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Author Topic: Anwen Puddifoot  (Read 10971 times)
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« on: December 18, 2005, 02:34:22 PM »

Name: Anwen Idony Ceridwen Puddifoot

AKA: Winnie to her family.

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Race: Halfling/Hobbit

Tribe: Dogodan by birth, half-Helmondsshire by blood.    

Occupation: Bard-Cleric of Dalireen  

Title: Disciple of Dalireen  


Anwen is a scholarly bard, intuitive believer and follower of Dalireen. Her affluent family is of mixed blood, although she has no airs and graces, hailing from the Dogodan Shire. Anwen is tall and slim-hipped, for a Hobbit, with exceptional talent when it comes to the arts, music, dancing, etc., and taking care of others. She rides a Sarvonian draught pony, named Skye, and has a rabbit familiar named Patch.

Physical Appearance:

Anwen looks a bit different from the other Hobbits in her home, the Acornlands. This is because both her parents are “foreign” Hobbits. Anwen has inherited  many attributes from her Helmondsshire mother. She is tall (a couple of nailsbreadths over 1 ped) and blue-eyed, with particularly luxuriant, wavy blonde hair, like spun gold.

Despite this, she is nothing special to look at. Her skin is paler than most Hobbits', because she likes being inside as much as being out. From her father, she has inherited freckles (unlike the peachy complexions of Dogodan-Hobbits) and a broad, potato-like nose (as some have uncharitably noted).

Her love of dancing means Anwen has a less ample belly than even the svelte Dogodan Hobbits usually have (she weighs about 50ods), and long periods spent pressing books avidly to her face means that she has become short-sighted (and occasionally has to wear pince-nez).

Anwen's teeth and hair look bright next to her pale-skinned face (which usually has a pink flush in her cheeks), and there's a slightly bruised quality to her eyes which makes them very expressive. Anwen has broad, high cheekbones, giving her face a somewhat feline quality. She isn't too attractive to other Hobbits, until you take her personality into consideration.



Anwen's “clerical” robes  (made by her mother) basically consist of a padded patchwork coat, each square a different colour of the rainbow. Inside the odd square, symbols of Dalireen are embroidered – a white Aelirel in flight, a leaping rabbit, a blooming Dalferia, a bounding deer – and little copper bells are sewn all along its hem and cuffs.

Under the rainbow coat, she wears a light summer dress – unremarkable, usually in pinks, blues or purple – but split to the hip on either leg! Underneath the dress, she wears half-mast breeches, which tie behind the knee – the splits in the dress are for easier pony-riding!

Because her modified dresses are made for the summer, Anwen sometimes wears a jumper underneath, during the winter months. She wears no shoes (what respectable Hobbit girl would?), although she does have a leather belt. There's a pattern of oak leaves (symbol of her shire) etched into it, and on it she hangs her sword, knife and hobbitweed pouch.

All Anwen's clothes are covered in pockets (some visible, some not). The only jewellery she has is an anklet, which she made herself, of shells and silver bells, and a silver brooch, made in the shape of a Gnarco toad, with an amethyst set into the back. This, she usually uses to fasten cloaks or keep a detachable hood secured.


Anwen is generous and very rarely untruthful, in fact she's so open about everything, the whole world knows what she's up to. Anwen has marvellous intuitions, and is pretty clever because she's so interested in everything.

Broad-minded and lacking in prejudice, she's fascinated by even the strangest of people. With her optimism and humour, she's often the life and soul of the party (while she's in a good mood!) However, Anwen can also get quite downhearted, crabby and awkward on occasion, (but not usually for long).

She can be rude to others, but only because she cannot resist speaking what she sees as the truth, even if it causes embarrassment (usually her own). However, her tactlessness is usually innocent and she has no desire to hurt.

Money is not her god – Anwen would work for a pittance if she felt inspired. Her values are spiritual rather than material. Higher education attracts her because Anwen needs to feel free and unfettered. Despite all this intellectualism and need for freedom, Anwen has a deep need to be cuddled, and she needs to be supported emotionally.

She's quite shy and reserved (for a Hobbit) most of the time, unless she's with family, or caught up in “creating”, in which case she livens up considerably! Anwen worries a lot more about life than she lets on, and has a very rarely-seen violent temper.

