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Author Topic: Roy Tmofl/ Centoraurian/ Ecuá mage/ Demon Hunter  (Read 44036 times)
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Roy Tmofl
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Human, Centoraurian.

« on: September 09, 2010, 10:06:26 AM »

Moved to page 11 or page 2.

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« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2010, 10:20:16 AM »

One thing real quick, Roy. If you could break up the massive paragraph you have as your history, it will make it immensely easier to read. :)

Life is simply not black and white, the grey in between is fair game to command as well.
Ridgen Sú'ufanán
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Random person ^^

« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2010, 04:34:51 PM »

One thing I must point out: Roy, your topic title must be in a name/tribe/occupation format. Please change it.

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Human, Remusian

« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2010, 08:33:00 AM »

Roy, if you could let me know which CD you will continue in, I will lock the other.  Please, do not start new threads when editing, just edit your first post and colour all changes.  Ask, if you have further questions. :)

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Roy Tmofl
The Mage of Flaming Light
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Human, Centoraurian.

« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2010, 10:00:47 AM »

                         Journal Entry 1: Autobiography
Regardless of for what, I want to be remembered correctly, that is why I write this. Wether history should judge my action as noteworthy or worthless, vile and horrible, or something to be done again. I want all to know the truth about me, what really happened, who I really am.

My Name is:
Roy Tmofl
My Race is Human:
My Tribe would be:
If I should ever have a Title let it be this:
The Mage of Flaming Light
The Mage of Broken Darkness.
My Age as of now:
My occupation I suppose is best described as a demon hunter. Though most would also think me a demonologist of some sort. I disagree, as demonologists study demons out of curiosity or obsession, mayhaps even a lust for power...well, in that regard we are similar. But nonetheless, I study demons only for the sake of destroying them and their influence over Caelereth. At least, I once thought that was true. But the more I think over my goals the less and less I seem to care about destroying demons; as I do gaining power to control...everything, for lack of a better word.

To describe myself simply, an overview if you will.:
I am very rude, my voice is low and slightly raspy and I almost never speak above a whisper. Most people tend to avoid me just by my appearance insulting true, but I can't say I blame them. I am tall in height and very slight in build, my red robe normally has various items dangling from it by short strings. My hood normally covers my face but if you look past that you will see my brown hair almost touch my shoulders. Eyebrows of also brown hair and my eyes which are plain brown too. You would also see me almost always leaning on my staff. I doubt I could get by without it.

My Height exactly:
2 Ped in height. I am an exceptionally tall man, this height is however often not noticed. Since I am leaning on my staff so frequently I am almost always hunched over.

My current Weight:
1 Pygge, 2 Hebs, 1 Hafeb, 2 Ods.

Hair Color:
Brown, though I fear that will change soon. The magic inside me boils my blood and my heart never stops racing, my desires never leave me be. I can't find a moments peace and that is starting to take it's toll on my body. I estimate that within a few years my hair will be grey, and eventually white, regardless of my young age.
Eye color:

What I look like:
I am of slight build and weak looking, but have an air of mystery about me, or so I'd like to think. I am taller in height and lesser weight; my hair is brown and I am very unhealthy looking. My face is more or less alike to a skeletons. The skin being so pale white that is has a startling resemblance to bone. My eyes are dark brown and i've been told they are filled with wisdom, as well as pain. I have incredibly dark patches just these eyes of mine, testimant to the stress of my life, and my lack of sleep. These patches are made all the more clear due to, the stark contrast between them and my pale flesh. My feet are very long as are my fingers longer than normal. I stand slightly curved as I lean on my staff which is most of the time. My face is clean shaven and I have no facial hair, any attempts to grown any have come out terrible and blotchy.

My clothing of choice:
I wear a slightly thick robe due to my travels in colder areas and own a thinner one stored in my back pack for warmer areas. They are identical, and both are hooded. I will be seen in either boots or sandals. Green leather gloves as well kept in my pack. I adorn myself in simple cotton and wool shirts and pants, white and brown respectively. Three change of these are with me currently. If I had money to spare on better clothes I would indeed get them, but I do not.

