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Author Topic: Nermeran Embassy  (Read 13257 times)
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Ylva Rasmussan
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Human, Murmillion.

« Reply #45 on: April 21, 2010, 03:43:13 AM »

Date: 29th Singing Bird, 5th Hour of Guardorans (1:30am)

Dorian nodded slowly, thinking over the lady’s words. Her attitude worried him, but he laughed slightly at one point, “You want “his” respect, hm? Hah, well you could try dancing around naked, but the guy wouldn’t notice. You’re going to have to earn it the hard way.” His eyes flicked down to the dagger at her leg, frowning and pursing his lips like an old lady, “Anyway, I meant a chat as in one person speaking to the other, what do you think chat means? I hope you’re not like Turrell, he enjoys his job a bit too much...” Glaring at the elfess, mumbling the last bit of his speech. “Those sorts of people cause mess...the bloody kind.

The ragged haired gangly man checked again to see if no one was around, then speedily darted out the hatch into a nearby alcove, whispering to his new reluctant accomplice, “My only ambition is a simple one, stay alive. And it’s very achievable as long as attention seeking beauties don’t get in my way...Follow me.” The skinny man crept further down the alley till he got to a small doorway, pulling a key out his pocket, he unlocked the small door. “Ferlin has probably broke down by now, he’ll give them a description, here’s hoping its an ambiguous one. Still means that it’ll be safer if we avoid walking around up top." Inside the door was just someone’s home, a woman sat in a chair, a small baby in her arms, sucking at one breast. The mother didn't seem surprised as he entered, not interested as he pulled back her rug to reveal a hatch, obviously used to strangers walking in and out all the time, she just lit a torch from her fire and passed it to him.

With his skinny arms, the envoy had barely managed to heave open the hatch, grabbing the torch off the woman, he descended into the darkness, a series of ancient tunnels, small hatches and entrances, bits of people’s cellars and catacombs, all connected and stuck together to form a network of pathways under the earth, away from prying eyes. “The Thief Walkways. Created same time as the Underground as a way for non-law-abiding members of the populace, like us, to get around without the law butting their nose into our business.”   The criminal explained to his new partner in crime as they descended into the dark. “You should feel privileged, most the people in this city have no idea it exists, they don’t realise that all these cellars connect with each other, and let’s pray they stay ignorant, so no blabbing...we don’t want the guard wandering down here do we?”

They weaved through the maze of tunnel after tunnel, creeping through people’s cellars and larders, strolling past barrels and crates, old furniture, black market goods and piles of food with rats fighting each other for dinner. “Don’t use the Walkways by yourself, people who use them without permission end up dead. Besides it takes years to remember the routes.”

After what seemed like years, they ended up in a small cramped larder, squashed against bags of grain. Flapping rats out his way, Dorian clambered up the pile of wheat, and pushed open a storage hatch, pulling himself up into the night. After flittering down a few streets, they’d finally come to their destination, the house looked like all the others, miserable little buildings that sagged with disrepaired roofs and broken tiles, accommodating people that had more pride than money, the sort that never admitted when they’re bellies had been empty for days.

“Now be nice, pull that cloak around yourself, don’t want these people to think you’re a lady of the night. Now you’re going to ask for Edoreth Beattie, he was at the ball and he assaulted Jarl, he's hiding somewhere, but his wife will be in, if so ask nicely where he could be, where he normally goes when he’s in trouble. Get information out of her but don’t scare her, she’ll shut up as soon as she senses trouble, and she’s a tough one. Now I’m going to wait for you, but I can’t go in with you...” The envoy paused, his ears reddening slightly as Dorian admitted the reason, “Eddie’s wife doesn’t like me...tried to make a pass at her, Eddie never found out.” With that the man knocked on the door and scurried away, vanishing into the night.

The door itself flung open to reveal an annoyed haggard looking woman, a shawl wrapped around her, sharp eyes peering at the foreign lady, “Well, what do you want?”
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Elf, Coór'hém

« Reply #46 on: April 22, 2010, 03:42:25 AM »

Ylaya looked at the woman…with a certain irritated manner for Dorian was bugging her, his constant history being thrown up like regurgitation. Why did she want to know who he made a pass at? Did he think she would care? These thoughts filled her mind for a second whilst she spoke in response to the wife.

“Not much…I’m looking for Edoreth Beat-tie” said Ylaya her hood hiding most of her facial features and more importantly those long ears. 