She has low self-esteem, which she keeps concealed by a façade of over-confidence and cheerfulness. She hates confrontation, will cry when shouted at, but can be venomous about people she dislikes or sees as being stupid/insensible. A sure-fire way to get Anwen to excel at something (outstripping other people) is to suggest that she's not capable enough to do it.

She is a loyal and true friend, even when neglected or treated unfairly she will not stop being there for others...


  1. The Arts – [which can be used to earn coin in times of hardship]. Whether through Dalireen's interference or not, Anwen is spectacularly gifted in anything creative. Her drawings and paintings could arguably be mistaken for real, and bumped into (were it not for the fact that she often includes unlikely images like dragons and mythical beasts). There is no musical instrument yet discovered, by the young Hobbit, which she has not instantly mastered. Her singing-voice has an extraordinary, stirring resonance and range, and the strange tricks she can do with it captivate the minds of many. Anwen has a definite ear for sound (and can do startling impressions of people and, even, animals). Her music is definitely the most moving of her gifts, and it's possible that (in a combat-situation) she would merely have to open her mouth and sing a sufficiently sad song to reduce enemies to tears. Anwen sings all the time. Her Music (and the belief that Dalireen inspires it), grants her courage in times of need, and her dreams are filled with melodies yet-to-be sung. Anwen also dances surprisingly, gracefully, well – her style hinges on instinctive emotions, as well as natural rhythm and timing.
  2. People-skills – Anwen's pacifistic outlook, friendliness, helpful attitude and usually cheerful temper means she can get on well with most people. Her imagination and mischievous humour makes her compelling to children of any race (*cough*nothing-to-do-with-her-cute-pets-at-all-honestly*cough*) and her (oft-hidden) yet fierce intellect means that she gets on well with older people, perhaps those more cynical. Part of her self-imposed duties as a Cleric of Dalireen is the protection of innocents and especially children. This is not something usually frowned upon, by any Race, and the parents of the villages she passes through often find this Hobbit appearing on their doorstep, offering her babysitting services! Unfortunately, the children tend to rabbit on about the wild stories and songs this passer-by reveals for weeks afterwards, which has exasperated some parents in the past... ^^

NB: It's interesting to note that Anwen has synaesthesia. Musical notes make her think of certain colours. If she sings a song while painting, for example, the palette she picks, will, subconsciouly, add some je ne sais quoi which produces a stingingly emotional image.


  1. Gullibility – Anwen is stupid in the very special way that only well-educated people can manage. Not being as world-wise as her parents, she cannot see through other people’s lies, (it never occurs to her that others might be lying) and she's blind to it when they're winding her up or pulling a prank on her. This was something her brothers, and ocassionally her father, took merciless advantage of when she was still at home. Her temperament means that Anwen would usually sulk for an hour and then forget to be annoyed. This obliviousness is more dangerous in the world outside the Dogodan Shire, because there are swindlers and other such people who aren't as forgiving...
  2. Spinelessness – growing up among a crowd of five brothers, all of whom believed themselves to be right about everything, Anwen learned from a young age to back down in the face of argument. She is easily intimidated by others, (especially when they become angry) and willingly questions whether she herself is right, instead of whether someone else is wrong. She sees arguing as being monstrously impolite, and very rarely opposes the views of her friends. This spinelessness comes as a disadvantage when buying things (shop keepers can easily persuade Anwen that their product is worth more), and means that Anwen is easily lead – unless she feels herself to be among equals, in which case she can be as vociferous as anyone, once she conquers her shyness.

NB: Anwen carries a sword on her belt (more commonly used in story-telling than combat). She has absolutely no skill in wielding it, beyond “stick the pointy end in other people… nasty people, or- erm, no, actually, only people who’re attacking you…? I think”. However, others sometimes leap to the conclusion that a Hobbit carrying a sword must be double-bluffing – and that she must have some skill with it. This is assumption is flattering, but utterly incorrect.


Anwen's parents are an exotic pair.

Her father Bodil hails the Shire of Halbania, a Hobbit settlement on the island of Denilou, far off the South-Eastern coast of Sarvonia. It was during his upbringing there that Bo picked up the outlandish love of “boating”, which he shared with his father, Waldo Puddifoot. Bo's mother was of Somerled, (pronounced “Summer-lead”) blood, a family of Hobbits known for their wanderlust, which was also passed on to Bo.

