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Author Topic: Valannia ~Quaelhoirhim~ Elvenknight  (Read 2067 times)
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« on: January 24, 2010, 07:43:34 AM »

Name: Valannia Incendarious (Roughly Translated: The Dreaming Inferno)

Type: Elf warrior / Knight of Foiros

Gender: Female

Age: 126

Age by appearence: 21 / Has the skills and training of a human 28 years of age, though more in depth.

Approximate lifespan: 600

Height: A little over One and a Half Peds (A bit small for her race and tribe. 5’7”)

Weight: 115 Od

Race: Elf

Tribe: Quaelhoirhim (Pure-blood)

Class/Title: Elven Knight

Valannia appears to be about twenty-one years old in human years (Her small stature lending to a much more youthful appearence.). An aura of tranquility radiates about her, a supple maelstrom rolling in the depths of uderza blue eyes, giving only a hint at the fiery soul within. Her youthful face tanned golden from near a century long apprenticeship to Foiros, each day worshipping him at the rise and set of Injèrá.

Once extensive urmarillion hued tresses flowed to near her lap yet currently have been trimmed to a higher than shoulder cut. This style became a necessity when facing strong opponents, a lesson learned at almost the cost of her life. The foremost reason for the hair cut she now has is because an orc had used it as a hand hold to flail Val about, knocking her unconscious, then leaving her for dead.

Each of her steps is fluent and dexterous from decades upon dance floors of manors, warm nights spent in revelry and her training as a combatant. Her grace and poise upon dance floors and in battle is legendary in some lands. More than a few elven lords would be over-joyed to get the graceful knightess alone upon a dance floor.

She wears very modest to no jewelry as such ornaments have a way of vanishing in warfare. Each of her elven ears have been pierced five times with silvery studs, in succession from each earlobe to the tips of each ear. Val also wears a plain silver necklace with the emblem of Foiros upon it as an adornment; this is frequently tucked under her shirt and armor. She would wear any jewelry but through the years most gifts of this type have fallen to rest upon distant pathways and battlefields.

A matching set of blades are hung from a studded, well-built, thin leather belt about Valannia's tiny waist. The identical twin swords, BrambleFang & Shadowmar are an alloy of mithril and herne ore, giving them a distinct greenish grey hue. Their forms reminding one of an outstretched birds wing. The overall length of the blades is near a ped, with concentric rings engraved upon their surfaces. The guards are designed with a complex pattern of interlocking rings and sprigs of ivy, that cover Val’s tiny hands in almost a full bell style. The grips of the swords are wrapped with leather dyed nor'sidian black, having an outline of golden rings and crawling ivy sewn into them. The pommel is a gleaming urmarillion hued ring with herne green sprigs of ivy engraved upon the surface of it.The identical blades are fine ventures in what can be accomplished by means of dwarven determination and elven magic. The blades firmly sheathed in scabbards of a herne green hue, the code of her knighthood (In Styrash) is engraved with gold upon each. Both of these weapons have been at Valannia's side for most of her life. They are also a few of the items left to her in her mothers passing and are rarely, if ever, not at her side.

A form-fitting suit of nor'sidian black elven chain mail rests over her petite shoulders, each link covered in a sound sedating resin. Armored plates over shoulders and running the full length of petite arms, does little to hide the fragile yet beautiful form underneath. Each plate made from a herne green hued metal being very reminiscent of shadowed leaves at sunset. Those upon her shoulders are engraved in gold with the code of her knighthood. (In Tharian: Written in the tongue of man so those amongst many races could read it.).

Skintight leather breeches, herne green in color, coat lithe legs and then flare over the top of calf high, nor’sidian black leather boots. The bottoms of the flared breeches ending just above the sole of each nor'sidian black boot in a relaxed fit. Frail hands are marred by multiple scars from battles since gone. Valannia's palms are well calloused from decades of weaponry training, yet a nimbleness in her hands belies years of abuse. A bandolier with a dozen well-crafted knives rests over her left shoulder and runs across bosom to eloquent waistline on the right.

In such places that the wares of her order are inappropriate she wears an uderza blue dress. The silken dress is also woven with bits of silvery fabric, inspiring the illusion of flowing water over the clothes surface. The gown is cut low in the back revealing the flawless lightly tanned skin beneath. At such times nor’sidian black, low-cut leather boots are worn over nimble feet. The bandolier of knives now separated into two pieces, one piece strapped to each thigh. Just incase a need for self-defense should arise in civil areas like these.