“O” she replied deciding whether or not to trust this stranger. The woman was slightly confused, why did this person want her husband? 

“I have been asked to check on him, is he here please?” continued Ylaya.

“Erhh...no…no…not at the moment…actually I don’t know where he is” she replied in a strange, almost completely oblivious way.

“Why has something happened to him?” the wife said in a caring, perhaps artificially caring tone.

“No…but you have any…any idea where he might be?” said Ylaya in response. She had to at least learn something from this hag.

“No…I don’t” and with that the door closed. Failure…Dorian’s tactics had ceased to yield anything.

With that Ylaya removed her hood and walked over to a dark spot waiting for Dorian to remerge.

“So?” said Dorian expecting an answer straight away as he crept out from the darkness. Only his head seemed visible. 

“Nothing” she said with a unimpressed face

“Nothing?” he said as he seemed to scurry over to her quickly not as watchful of his surroundings as he usually was.

“Yes, appears ‘your’ strategy of restraint failed…she obviously knew…if shown my blade we would have gotten information quickly” she said with certain sarcasm.

“Now just wait one minute…you cannot just go around like that…this mission requires restraint to get the information we need, not for you to just go parading round extracting it like some crazed banshee” he said trying to consolidate his own position. 

“Whatever you say…” she said as she began to make her way back to the walkways walking slowly. Her legs moved one in front of the other as if she did not belong all wrapped up and hidden under that dark cloak. She walked with a certain exoticness that could not escape his eyes and neither could her heels.

Dorian felt partly angered and cautious, this duel operation was not as easy going as he had foreseen…she was so difficult as much as she was attractive. With haste he cleared his mind the best he could. He would not go down to her level, no, he would not...

As they both reached the passage way Dorian led them and seemed to be checking a lot more frequently, perhaps unfriendly foke were around…he was not sure. Ylaya with her gloved hands put her hood back up…who knew what could be around the next corner...

Together they climbed down and went through a cellar as Dorian planned his next move. Ylaya however wanted to know now exactly where they were going…

“So what now?” she said interested in what he was thinking.

“You’re the one with the blades who can get information, you tell me?” he said

She laughed at this comment “I was merely stating the obvious before…you were too cautious.”

“Well maybe you were too obvious and Beattie’s wife saw straight through you??”

Ylaya smirked, he had come back strong, but she was better at playing this game than him
“Just like she saw through you?”

Dorian at that moment portrayed a some what angry face in comparison with the gloating face of Ylaya.

“Right enough…I think its time such childish…” began Dorian as he was rudely interrupted by the sounds of strangers moving in from all sides of the passageway.

“Hello travellers, a strange time to be moving about isn’t it?”
said a voice from the darkness infront of them.

Ylaya and Dorian kept quiet as five lightly armoured men came in from the sides of the passage way and from infront and behind, the corners had hidden them perfectly. Under there cloaks there were most likely armed with light weapons; Ylaya looked at the one speaking. Dorian on the other hand seemed to be looking at each one for a short time in sequence, he felt scared perhaps, unable to deal with the situation around him.

“Well, what has brought the two of you down here?” he said, the man appearing quite tall wearing light clothes built for speed.

“We were just passing through…we beg your apologies for the disturbance” said Dorian trying to show a confident face as he heard knives and small blades being drawn from hidden area under the cloaks of the masked assailants. Not very smart thought Ylaya in that moment. 

“Yes well I’m afraid an apology won’t be enough…”
the master of the thieves said infront of them.

“…for this ground is ours, anyone…no everyone who has come through here in the past has had to give something…pay us something…that is the way it works down here you know.” He continued.

Dorian shivered, he had nothing to give them…well…he did but they would probably die anyway even if they did give the thieves something …he looked desperately for some form of escape rope but there were none.

Ylaya on the other hand who had all ready put both hands on her blades on the back of her legs now reached up and removed her hood. Her cloak at the same time dangled revealing some of her appearance to the masked individual. Her long hair, long ears, breasts, athletic legs all made the chief of the thief’s eyes light up.

“Ooo, what kind of beauty comes down here…” said the master of thieves as he approached

“…with such poor company as this worm in her midst” he continued to say.

Ylaya liked the way this guy spoke, but he was obviously trying to take advantage of her, that she would not tolerate. Her suspicions were made clear when he took her gloved hand with his dirty hand. She would let him make this move, but if he tried anything else…she would not hesitate.