Elsewhere in the world, Anwen's mother, Idony, was growing up. She belonged to an intellectual Hobbit family in the Silvermarshes. Her mother was of the Burrowdown (soon to be Whisperleaf) family, and married an affluent brewer named Meriwether. The family produce of alcohol meant that young Idony often had an excuse to go travelling (important merchant-ing to do, dontcherknow).

Anyway. There are only so many places a Hobbit can go, to be among other Hobbits, so it was inevitable that Bo and Idony should eventually end up in the same neck of the woods... Oak woods, to be precise, in the Acorn Lands, where dwellt the Dogodan Hobbits. Here the two Hobbits fell head over hairy-heels for eachother – Idony impressed by this broad, fiercely intelligent Hobbit (despite his rough, exotic upbringing), Bo bowled over by this tall, dazzling-urbanite blonde.

The two started courting instantly, and soon decided to settle down in their place of romance – the Alianian Hills. Bo's maternal grandparents (the Somerleds) lived in the area, so the young newlyweds moved into their Hobbit hole with them. They filled it with trinkets Idony had picked up, from the trade-links in Helmondsshire, and with oddities Bo had come across in his travels.

Bo decided on a job as Game Keeper, Hunter & Fisher for the village, indulging in a pass-time he had much-enjoyed as a young Halfling on Denilou. For this purpose, he bought crossbows from the Jhehellrhim Elves (Idony had contacts) and started breeding small, tenacious hunting dogs. Meanwhile, Idony took up the mantle of house-wife and hobbying (no pun intended) horticulturist, as well as negotiating the trade of her father's ales & wines from Helmondsshire, and spending time doing arts and crafts.

Early Life
The couple soon had their first child (a son, named Waldo), followed by Anwen, and then four more sons – Harfuld & Hugo (twins), Jowan and Ordovic, The Puddifoot's expanding family meant that their hobbithole soon became crowded, so the Puddifoots dug deeper, into and along their mound, until they had a veritable mansion-smial on their hands! It was here that Anwen grew up, in a warm, nurturing environment.

Anwen's five brothers all shared their father's boisterous exuberance, and threw themselves into village life with gusto. It was obvious, from early on, that the Puddifoot boys were a gregarious, mischievous bunch, and particularly keen to take advantage of the ale, wine & beer cellars which their mother filled with alcohol from the family business. They also shared their father Bo's liking for hunting and game-keeping, and, under their encouragement, the Puddifoots soon ended up with a pack of terriers (a manic entity, to be sure).

Conversely, their sister Anwen was a much more reserved, strange figure. Idony first noticed something unusual about her daughter when, one night, as she cradled the baby Anwen in her arms and sang her a lullaby. Anwen was not, then, old enough to be able to focus her eyes, but when Idony sang Dalireen's Song, her daughter's eyes lit up and she fell asleep with a smile on her dimpled face.

Anwen showed great aptitude for music and the arts, almost as soon as she was able to speak or hold a quill, as well as instrument-playing, and a lot of her time was spent devouring the books which filled the Puddifoot library. She was more interested in academia than her brothers, and, indeed, more inclined to listen when their well-educated mother taught her her letters – language, arithmetic, science, history, and some horticulture.

All the Puddifoot Hobbitlings were read to, or told bedtime stories at night (with sound-effects and impromptu enactments provided by Bo). However, while the boys often slept sound, worn out after their long days of exploring, fighting, drinking, hunting, fighting again, etc., Anwen stayed awake, fervently re-imagining scenes she'd just heard, and stories of her own. One luxury the Puddifeet could afford were dolls, and Anwen's most cherished present, as a little Hobbit, was the Dollshouse and dolls, with which she played out stories of her own (with friends).

A turning point in Anwen's young life came about when she first learnt of the goddess Dalireen, the Halfling patron of Bards. She had often seen her parents adding pretty trinkets, wind-chimes or candles to certain areas of the house (especially when she or one of her brothers said something innocent), but did not know that this was connected to any diety.

