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Author Topic: Kann Day II, Sundrown  (Read 21087 times)
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Thorin Broadfist
Lonely Smith
Story Mod
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Dwarf, Mitharim

« Reply #240 on: March 21, 2011, 06:00:57 AM »

Phlegah said something so softly that Thorin couldn't pick out what she had said, but only that she had said it with some strong sense of desire or longing. He almost stared at her until Dek regained his attention.

"Ahhhh," he said, "Phlegah ... I am pleased to meet you as well. However I am not your precious ... I am not a piece of jewellry of any kind." Thorin looked back at Dek as he continued, "Thorin, its been too long. I am no longer with the Rovers, I have joined the Compendium as a researcher." Thorin was fascinated by the token Dek and retrieved from his tunic, "I'm going ta have ta ask the lad, well man now I suppose, ta see it. Such craftsmanship."

"So, what have you been up to, my friend," Thorin was about to answer Dek's question when Phlegah chimed in, "You are even more precious to me than any kind of jewellry or gemstone, Dek. You helped to bring attention to the Academy and Ximax itself. anyone who would do that is rather precious in my eyes. You are also rather attractive ... for a human, I mean."

"You see, Master Smith,"
she said to Thorin, "Dek came to the Academy and the catacombs to look into the Red Tower and the Catacombs beneath the city and Academy of Ximax. I got to know him quite well during his stay there, and invited him to return at a future time."

"Ah, yes. I see... I think. But ta answer yer question there lad, oh I'm sorry Dek, I'm afraid ya might always be a lad in my mind. I've just been getting what work I can, when I can, and where I can." Thorin couldn't help but smile while talking with his old friend, especially since Deklitch has a rather genial air about him that becomes quite infectious. "Why our mutual acquaintance Phlegah here was actually just asking me ta fix some tools of hers. Though we had yet ta get ta the specifics. But I must say Dek, with the Compendium! Why that's marvelous! I always knew ya'd do something grand with yer life. Once we've finished up our little business here, ya'll have ta tell me what ya've been seeing and writing about. And if ya don't mind me asking, I would very much like ta take a look at that token of yers." A slight glint appeared in Thorin's eye as he thought about studying that token, hoping to one day make something of equal or greater quality.

I am a blacksmith, nothing more, nothing less.
-Thorin Broadfist
Short-Sized Cook
Story Mod
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Dwarf, Mitharim

« Reply #241 on: March 22, 2011, 09:43:03 AM »


"Good lady, I know more story and song than anyone but a master of lore. My stories may not all be dwarven, but ensure you they will entertain." said the man.

"If you spread your dwarven stories through the night, you should do just fine. What can we offer you as payment for your services?" Gapad said smiling broadly at a thought of an experience story teller.

Approved Character
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Posts: 64

« Reply #242 on: March 22, 2011, 10:27:44 AM »

Some food to fill my stomach, drink to keep my tongue fresh and a place to lay my head should your patrons be satisfied with my tales. Pline stands himself up on the stool with a leap, gesturing to the crowd of patrons in the inn.
Come then good people! It is Brokden! Who here would hear the story?

Salena smith
Enthusiastic Swordswoman
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Human, Centoraurian

« Reply #243 on: June 18, 2011, 03:05:51 PM »

      Walking many hours and exhausted from her long travels, Salena seen a what looked to be a tavern. Worried it was the lack of sleep teasing her she rubbed her eyes to make sure. Dragging her feet behind her she was able to make it to the doors. Warmth covered her arms like a blanket, and smell of mouth watering food filled her nostrils. Like the first day of summer it made her heart skip a beat with joy.

Seeing a man standing on a stool Salena pulled a seat beside him. Motioning for the barkeep to walk over to order a plate of grub to fill her empty stomach and a drink to drench her thirst.

I am and always will be me. I have my faults and mood swings so if you cant handle me at my worst then you dont deserve me at my best. :) Salena's CD
Miés'áel Cór'yráná
Inspiration Seeker
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Gender: Female
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #244 on: June 21, 2011, 12:51:16 PM »

Miés'áel smiled and anxiously picked up a fork as Galein placed the salad before her.

"What have you been up to Feraril Kaorprioon? Written any stories that would interest an old friend?"

Miés'áel sighed as played with her food. "I've been traveling all over Santharia, dear Galein. It's been....enlightening. The world is so different from what I first thought. It's much more callous then it is portrayed in all the stories. As for my stories, well...none that have ever been finished. You know me, Galein. It's hard for me to finish any of my stories. I start off really strong, but alas, they all seem to slip from my mind before I have a chance to finish them."

A piece of cabbage finally made it to Miés'áel's mouth. She gave a smile as she relished the taste of Galein's cooking. This, as well as the fond friendships she had formed, was what she missed most about this place. It was almost like her second home. Granted she had been here more recently than her parent's home.

"But," she continued after the food made its way down her throat. "Enough about me, what about you? I heard your mother has left for awhile. Does that mean you and that wonderful husband of yours run the whole place now? And, more importantly, are there any little Galein's running around in that kitchen of yours?"

Miés'áel smiled as she took another bite, awaiting Galein's response.

"The desire to write grows with writing"
~Desiderius Erasmus~
~*~Miés'áel Córyrana~*~
Thorgas Ironforge
Ironforge Pyromancer
Story Mod
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Dwarf, Mitharim

« Reply #245 on: October 31, 2011, 01:12:44 AM »

"Sir, may I ask as to what your intentions are for the unconscious man. He was....is....a good friend of mine and I just wanted to make sure that he would be well treated."

It was highly unusual for him to find an assassin concerned for others. He'd thought all their humanity left when they had killed their first victim. To see one entirely different from the ones he had grown accustomed to was... intriguing.

"Eh, I plan to drag both up them stairs. It be wrong fer people to sleep in crittur rooms, lass, much more if there be crazed elves aboot."

While the dwarf spoke, it occurred to him that dragging the people up the stairs will be too much work, as well as potentially disfiguring their faces with each bump up the steps. He can however, leave them here for the time being until they both wake up.

"Do ye want to be left aloon with yer man? Seeing as how yer friends an' all. I could take only the woman if ye wish."
« Last Edit: October 31, 2011, 01:13:23 AM by Thorgas Ironforge » Logged

A weak mind is a deadly foe.
Thorgas Ironforge
Thorgas' theme song
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