He wanted a response from her; maybe she could not speak the language? These thoughts filled his mind

“So not from around these parts then. Why not come with us? We could definitely take better care of you than this parasite, wouldn’t we lads”

The other thieves in the corridor laughed and agreed in their vile common tongues.

“…and the worm?” she said in a certain child like manner.

To this he held his knife up and two men moved in to surround Dorian from the back.  They held his shoulders and restrained him.

“Oh we can take good care of him to” he said to her approval as she smiled and giggled.

“What are you doing Ylaya?”  said Dorian sweat pouring off his face as the guards held him tightly by the shoulders. He felt completely helpless, what was this betrayal?

“Merely learning from mistakes” she said taking the chief thief’s hand. He seemingly finding this invitation a no brainer and accepted gripping her hand more tightly.

“You two…cut his throat now…the rest of you can leave”
said the chief thief. This left him, two thieves, Ylaya and Dorian.

“Ylaya…” he said as he escorted her backwards slightly avoiding any of the blood that might come gushing out of Dorian once the cut had been made. 

Any last words said a thief to Dorian under the flickering torch he held in his hand.

“…would you do me the pleasure of…” said the chief thief to Ylaya as he turned his head and was interruptedly met by an elbow to his nose making him fall backwards. A really nasty cracking sound could be heard…blood seemingly poured from his nose as he sat there are on the floor being forced onto it.

The thieves then came at her fast and left Dorian who held his hands over his face as some close quartered combat happened right before his eyes.

Ylaya after crunching her would be lovers nose shook off her cloak and revealed her true appearance. With haste one hand went down the back of her leg and pulled out a blade that she used to stop the first thief’s knife from entering her skull as he lunged at her. He almost got his knife in her eye as her longer jagged blade slowly began to overpower him and she pushed him back.

The other thief then tried to attack with two knives from the side, but Ylaya managed to halt his attack as well with a parry and then dodged another incoming attack from the first thief. The chief thief just lay on the floor holding his nose. Ylaya was going to enjoy his, she smiled as the two men she faced held back a second.

With a slight break in the assault by the two armed thieves she drew her other blade and held them both infront of her.

she said as a guard approached her attempting to strike again. Again he found his attack blocked by her blades and then in that same second realised that his chest had caved in after being kneed by Ylaya. His knife skimmed across her hair in the struggle taking out one of the arrow shaped clips that hung to it. She then grabbed him by the face as he choked, winded obviously and flung him onto the floor.

She then looked around and could not see the second thief, where had he gone? From behind the masked attacker watched her and advanced grabbing her by the neck. She responded by elbowing him in the chest and then bringing a blade round to strike his shoulder sending him in pain to the floor. After he hit the floor he crawled away down a corridor, the other did as well. Now it was just her and the chief thief still there clutching his bleeding nose on the slated floor.

Ylaya then slowly approached the chief thief on the floor holding his nose. She thought he might be out of it but he struck when she did not expect it and his small knife sliced along her leg scratching her stocking that clung tightly to her right leg. Whether a cut had developed underneath, she could not see. However the pain triggered her to violently kick him in the face. He lay for a second unconscious on the floor.

This was not to last though for as he lay there a knife still in hand her heel came down on that hand and his mouth cried out with the whines of a pig being put to slaughter.

“Now…I think you know what woman I am…so please…put one more scratch these…”

“Go on…”
she said as she removed her heel from his injured hand that he held with pain. She then moved right up to his face basically standing on top of him. Her blades she held at either side.

“You were smart there my beauty…better watch it next time though” he said trying to be smart.

“Next time.”
she said as she crouched down to his face looking at his nose nodding. Then before he could say anything else she punched him putting him out cold. 

Putting one blade away she held the other running the edge along her finger.

“I don’t think there will be a next time lover.” She said to the body on the floor as a voice rang out “Wait!” from the darkness behind her.

With that that Ylaya looked round, where was Dorian? She checked the two corridors, one of them was empty and then…there he was. She held him against the wall.

“What were you playing at there?” he said.

“Saving our necks merely…even without your help”

“Well you could have hinted you had a plan…I thought you had decided to go off with that scum…that was some deception, even for you” he said trying to give her credit in his own twisted way.

“You think I would surrender my body to that scum…?” she said laughing “I think you will find I am full of surprises” she said hiding her other blade in its original spot.