One of her earliest memories (apart from that lullaby) is sitting on the floor, near her parents' bed, surrounded by her brothers, as her mother Idony read a passage about Dalireen from a book called Hobbit Tales. Anwen remembered her heart hammering in her chest, and looking around to see if any of her siblings felt the same shock and excitement as she did (and seeing, to her amazement, that they didn't).

Some time later, when Anwen was fifteen, she went walking in the hills of the Acornlands. It was summer, so the daylight lasted a long time, and she wanted to hear the kyck-kycks singing in the pond, at the end of the garden. She took a seat on the banks of the pond, crossing her legs, and looking out towards the horizon. As she did so, Anwen sang a tune she vaguely recognised, letting her lungs fill the garden with sound, there being no danger of being overheard.

As the sun set, shafts of gold and orange sunlight bathed her face, and, glancing at the pond, it struck Anwen that she herself looked like Dalireen. She gazed more deeply at her reflection, and suddenly Anwen began to notice tiny mistakes – her nose seemed smaller, her skin darker. As a feeling of realisation stole over her, forcing her breath from her mouth, Anwen's reflection blinked... and vanished...

The pond had been disturbed, as ripples spread around something which'd dropped into it from the branches of the white oak, above. Thoroughly shaken, Anwen moved to investigate, and eventually used a discarded jam-jar (waiting to be filled with frogspawn, by her brothers) to fish out the missile. It was a small egg. Usually, Anwen would have dismissed this as stuff n' nonsense, a mere coincidence, but she was never so certain, as in that moment, that there was something bigger than herself Afoot.

Anwen spent a long while looking after that egg – keeping it warm and miraculously hidden from unscrupulous brothers who would, given half a chance, poach it for a joke. After some time, it hatched into a baby Aelirel. This was all the proof Anwen needed. She took great care to read up on the feeding needs of Aelirel chicks, and sent members of her family out, all over the Alianian Hills, looking for specific worms, as well as traipsing along herself.

She raised the bird (which she named Aria) to adulthood, although she refused to keep it cooped up in a cage. Instead, Anwen merely left her bedroom window open during the day, with treats and a water-bowl on the windowsill, so that Aria could come and go as she pleased. Anwen took Aria's appearance as a Sign, and threw herself into bardship, conquering her shyness and performing in the local taverns, telling stories to the shire's children, and (of course) to her family and friends. It was a testament to her great natural talent that even Anwen's brothers had to admit she was good at it.

Recent Life
Some years before she reached her thirties, good news came to the Puddifoot smial. Idony's mother, previously a Burrowdown, could now be counted as one of the Whisperleaves. Her original family had cultivated a new kind of Hobbitweed, (called, unsurprisingly, Whisperleaf) with unusual properties. This meant another small influx of wealth for the family, and it was at this point that the eldest, Waldo, left home. He travelled to the Silvermarshes, to see his ol' grandma and offer his help with the new type of weed the Whisperleaves were growing.

It was at this point that Anwen seriously started to consider her own choice of profession. She hadn't yet come of age, but her reputation as a great singer, musician, artist and dancer, among the Dogodan hobbits, had grown. Most expected her to become a bard, but Anwen suspected that, in her heart, she would always be something more than that. She prayed to Dalireen every day, and hummed absent-mindedly all the time.

She worried that taking up a paying profession might detract from her time spent performing, singing, playing instruments. Anwen voiced these thoughts to her great-grandpa Ordovic, and got a rather large surprise in return: 'Well then, Winnie,' (he said) 'Why don't you become a Cleric of Dalireen, like meself?' Being still young, (and, as that implies, slightly oblivious to the world), Anwen had not connected her Grandpa's frequent “trips” (to Dalireen shrines), nor the respect shown him by other Hobbits, to her Goddess!

After she had recovered enough to speak, Anwen said: 'Will you teach me, then, Gramps?' He, of course, chuckled, and agreed. Over the next few years, Anwen underwent a wonderful journey of discovery. “Gramps” showed her all his favourite shrines to Dalireen – including what became Anwen's favourite. It was the sight of a lightning strike, many decades before, where one of the great White Oaks had been cracked in two, and half-felled.