Her demeanor is teeming with happiness only complimented more so by the spriteful smile upon her full crimson lips. Valannia speaks with assurance, conviction, confidence and forth righteousness towards the individuals that heed her. The confidence is more subdued lately, since she has been alone and in foreign lands

A warmer and more caring soul is hard to find, for Val gives all sentient creatures the identical playing field when first met. Greeting most people with a gracious smile, a kind word or just idle chatter, she uses this time to size up a person.  To those that catch her interest, she launches into a long rhetoric of questions. Not so much prying but only expressing a deep desire to understand the vast cultures in the new lands she travels.

In the midst of true friends, Valannia's demeanor melts away quickly to that of what she truly is. She is a young elf at heart, having a fanciful almost juvenile sense of humor. Never truly stone faced, unless she is up to a bit of mischief, her smile is an everpresent aspect on her elven visage. Still many never befriend her long enough to see the prankster within, the trappings of her order keeping most at a distance.

An overriding sense of morality often permeates from her words. She believes in the code of her knighthood to the very depths of her soul and this sometimes makes the elfess bullheaded when allies do not follow it. (Here following is a brief summary of the code. It is open for a moderator’s omissions or deletions. Any clarifications on this code will be gladly discussed and modified as seen fit.)

The Code of Chivalry
1. Life: Live ones life so that it is worthy of respect and honor. Life is for liberty, virtue, freedom and all that is good.
2. Righteousness: Never attack an unarmed foe with a weapon. Never use a weapon on an adversary not equal to the attack. Never charge an unhorsed opponent with a lance. Never attack from behind. Avoid deceit. Fight persecution.
3. Dignity: Exhibit strength of will. Show reverence to authority. Obey all laws if they do not supersede the rights of life. Administer justice and mercy. Shelter the innocent.
4. Courage: Display bravery in word and deed. Protect the weak and innocent. Fight for an ideal, like freedom. Fight with honor. Avenge the wronged. Never abandon a friend, ally or noble cause.
5. Honor: Forever maintain one’s word of honor. Always uphold one’s values. Never deceive a confidence or comrade. Avoid deception. Respect life. Honor all life. Respect all views of life.
6. Civility: Demonstrate etiquette. Be gracious and conscientious. Be courteous of host and honor.
7. Faithfulness: To one’s principals and heart. To one’s friends and those that lay their confidence in thee. To the code of chivalry.

On her weapons, also their scabbards (In Styrash) and armor (In Tharian) the code is engraved simply as this: Life, Be fair, Be noble, Be valorous, Honor, Show courtesy, Show loyalty. Valannia and her mother have both noted the slight yet evident variation between the written code and the ones upon these items. Lending them both to believe that the prayer books are but interpretations of an earlier text, since the items were created in an ancient time.

Valannia is a very well educated lady of the courts. This has allowed her to have an excellent ability of ascertaining information by observing those about her. This gives off the impression of aloofness but in truth is a side effect of her ever-working mind. In many situations this gives Val the upper hand, seeming to be one step ahead of those around her. Some have said she borders on the line of a true diplomat. Which suits Val’s chosen life perfectly because she would try to befriend any kind soul almost immediately.

During her upbringing she was initiated in the arts of healing. Her mother was a cherished healer amongst the warriors of the family. Valannia learned much of the magical and mundane forms of healing in her youth. Since her mothers passing near a century ago this study has been left far behind. Yet Val retains the heart of a true healer and much knowledge in the mundane tending of those upon the battlefield.

Trained amongst a renowned cast of warrior knights in the midst of her family, Valannia's small stature did not lend her to the great battle swords commonly used bye warriors of this faction. She relied upon a natural ambidexterity lending her the skill to use smaller blades paired. A truly useful talent when used in close quarters. The sabers being a weapon almost designed to be carried bye her. Her many years of practice in their use and her almost dancing fighting style, give the illusion as if Val almost dances upon the battlefield. The blades seem to be but an extension of the serenity of the soul within.

Valannia knows much of the etiquettes in the courts of her land. She has an uncanny eye for the insignias of many of the noble (and not so noble) families of the Zeiphyrian Forest. As well as many of the mercenary groups there and amongst the southern coast of that region. Much of the mannerisms and nuances of these places has been breed into her since childhood. This is a very positive skill in not offending the local authorities of these regions. In Elving and much of the surrounding area, she knows enough customs and laws to represent citizens charged of any crime. She had done so on occasion helping her mother many decades ago. She had also donated some of her free time during  the worship of Foiros and training in attempts to help oppressed citizens. Nothing helps like a law student when corrupt town guards start asking questions.