“Why did you say wait anyway? I was enjoying myself” said Ylaya

“Because if you had killed him I doubt we could have ever used these tunnels again, attracting individuals like him is not what we should be trying to do…I was merely thinking forward”

There was then the sound of movement from down one of the corridors.

“Perhaps we should keep moving” he said

“After you” she replied.

Then the pair went down one of the corridors, there direction unknown…to Ylaya anyway.

Dance of Sorrow
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Elf, Kaýrrhem

« Reply #47 on: May 17, 2010, 10:13:10 AM »

Date: 30th Singing Bird, 1st Hour of Sunblaze (9 AM)

It had been a long trip. Azalahn had enjoyed it, seeing the marvelous structures in the capital again. It had been years since he had been in this city. Last time he had seen it was 5 years ago when he was traveling south. The business in Bardavos was going as it should, and he was ready to expand it. He would find work in the capital and spend some of his time looking for a good place to open a tavern or an inn. Perhaps he could get lucky and find a place that he could take over for a cheap price. His inn in Bardavos was in good hands, he was sure Aria and Thorgrim would run it as well as anyway possible.

But getting work here... A part of him regretted taking the dark elf along. In one of the inns they had passed on the road up north they had been kicked out, well actually the owner had been very friendly til the moment the dark elf had removed her hood, then all of a sudden things had become very much different. They had been allowed to finish the meals that they had allready payed for, but had been asked to leave as soon as they had finished.

Well too late to worry about the problems associated with a dark elf now. He knew that one of his old mercenary buds was living her and was working as a lieutenant in a nobleman's personal guard. It had taken some time to find the man, but at last he had managed to do it. But finding his old friend had proved very easy compared to finding an inn that would wellcome him and his traveling companion. He wondered what it was about this city that fascinated her so much. Sure the city was marvelous, but she looked like a little school girl realizing the wonders of the world for the first time in her life. She had been talking about all the various buildings, and architecture styles ever since they came to the city.

His friend had told him that the Nermeran Embassy most likely had a job opening for a military officer, and had written him a letter of recommendation. It would be nice if he could get the dark elf in as well, but even if he couldn't then it really didn't matter, he would get a salary and would be able to support the both of them for the time being, and he could work earning a living for both of them while she gathered information about the various taverns and inns in the city. There was also another possibility, he could transport goods from the south up to the capital if there was a profitable market, and if he could get a job at one of the embassies then he would be bound to come into contact with a lot of people, and that would be equal to potential business contacts later on. Spend a year or two here and he would most likely be able to have enough information and contacts to expand his business.

He put on his full armor, he had spent most of last night's evening polishing it, down to the last little tiny piece. He had gotten an appointment with the ambassador and was on his way to meet his hopefully future boss. Well being an associate of a dark elf would perhaps prove to be usefull, just as much as a curse. An associate of evil incarnate would most likely have some insight into how these vile creatures worked and that insight could be something every embassy could use.

Here he was, the student of the famous master walking in the streets of the Sarvonian capital, on his way to a job interview, and accompanied by a dark elf. They would most likely have him flogged if they could see him now. If it wasn't for his cursed fate then he should have a few hundred warriors under his command and be second in command of an army by now. What was it humans called it... colonel yes that was the word. The thought of what could have been drifted towards the woman he loved. How would their life have been now... would they have children if they had been allowed to be together... How would they live... He imagined them living happily and waking up in the room he used to live in, in his masters mansion. A little boy pulling the blankets, Momy dady the sun shining... He smiled at the thought.

Holt. Hold on sir. He was at the embassy and a guard was addressing him. Damn it not a good impression on his way to a job interview.

"What? I though I was expected" he said, not wanting to reveal his daydreaming before he had even entered the embassy grounds.

"Who are you and who is expecting you?" the guard asked.

"I commander Azalahn Dél’Raguierá am, and with the ambassador appointment I have. You to the ambassador escort me, or my arrival announce will"  He said in his very best Tharian.

A bit later he was lead into the Ambassador's office.
My lord, this is the elf that you have an appointment with, b but he is accompanied by a a dark elf, and insisted on bringing her along, so I have gathered a few extra guards just in case. The guard said.

"Greeting my lord ambassador, I commander Azalahn of house Dél’Raguierá am. That your embassy for a decent warrior or two might have use, I heard have. As for my companion, yes she born a Dark Elf is, but watching my back, there are few people if any I would rather have, assure you I do" He said, and handed the letter of recommendation.

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