Instead of using the tree for firewood, Ordovic had expertly carved an image of Dalireen into the vertical surface of the broken trunk, and, on the top of the stump, a muriel of Hobbit children, and animals, gathered around to listen. In between these two cleaved halves, a single, multicoloured candle had been stuck and lit (and replaced, every so often, by Ordovic).The scorching of the earth around this shrine had enriched the soil, and verdant wildflowers, mosses and fungi grew all the ground and tree. There were countless spots, among the branches (now lying on the ground) to which little Hobbits could climb, and sit in peace, enjoying a new, higher vantage point.

It was Anwen's idea to fill the branches with wind chimes and bells, so that Dalireen's sounds really could guide a lost Hobbit child through the dark. Anyway, it was this place that she and her Gramps travelled to every day (it lay a pleasant walk's distance from their smial), and where she learned her craft. Ordovic taught her how to sing in harmony with herself, how to pray to Dalireen, how to mimic animal calls and peoples' voices to a startlingly accurate degree.

He also taught Anwen some of the rudimentry methods of healing – how to use her voice to calm others' down, and the importance of keeping peoples' illnesses private. It was at this time that Anwen started really using her Synaethesia to aid her art – this being a condition where musical notes instinctively summon specific colours or images to the mind of the listener. A common exercise Anwen and her Gramps did was to have him sing a song, and her paint something at speed, in response - using the colours conjured in her mind by the music. As time went on, her faith and adoration of Dalireen grew, and she began to recognise Her little inspirations littered throughout the world.

Anyway, on her thirty-third (important) birthday, the Puddifoot family threw Anwen a huge Party, with friends and family and basically everyone from the Acornlands invited (not unwholly connected to the fact that they expected her to perform, and wanted to see). There was much dancing and music-making at this party (not to mention loads of food), and her enjoyment of it all gave Anwen courage. On the spur of the moment, she announced that she had become a Cleric of Dalireen. The other Hobbits were, as they put it – shocked, but not completely surprised.

However, Anwen was now faced with another choice – whether to stay in the Alianian Hills, performing for and helping the same people, drawing inspiration from the same sources all her life, or to leave. Deep down, in her gut, Anwen knew which path she had to take. The decision was made for her when she awoke, one morning, and found that her bedroom window had been forced. The Aelirel she had then, one descended from Aria, was more domesticated. This one never left the smial, but it's cage was empty and a single white feather lay on the window sill.

The meaning was obvious, to Anwen's eyes – she had to leave home, follow her heart, in search of greater inspiration. It almost broke her heart to leave her beloved home, and her mother was unable to hide her own worries and sadness. All in all, though, Anwen's decision was a moment of catharsis. She knew that the family ales, wines and Hobbitweed would be sold in many places all over Caelereth, and that the merchants working for the Whisperleaves (hobbitweed) or Somerleds (alcohol) would be happy to carry messages home for her.

Being a Hobbit, though, Anwen knew there was no reason to rush into things. She  stayed in the Acornlands for some years (not so long a time for Hobbits) until the age of 37, trying to learn, from her fellows, anything that might be of use “on the road” (how to start camp fires, how to put out camp fires, which toadstools to not eat, etc.). When she finally decided that the time had come to leave, Anwen's family made her several gifts – among them, a beautiful blue-roan hobbithorse, a painted cart for him to pull, a pet rabbit (due to that creature's association with Dalireen) and a long human dagger in sheath (both of which were just the right size for a Hobbit-sword).

So Anwen finally set off from the Dogodan Shire (the day after a good long Goodbye Party), heart fluttering with nervousness, unsure of what adventures would await her...

  • Skye – a blue roan Sarvonian draught pony (female).
  • Patch – a brown-and-white lop-eared rabbit (male).

  • 1 sword – in actual fact a long, human dagger. Both sides of the blade are sharp, and it widens towards the tip (to balance out the heavy pommel). The hilt is long enough for two Hobbit hands to grasp, and made of oak, inlaid with silver vines. These vines disappear into grooves along the hilt, which make it easier to grip.


