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Author Topic: NPCs  (Read 1118 times)
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« on: February 10, 2010, 03:22:03 AM »

All NPCs are listed alphabetically by First name.

Vardynn Embassy

Arnurd- Tylannah's Wilderon kitten.  Physical: Copper coloured eyes, brown and white herin coloured fur

Arnurd Fruwee- The late Ambassador of Vardynn.  Physical: Dead now and not expected to get better

Brellin Corrigahn- Captain of the Ambassador's personal guard.  He is married to the niece of Gorvold Aeris, yet he has a wandering eye and much ambition.  Physical: thick brown hair, crystal blue eyes

Gorvold Aeris- Castellan of the Vardynn Embassy.  He is a short man with "small dog syndrome".  Ambitious and dangerous, he feels that he was cheated out of the position of Ambassador.  Physical:  Short, has goatee.

Kembar Fruwee- Ambassador of Vardynn, Emissary of the Thane, to the Santhran Tiandor in New Santhala.  Physical: tall, self assured

Treaben Buttins- assistant to Gorvold Aeris.  Timid and non ambitious, he is often mistaken for a fool, though he knows much more than he lets on.  Physical: older, thin

Tylannah Fruwee- the wife of ambassador Fruwee  Physical:  short, harelip, pretty eyes, serene disposition, nine months pregnant

Nermeran Embassy

Lord Belenos Tristam – the Ambassador of Nermeran.  Member of the Order of the Fallen, the Griffins league. Constantly frustrated with the world, anger management issues.

Dorcas –Quinn’s Housekeeper. Believes that muddy footprints are a criminal offence.

Dorian Noone –Friend and Spy for Quinn. Watchful, chaotic and rat-like in appearance.

Guillemot Quinn –Castellan for Nermeran embassy. Red haired, eerily pale blue eyes, a bit ‘unbalanced’.

Moriah Quinn –Quinn’s long suffering and often neglected wife. Delicate and doll-like.

Taylor - One of many lackeys helping to organise the Maskerade Ball.

Turrell -Spy for Quinn. Bald head, rather blunt and lacking finesse in his approach to gathering information.

New Santhala Miscellaneous NPCs

Clarissa Solosis -Glamourous and wealthy merchant and businesswoman, guest at Nermeran Maskerade Ball.  Friend of Salkazrian. Physical: About 5 foot, slim and delicate.  Light blonde hair, pale blue eyes.

Edoreth Beattie - Old soldier, now turned overweight jester, who currently is sporting a lovely pair of green tights.

Lord Jarl Valdimarr – Young upcoming noble in the Order of the Fallen, Griffins league.

Lady Kaitrin of Lorehaven-
Young noble woman and gossiper, not one to tell your secrets to.

Kedril Behrns- New Santhala constable Physical- commanding aura, not overly tall or big or handsome, intense stare

Loghin Swerri- Greedy conman and merchant from Marcogg, a very unfortunate customer at the Courtyard that ends up pickled in a barrel of salt...

Marlon Vyddles-
Ex-military, now city constable. One of the best shots with a crossbow in all of New Santhala.

Myer Vudens- blacksmith, is a teddy bear of a man  Physical- large man, may cry at any given moment.

Pella Fasden-
City constable, like her father before her. Very respectful to her superior, Behrns. Her weapons include a bandoleer of small throwing daggers.

Courtyard Tavern and Inn

Eoghim Nahrvil- the owner of the Courtyard Tavern and Inn.  A happy and contented businessman who is quite loyal to the Santhran Tiandor.  Physical: older, limps in his left leg, bald

Ferlin- a bartender who is currently having the worst few days of his entire life....

Ilyia- serving girl

Ruje- Serving girl
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