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Author Topic: Caelereth Holiday Destinations  (Read 1067 times)
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Deklitch Hardin
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Human, Erpheronian

« on: April 25, 2010, 04:30:57 PM »

Whether you are travelling around Santharia, interested in visiting the icy snowfields of Remusia or travelling overseas to the exotic locale of the Aeruillin deserts, Caelereth Holiday Destinations has the house for you to visit!

First of all, there's the ancient and imposing family estates of the Shialt-eck-Gorrins known as Urimpaar in the lands of the Ice Tribe called the Remusians, the lands are frigid and dangerous, which is quite the opposite to Altario, his wife and their children who are warm and friendly to people who have been invited. Be prepared for a long overland trek to reach the estates, but once there, you'll be greeted with hot foods cooked in the traditional Remusian style.

A bit too cold for your liking? Then join either a Remusian or Antislar trading concern heading south to trade with the Arthyron. In the port city of Silven, on the cliffs overlooking Eight Winds Bay is the house of Compendiumist Deklitch Hardin. He welcomes all with open arms and his gardener and housekeeper would be only too pleased to serve your every whim as you join Dek for a talk and meal on the veranda.

Heading south, via boat, you'll reach in time the city of Carmalad in the Santharian province of Enthronia. Going to the marketplace, you'll come across a simple house and shop known as Diti Cloths and Keepsakes. There, you can get cloths dyed and a variety of wood crafts for yourself or a loved one. Orly, a hobbit out of the Acornlands said, "they were very friendly and very helpful. I needed a 'kerchief and a new flint, and they very happily made them for me." Reasonable prices as well!

To the north of Enthronia is the province of Vardynn, containing the Thaelon Forest. The elves of the forest live in beautiful treehouses, including Ohenmar. Visitors are always welcome to visit Ohenmar's house, and the elf promises beautiful views of the forest and surrounds. If you dislike heights, you might need to give this house a miss, unfortunately.

North of Vardynn is the province of Nermeran. In and around the capital city of Nyremerys visitors and townsfolk alike are bound to hear "Hey there, hoopla the Rovers are in Town" being chanted by children in brightly coloured clothes. After checking to make sure that nothing small and valuable has 'gone missing' from your person, you might be interested in taking a 10 - 15 minute stroll to the north of the city where this group of Black Butterfly Rovers are camped and performing a dancing, musical extravaganza. Amongst the Rovers is one Deklitch Hardin (the younger version of the Dek residing among the Blessed Sea Elves), who is into the tumbling and especially the singing parts of the performance. While there, men of all races and tribes might be interested in visiting 'Rover Nancy' in her carriage. Just remember the saying that the Rovers have ... "If Nancy's Carriage is a rockin' don't come a knockin'".

Further south, just south of New Santhalos, capital of Santharia is the house of Foraste. Foraste is a researcher for the Compendium and his house has cages and pens for various kinds of animals and other specimens he is researching at any time. If you arrive at or around meal time, Foraste is certain to have something warm cooking and will more than likely invite you to stay for a meal.

Even further south, you'll find the Free City of Bards, Bardavos, with an inn run by the elf, Azalahn and his army buddies. Built on the ruins of a castle from the times of before Santhos, this inn has an interesting story and a friendly and entiertaining staff, provided you keep out of the private rooms.

Also in Bardavos is the shop of Shatí Úp. The Manticore's Herbarium has a variety of herbs, spices, and other items that are useful for the budding mage or healer. If you suffer from allergies, you should be warned that parts of this building are covered with dust!

Finally, overseas on the continent of Aeruillin, close to the Nashruli Oasis is a house that is likely to be popular with anyone of a musical bent. Owned by Scriabin, you are especially welcomed if you have interesting anecdotes and an interesting story of you journey to this desert continent.

As your hosts travel further around Caelereth and stay with more people, there is sure to be even further houses for you to stay in. If you have a house that is novel and interesting and you'd like to receive visitors, please let us know and we'll be happy to review it and include it in our guide!

Deklitch Hardin and Azalahn
Caelereth Holiday Destinations
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Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
Deklitch Hardin
Truth Seeker
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Gender: Male
Posts: 1536

Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2011, 08:29:43 AM »

Previous post updated to add in latest approved houses! Please advise in this thread if you'd like something changed. :D

Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
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