Anwen is a definite hoarder, and carries a multitude of things on her when she travels...
  1. pompion-vessels containing Ormelin, water & Fáberige wine;
  2. ink, ink bottle, quills, charcoal, sand, parchment;
  3. a nosebag, bridle, brush, saddle, horse-blanket, small bundle of hay;
  4. lute, violin, banjo, small harp, pan-pipes, mini cymbals, bells and a wooden flute;
  5. a copy of  “Hobbit Tales” & her own bookmark-filled diary;
  6. a hairbrush, silverrod-scented -soap -incense and -maliseswax candles;
  7. a small steel knife, a tinder box, a length of silverrod rope;
  8. a Hollup-skin pouch, wooden pipe, Golden Halo & Whisperleaf hobbitweed;
  9. gloves, bedroll and blankets;
  10. money, maps, some apples, a hooded waxed cloak, a woollen balaclava;
  11. jars of Redberry jam & honey, a pouch of mixed dried Meldarapple berries, Sunflower seeds & pease;
  12. a small pot of Yahrle ointment, and dried Yahrle leaves;
  13. a sword (long dagger) sheath with a pocket on the side – which she puts her knife in;
  14. a 2-wheeled white wagon, with dainty flowers painted on its side;
  15. 3 bendy wood hoops & a length of stiff material to stretch over them (a cover for the wagon).


Clerical – as mentioned, this enables Anwen to do tricks with her voice, such as imitating animal calls and human voices, singing in harmony with herself, reaching very high or very deep notes, etc. She can usually only do this when an audience, prayer or great level of emotion is involved, however.

Speaking of emotion, Anwen has mindsmoothing abilities (that is, she can replicate the abilities of a mindsoother - especially on upset children), which makes her voice relaxing to listen to. Anwen  has knowledge of non-magical healing techniques, mainly herbal ones. She seems to attract children, as well as the animals associated with her Goddess – namely, rabbits, Gnarco toads, Aelirels, kuatas and deer.

Whenever Anwen gets lost, she prays to Dalireen or sings a song, and this usually results in her finding her way. She often dreams of the goddess (usually waking with a tune all written out in her head, waiting to be sung) and has the aforementioned synaethesia when it comes to music.

There. An unremarkable character without anything massively, gut-wrenchingly, direly unoriginal in her past (I hope).
I must be crazy, posting this at 5:30 in the morning, but here I am.
There are things to sort out, but I'm exceedingly frazzled and unfit to see to them right now. Comments appreciated, folks! :evil                            


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New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2005, 12:43:22 AM »

Wow.  All there is to say.

Pikel Thunderstone
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2005, 03:27:22 AM »

Sorry, but i do not have time to do a thorough check AT THIS TIME for yourcharacter, but i do have a quick comment.

As it is, your character has no weaknesses. We base strengths and weaknesses off of the aerage person, and the average person has no fighting skill or combat magic....in fact, the non combative Magic would be considered a strength.

From I saw of the rest of the CD, you are doing a very good, in depth job. Keep up the good work. :thumbup  

Physical beauty is inextricably bound to Spiritual Beauty. If you are lacking in Spiritual Beauty, then you are lacking in Physical beauty. If you are overflowing with spiritual beauty, then you are also overflowing in physical beauty. At least in MY messed up eyes.   -Derek Coulter

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« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2005, 04:05:22 AM »

Muryllis: *bows* Thank you. ;)

Pikel: I understand - better to do a proper job than rush, eh?
I'll read through approved char sheets, and try and think up some new weaknesses...

To be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich;
to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart;
to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious,
grow up through the common.
This is to be my Symphony.

New Santharian

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« Reply #4 on: December 19, 2005, 03:30:22 AM »

  1. Edit: added three weaknesses - Lack of Stealth, Gullibility, Spinelessness.
  2. Edit: added Family Tree.
  3. Edit: added images of Rainbow Coat & Patch, the rabbit.
  4. Edit: added a mini harp & cymbals to Belongings.
  5. Edit: added bits to Magic section, having re-read an entry on the subject.
  6. Edit: altered Magic section, on advice from Erian.
  7. Edit: removed weaknesses - No Fighting Skills, No Combat Magic & Lack of Stealth.
  8. Edit: numbered existing Strengths/Weaknesses.
  9. Edit: updated history to include learning about Cleric stuff.
  10. Edit: added musical instrument (can't believe I almost forgot the banjo!).
  11. Edit: added link to portrait.

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« Reply #5 on: December 19, 2005, 09:44:22 PM »

This looks awesome, the family tree and how you presented it. I will read it today!

***Astropic of the day***
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« Reply #6 on: December 20, 2005, 01:48:22 AM »

Thanks, Talia. I look forward to char-critiquing with you...;)  

To be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. This is to be my Symphony.