She retains little of the blessings from her worship of Foiros. The last remnant of these times that Val still possesses is the uncanny ability to draw upon a single blessing of Foiros. (The limitations of this ability are clearly defined in her Magic Section.)

The knives she carries are not for mere show nor do untrained hands wield them. Not weapons of great range but she is deadly with them within a third of a dash. An orc shaman never lived to recite how accurate the elfess was. She has fed herself before with rabbit and other small game in her travels, since she was a child by use of this skill. She could for instance survive alone in the wilderness via this ability and the basics of outdoorsmenship. But if the terrain were foreign or the weather harsh Val would not be capable of fending for herself.

A stringent following of her code of principles has made it impossible for Valannia to lie. She has followed this edict for so long that lying would never be a concept. The only exception to this could be if the lie would save an innocent or friend. For the value of another’s life far outweighs the burden of a solitary lie. Yet she has never been put to the test on this and could possibly tell the truth even then, if the circumstances were right.

Traveling about for lengthy periods of her life has caused Val to become very accustomed to being outdoors. So much now that she does not like being inside very often, she feels uncomfortable in an average sized foyer, a bit nervous in average sized bedrooms often times preferring to snooze outside instead of in an inn. This feeling ranges clear up in the direction of, blind violence in an attempt to escape from an area the size of a wardrobe.

A generous and giving nature has caused her to live a life of near poverty since leaving home. The equipment she carries even now was earned physically, spiritually and through the generosity of others. In the eight years since Valannia has left to explore the world she has done many things to earn a meal or a warm place to rest. It would not be uncommon for her to be seen tending horses in a stable or helping innkeepers as a waitress. Without doing these things Val’s monies would soon vanish, forcing her to be faced with starvation and possibly freezing to death in wintry climates.

Her lithe structure is by no means a pillar of strength. Her body has been toughened a bit over the years of training. Nevertheless it seems she is predestined to not carry the muscle tone so frequent among the warrior cast. Many warriors would scoff at such a petite creature claiming to be a swords lady.

Her illness as a child left an everlasting mark physically upon Valannia. A mark that goes beyond her small size and is only enhanced by Vals chosen lifestyle. The sickness had hurt her small body so badly that her true life expectancy would be guessed much shorter than others of her tribe. Add to this the violence that is associated with her beliefs, most likely her life will end at the hand of some tyrant. Her only hope for a true long lasting life would be to lay down her weapons. Even then it would still be shorter than others of her tribe.

Another side effect of her childhood illness is that she must maintain a fairly even eating schedule, consisting of three hearty meals each day and two light snacks. Or a food intake equivalent to this regiment spread evenly out amongst the daylight hours. If this habit is broken for more than a few hours she becomes lethargic, often times detached and isolated from the world about her. If Val were to continue for two days without strictly adhering to this eating schedule she would become so lanquid that she would sleep most of the day away with only flashes of the world about her. Unbeknownst to the elfess if this schedule were to be ignored for five days, she would lapse into fits of unconsciousness. Near the seventh day without the aid of friends she would perish. One would think eating so much food would cause Val to be a bit larger in size, yet her high metabolism, sickness and active lifestyle shed the pounds almost immediately.

The elfess has a complete inability to express or demonstrate fear. Val's attitude has caused her to be arrested and detained before for defending innocent people even though it endangered her freedom as well. The knowledge she has of courts in various lands has permitted Val to represent herself and gain her freedom and even on occasion those she was arrested helping. This has also left her unaccompanied in multiple confrontations as she was the last one fighting to defend those that couldn't protect themselves. At times this has granted those of less fortune time to escape before she would then back away to a secure distance.

Fighting Style
An elegant cyclone is a close description of Valannia in battle. A natural born combatant, the graceful movements of her sabers create a low whine as if the air about them weeps. A truly unsettling sound to even the most hardened warriors in a pitched battle. More than one orc calls Val by the name given to her by them, Ghun B'korra. (Kh'omchr'om for: The Cursed Music.)

Valannia also wears two arm blades, when she knows there is trouble. These are easily attached or removed from her shoulder plates and wristbraces. With her arms outstretched the combined length of her swords and arm blades span just under four ped. This creates a spinning, ever-changing radius of razor sharp foe clearence as she prances across a battlefield.

Unarmed her deadliness is not diminished; still she does not bare the strength of many in this form of melee. This has forced her to use a set of brass knuckles when facing large enemies in unarmed combat. Without these a foe that is powerful, like an orc, would not be greatly fazed from the tiny elfess's blows. Yet her swift, flowing combat style make her blows quick and return blows elusive to land.

