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Author Topic: Ancestral Manor of House Sorossa (shorter name pending serious thought)  (Read 632 times)
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Eyimon Sorossa
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« on: February 08, 2010, 01:51:52 PM »

The ancestral home of House Sorrossa sits unused now, a house filled with dust, rooms left unentered in years. It is rare that people walk its halls instead of memories or sunbeams.

Location of the building

The Sarvonian Continent, United Kingdom of Santharia, Province Nermeran.

To the north of Astran, a half day's ride northwest from the nearest settlement stands the ancient ancestral home of the House Sorrossa. Nestled in part of a narrow valley, the house is rather isolated. Harsh winter snows can leave it completely isolated from the rest of the world and have in the past. The house is barred most of the time now, except when its master returns, which is rare, or one of his brothers, an equally improbable occurrence.



The front of the house is narrow and fortified, with two short wings branching out two storeys to join the walls of the valley. Arrow slits peer out from either wall of the valley, and a wooden gate bound in steel with a small even more impenetrable sally-port located in the left-hand gate. The walls, made of stout grey stone stand below slate tiled roofs, sharply angled to keep snow from settling on top.

Entering through the gate into the courtyard of the house there is a small stable, long since empty and short of supplies except for a solitary old horse and a cart, seemingly out of place, they would fit better in a farmer's barn than in this manor. Their only company is a cow, kept for it's milk. The courtyard is made accessible by a footpath and a larger path from the stables for animals.

Measurements are good to help form an idea as to how big or small your house is. If you decide to use them, please remember to use Santharian measures. A picture of your house would be a useful addition to your house to help form a visual perspective on your house. You don‘t need to count all your windows, if you have many, but if you just have one, the exact location within the wall and distance from the door is needed.


While most would expect the courtyard to be paved over, this is a veritable masterpiece of gardening. Mushrooms grow in one sun-deprived corner of the eastern wall, underneath the boughs of a stately ash tree, while a small crop of Oya Peas sits towards the western wall, and a redberry bush grows over part of the path through the middle of this bounty.

A balcony appears to be growing a small crop of pfepper grass and what can only be described as a shed has been built to protect a rosemint bush in a planter on another. A crop of potatoes grows elsewhere, caroots to their left, and a small clan of alliums, garlick, chives and a few weeproots. Near the balcony someone has built another strange shelter from some Dreamer's Breath and some trinity herb appears to be thriving on another raised bed. All of these have been painstakingly marked and in some cases fenced off by whatever attentive gardener has cultivated this area. A small shed sits next to the stable, with a ladder leaning against it and a sign marked "tools" placed there. A stout spear sits inside, next to a bowstave and some arrows in a quiver, as well as pruning sheers, a rake, several shovels (snow, dirt and muck respectively) a trowel and other such implements.

The second floor of the manor has been almost completely shuttered off, the furniture bundled into tidy groups and sheets thrown over it. Dust gathers steadily like snow.

There are few rooms on the lower floor.
Guest Rooms:
These four are small, well appointed rooms with a view of the courtyard afforded by a single window with shutters. Located in the western arm of the manor, they are kept clean but not ready to receive.

Eyimon's Appartment: Two rooms on the lower floor on the inner western wall in the northern corner, one for sleeping the other serving as a study. Modestly sized.

Kitchen: Originally a part of the larger dining hall, the kitchen has been added by constructing a wooden wall at that end. One fireplace was given up to include a stove and oven. It sits in the inner wall of the eastern wing not too far the stables, close to the cellars and the garden.

A large underground cellar. It holds various preserved foods and usually some sort of wine. The well for the manor is also located here.

Occupying the whole north-eastern corner of the manor, the library is quite a find. It contains, for the most part, various records to do with the manor, as well as what books the family has gathered over the years, which range from treatises on war, to gardening books, to volumes of poetry.

Dining Hall

The dining hall, now divided to make room for a kitchen, boasts two fireplaces on either wall. A third fireplace has been altered to make room for a wood-burning stove. The original long table has been laid against one wall, and a few smaller tables have been placed here with the original chairs.


In it's heyday, the House Sorossa boasted quite a fair bit of wealth. All of the furnishings within the manor are of excellent craft, saving those that have been produced by the residents

Special Items:



Eyimon Sorrossa
Overview of Nermeran
to the "blueprint" of your home (if possible)

Blueprints of the building and its surrounds:
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