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Er Paenzie
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« Reply #7 on: December 20, 2005, 07:59:22 AM »

Oh YAY! Another hobbit. ::giggles hysterically:: We shall take over the world I say....MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Just ONE more drink and I will never drink again! I SWEAR!


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« Reply #8 on: December 20, 2005, 08:01:22 AM »

::p ushes Er away::

^ Er is I :)  But I simply couldn't resist that post but ya...

I will give a good look over in the next couple of days.

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« Reply #9 on: December 20, 2005, 07:27:22 AM »

iC: Huzzah! I'm not alone in the world! :hug     And, incidentally *looks at avvy* ding-dong.

OoC: Good to know there are other Hobbits around. :thumbup    *thinks of buying The Hobbit game she spotted, out of curiosity*

To be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. This is to be my Symphony.

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« Reply #10 on: December 20, 2005, 05:39:22 PM »

No Fighting Skills – Anwen has no experience with weapons. The only contact with weaponry she has had is with the cross-bows (traded from the Jhehellrhim) which her father uses to hunt, although Anwen's never actually used one herself. She has no knowledge or training in martial arts, and has to rely on her ability to sweet-talk the opposition, or, alternatively, run away!
No Combat Magic – although she has Clerical Magic granted her by Dalireen, this only extends to things such as boosting her artistic, story-telling, singing or musical-instrument playing abilities, and allowing her to get along well with children and innocents. She knows and has access to no magic of offensive use. Anwen is by nature non-confrontational, and to call on Dalireen for aggressive help would require a level of detachment from the nature of her Faith which she would find inconceivable.
Lack of stealth – as mentioned, Anwen wears bells (the symbol of Dalireen) on her rainbow-coat and on an anklet. This, combined with her habit of absent-mindedly humming, makes it almost impossible for Anwen to act stealthily. She tried, once or twice, to go hunting with her brothers and father, in the woods inhabited by the Jhehellrhim Elves. Unfortunately, the beauty of the surrounding landscape moved Anwen to burst into song, frightening off any animal within a hundred leagues. This was ever-so-slightly distracting for the other hunters, who had been in the process of aiming when their darling sister exploded into song. Funnily enough, they didn't invite Anwen along after that...
None of these are weaknesses for your char and should not be mentioned in S&W. The first two are not simply because most people do not have combat or magic skills. The third is not since your char has no need of stealth, i.e. if she were an assassin then it would indeed be a weakness. However, in my opinion your char is balanced without these three weaknesses as I doubt a hobbit cleric will become a god char!:lol

You've done a great job with your history, and my only comment is that I doubt your char would be able to just decide to be a cleric. What I mean is that while your char may have faith in Dalireen her entire life, she would not have any clerical abilities without learning from another cleric. Situations where the gods answer someone that is not a cleric do happen, but they are rare. Also, I doubt that a char can learn magic of any kind on their own. Since Dalireen does not have temples, I would suggest having your char meet a lone cleric at one of her shrines. It seems feasible that someone would tend to the shrines.

A strong prayer from Anwen can heal others (again, especially children or the innocent).
Nothing in the Dalireen entry mentions healing, so if your char heals then it is not through prayer.

Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea.

J.R.R. Tolkien - "The Hobbit"

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« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2005, 03:09:22 AM »

Thank you for suggestions, Erian! :thumbup
Who, me? Create a God-char?! *nervous laugh* *shifty eyes*

Anywho - Anwen's great grandparents (the Somerleds) are from the Dogodan Shire. Could I have her great grandpa, Ordovic, be a Cleric of Dalireen...?

To be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. This is to be my Symphony.

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« Reply #12 on: December 21, 2005, 03:12:22 AM »

That would probably work.

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Insanity is only a perception made by those who have yet to attain its greatness. While those of us who have already stepped inside its bounds find bliss in our utter madness.
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« Reply #13 on: December 21, 2005, 02:29:22 AM »

*will edit history in a word processor and post it up later* - done!

Other comments still welcome...

To be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. This is to be my Symphony.

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« Reply #14 on: December 23, 2005, 01:50:22 PM »

Is there anyone who can tell me what to change to get this character approved? :read  

To be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. This is to be my Symphony.

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