Magic Section
Valannia still retains the teachings of her mother and an unwavering devotion to the gods, Foiros to the point of fanaticism. Giving her the faith to manifest but a single form of clerical magic in the name of Foiros. A long passed divergence from this path has left her devotions in this area much the same over near a century.

The only manifestation in Foiros's name that Val is capable of  would be the raging fire about her sword Shadowmar. Her prayers for this blessing would only be answered in the defense of the innocent and the just. Even then only her heartfelt remorse from the loss of her mother and the principals taught to her as a child. Allowing Val the strength of faith to pray for a fiery shroud over the blade, one of her mother’s swords.

The blade Shadowmar is basically a focal point for her faith, since her mother was her mentor and the blade is definately clerically motivated in its design. Valannia gathers strength of faith from it which in turn allows her prayers the fortitude to sometimes be answered.

When her prayers are properly invocated (She must speak for this to happen, only another sign of her weakness in this area.), Foiros manifests an inferno about the blade of Shadowmar. This is not an easy prayer for her to have answered, yet when her actions are just and her motives selfless it does happen.

Born upon the first day of the 7th Santharian Calendar month, the month of the burning sky (Efér'Ypheró). Raised the middle child of Tanlaithwen (Mother) a devout healer and follower of Foiros and Alklossion Incendarious (Father) a knight to the purest sense of the word. Cared for in her childhood in a sprawling chateau just outside the city of Elving, with all the trimmings that come from such surroundings.

At Valannias birth she was stricken with a debilitating sickness. One that none of the clerics amongst the family seemed to fathom a treatment for. Through long hours of prayer to Lord Foiros, her mothered prayed for a blessing, causing the ailment to be dispersed. At a tender age and much due to the closeness she shared with her mother the teachings of Foiros came easily to Valannia. Much of her early teenage years were exhausted tending the wounds of the knights and the sick about the city of Elving. Even in these early years some of her time was spent upon the battlefield rendering aid to those in need.

Alklossion Incendarious being honor bound to escort a small diplomatic party to the southern coasts of Santharia decided that such a trip would be a getaway for his family. On that foul day as they traveled slowly burdened bye the wares of Duke Tantil Nevaranion, her oldest brother Thauramarth was riding point of the caravan with her father. Her youngest brother Esvalgavor was cradled in her mothers’ arms as the entourage called it a rest for the night.

Then the unthinkable came to pass possibly the most defining moment of Valannias’ life. From the forest erupted a crazed ogre, Warghget Bonesnapper, a true monster even for his kind. A full three and a half peds in height the brute struck Tanlaithwen first ending her life, then Esvalgavors in a flurry of its’ crushing fists. Valannia froze at the horror unfolding a mere Ped from her. The fiend killed near a dozen warriors in a furious melee before it was vanquished upon the lance of her father.

For near a decade after this time Valannia uttered not a prayer to the Gods. Not in disbelief of them but in hushed repulsion at the fate dealt to her kin bye them. During this era of her life there was not that truly gathered her attention. Alklossion tried everything within his means to divert his daughters mind from that tragic day. Her father sent Val upon trips to see some of the finest places in all of Santharia to witness some of the greatest natural wonders of the lands. Yet no matter his efforts Valannia remained removed and distant.

On Valannia's 44th birthday she was summoned to return to the chateau. Expecting the merriment and usual frivolous decor Val was caught utterly at a loss to find none of the normal things that had accompanied such events in the past. Finally finding her father in the great hall seated upon his throne. His face buried in one hand as if he had not even heard her entrance.

Walking nimbly to him as one frail hand fell upon his shoulder "Father" the word soft and reassuring. Alklossion raised his gray-green eyes to meet his daughters. "Is there something wrong with yee father?" He rose wearily from his throne then turned placing both of his powerful hands over hers. "There is much I wish to say to thee my daughter."

"I have tried all I know to comfort thee in what ......" His stern and forceful voice faltering slightly as he mournfully carried on. "In what has happened with your mother, yet it seems there is not to solace you. Your mother long ago laid aside the steel that protected her in this mortal realm. Wrapping herself in the radiant armor of Foiros she took on the battle beyond the field in which I now fight. Near two centuries ago she found the place in her heart that she had always longed for, a place in the light of Foiros. She and I both longed for you to bask in his light as well."

