ohenmar steps into the garden and looks around. She pictures what is in her garden, and draws what she sees.     
      In the north corner is a pool with clean water used to water the plants when rain is scarce. Behind it are carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and snap peas. In the east corner is a stool, where one could spend many hours simply doing nothing. The plants in front of it are beautiful flowers, no pink, but deeper blues and violets, with a little red. In the southern corner are ferns and moss, like one might find on the forest floor. To the west, the corner most covered by the tree branches, are herbs. A little table with glass jars for storing them after they are pick is on the south western wall, by the main entrance. She ends her daydream of the garden, imagining snuggling up under the branches of the tree to read a good book.
  Inside the house, the first thing I will see is the living room. To my right is a window, the biggest in the whole house. It gives you a view of surrounding treetops, and maybe even, could it be? Is that an end to the trees in the distance? As she imagines her herself exploring the house as a guest would. In front of her to the left is a tree trunk, which continues through the ceiling. Going forward you would come to her bedroom. A window shows more trees and beautiful blue sky, a relief after not seeing the sky for days, stuck under the canopy of the trees. At least that's how some people feel, but not me! Ohenmar thought. There should be two doors leading to the bedroom, one facing the front door, another going off to the left.  As her imaginary self walks through the door she sees a kitchen, with a window on her right. Going left I see two more doors, leading to different rooms. In the one right in front of her is the bathroom which has a window to the right, and the other door is guest bedroom. It has no window, as if to help you forget you are not actually high of the ground in a forest. Guests will like sleeping there for the night.
   There is a big comfy chair in front of a window in the living room. It is red with soft pillows. In the bedroom is a bed, a nightstand with a mirror, and a small potted tree underneath the window. The bed is in the right corner, with the nightstand beside it. In the kitchen there are two cupboards on either side of a countertop, used for preparing food, but surprisingly, no stove. In front of a window is a surprisingly large table. How did they even get it up here? The guest bedroom is bare except for a pallet for sleeping. There is a bathtub and toilet in the bathroom, and a screen can be pulled over to cover the window.
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