"Yet it seems that yee are not of like mind on this matter." Releasing one of her hands from his own he spoke gently "Come with me my daughter I have much to show you, and even more to say." Leading her to the armory of the knighthood, he unsealed a room, which had not been opened for near two centuries. "In this place lays cast away the trappings your mother once used in the everlasting struggle in this, the battlefields of mortals. Since thee will not take up the protections and weapons offered yee from our lord Foiros, I beg of thee my daughter. To take up the only protections and weapons I know."

"The armor was a wedding gift from your uncle Mezenwrath, a true example of dwarven craftsmanship, its links capable of turning aside all but the most skillful of blows. The twin blades Bramblefang and Shadowmar are fine ventures in what can be accomplished by dwarven determination and elven magic. They are what your mother once used to protect the just from the evils of this world. The blades names have been spoken of in tomes written of the lineage, Coerthellion (Mothers maiden name), for many centuries. The prayer books of Foiros the protector of our kin since times untold are written in the ancient tongues of our people. In his words are the greatest of shields, the shield that protects your soul from the ever-present darkness of the shadows." His words trailing off as he turned to leave, Valannia stood in shocked silence.

With sad expectations he then placed Valannia under the tutelage of her eldest brother. Hence the beginnings of a new dream for her, a place within the family that focused her will upon things outside of the clergy. So began the arduous training in the knighthood, long hours of swordplay and horsemanship filled her days without end. Upon rising to a just status amongst them her intuitive skills with the saber and knife basically choose the place she would take upon the battlefield.

Her instruction now began as a close quarter combatant harmonizing with others as a unit to protect magi from harms way. For near a century she had filled this role in many a conflict both great and minute. Her forename gaining renowned among many of the elven metropolises, as requests for her protections poured in from traveling magi.

Alklossin seeing that such things may breed arrogance (The downfall of many a knight.) held a council with the other elders of the clan. Deciding it was now time for his daughter to partake in the last lesson of a knight, the lesson of humility. After a tear-filled meeting of her kin she was provisioned and set to wander the lands, to forego desires for material wealth and to see that there is a great deal in the world outside the simple tradition of a distinct knighthood.

1 suit of plated elven chain mail (More detailed overview to be found in the description section.)
2 glorious blades Named: Bramblefang & Shadowmar--They are fully described in her descryption section.
1 backpack containing a week’s provision of way bread and a comparable amount of water in a canteen.
1 bandolier with a dozen well crafted knives and 2 small compartments filled with painkilling herbs.
2 pairs of boots Described above.
1 dress that is described above.
1 pair of herne green breeches
1 set of brass knuckles a weapon of necessity with her lack of strength in unarmed combat.
1 Voluptuous and flowing cloak also nor’sidian black in color, trimmed in gold about the edges in the pattern of flowing ivy.
1 Tower shield strapped to Lostrams side. The face a herne green in color, the edges lined with an urmarillion hued ivy pattern similar to that upon her cloak. An urmarillion hued ring also wrapped in golden ivy representing faith long ago given to Foiros fills the remaining surface of the mantle.
2 saddle bags upon Lostram: One with a hearty supple of dried berries, fruits and nuts that Valannia often snacks upon. While the other is filled with grain and oats, enough to keep Lostram healthy but not well fed for near a week.
2 complete sets of horseshoes, each of them filed down to a near razor sharp edge. They lend the warhorse more impact against heavily armored foes that have found their paths crossing him in battle.
1 set of arm blades. The blades are a deep xazure in hue and the blade reinforcements are herne green with golden griffins in flight engraved upon them. To add more effectiveness to these in a combat situation the normal handgrips have been replaced with wrist braces. Basically this allows Valannia to have both hands free to wield melee weapons for extended reach. (These are only worn when traveling on foot or when engaged as a foot soldier.)
30 Ped of silken rope and grappling hook this is latched to the outside of Valannia's backpack.
2 silky loose fitting blouses one uderza blue in color and the other struine.

1 Kel’vor stallion, a birthday present to her from her brother Thauramarth four summers ago, Lostram was raised from a foal with Valannia upon his back. The two know each other so well that in combat they move almost as one. Standing just over a stout 6 fores high at the shoulder and near 252 hebs in weight, Lostram is an impressive beast to behold in his plate barding. (The barding is done in the same gold and herne green motif as the aforementioned tower shield.)

Skills of Note
Her extensive travels have taught Val a diverse set of dialects amongst the elven tribes. She also has fair knowledge of the orc, dwarf and halfling tongues.
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"Will history remember this day as the day demons arrived,
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2010, 07:44:35 AM »

Repost of an older character ... original CD in the archives, merely associating with this account.  :P

"Will history remember this day as the day demons arrived,
or the day saviors arrived?"
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