My Personality:
I am, as I have stated very rude, saying things as they are and not sweetening them. Poison laced with honey is still poison after all.  That does not mean that I am honest or honorable however. If I can benefit from a lie I will indeed tell it. In general I feel hollow, like insubstantial darkness has crept in to my soul and consumed me. The only ecstasy in my life is found in my magic. The annoyances however, are plentiful. Sometimes they can be a welcome change to me bleak life, but most of the time they are merely troublesome to me, and I find myself even more bitter. I detest the sun, strange for one so affiliated with fire I know. But it is too hot, it tires me and I do not enjoy having to deal with too much heat. Rain seems to suit me fine however, the perfect reflection of my inner self. Maybe that is why I enjoy it so much. But nothing compares to a storm. The powers of the world hurling themselves against the land, lightning cackling striking from the very sky itself, nothing standing in it's way nothing able to resist it. Truly beautiful, truly natures masterpiece.

Evil, good, what does it matter to me? I have goals, and I will achieve them however I have to. Simple as that. Can I sometimes be compassionate? I guess. Though even that is slipping...becoming more and more bothersome... well never mind that.

If I were to have a human side it would lie in my sense of pride, which can unfortunately lead me to do honorable foolish things here and there. The first of my oddities is this, I feel inclined to always repay my debts. This is because a debt means that I was once weak, and in need. Something I really, truly, detest thinking about. Repaying that debt is the closest thing I can do to make it so that moment of weakness never existed, and will never happen again.  The next and last is my occasional desire to help very weak people out of situations they do not deserve. Such as children caught up in a violent struggle, or something like that. I could turn a blind eye if I wished of course, but to put things simply, I do not wish to do so.

My Strengths at this point are quite extensive:

Magic Ecua magic (Unofficial, last approved level of power was 4th level Ximaxian fire mage.)

My Intelligence:
I am extremely intelligent, perhaps you read this and think me prideful no? You would be wrong, that is the simple truth of the matter. My intellectual prowess have been and are extraordinary. It is because of this that I am still alive. The amount of times I've avoided danger because of my mind is doubtless uncountable. Magical theorem and the complexities found in living the life of one who is involved in everything from back ally murders to battles of grand and glorious scale all easily fall under my ability to understand. Needless to say, my scholarly pursuits such as those involved with herbology and demonology are going extremely well.  
Yes, my ambition. My ambition is the fire which has guided me and forced me to become great and powerful. Which indeed I am, only a fool could deny that. Though I would be equally as foolish to say that I am powerful enough to achieve my dream. Once again I am lucky, my ambition, my fire never dies, never tires. I will continue always to improve, to forsake whatever I must, and embrace whatever I can to prosper. To become what I am destined to be.
My manual Dexterity:
This is a necessary attribute of mine, I am quite frail as one might expect. As such in my line of work being able to avoid danger quickly is quite desirable. It is lucky for me that I am able to do so, and asses my surroundings quite accurately. Reacting quickly and proficiently within them on a moments notice. My fingers however are perhaps the greatest aspect of this ability. They are the fingers of an artist, slender and thin very maneuverable, very still and full to the brim with finesse. Perfect, as my magic shall be the most beautiful art, the most glorious music to ever bless the disk with it's presence.  
My "friend" on the other side:
Through a sacrifice to the Demon lord Kalkaroth, I have gained considerable power. More so than I would have on my own. While there are considerable drawbacks to this I will suffer them gladly, at least for now. My spells come to me considerably easier and are more potent as well. Though it seems I cannot push this aid to help me learn to cast spells beyond my level.
My Tharain as one would expect is excellent, however I have also found it useful to know the language of the elves. Such a beautiful elegant language it is, I take great joy in speaking it and have even dabbled in poetry with this lang lagnuage, though not as much as I would Tharian. Thergerim, the language of the dwarves is not something I excel in, it was always a little brash and gutteral to peak my interest, but nonetheless, I have learned enough to communicate with. The only language I cannot write in is Thergerim, the others I am just as proficient in writting as I am speaking.
Weapon skills:
I find that even the most rudimentary skills with weapons can be incredibly useful. Especially when they are unexpected. My skills with weapons does not range far, but I am e considerably talented with throwing small projectiles like daggers of knives. My effective range is about ten fords due to my lack of strength, but if I am merely trying to hit a target, and not puncture them, then it increases to twenty fords.
Because of my intensive study with demons I have learned how to identify almost all lesser demons by sight and have recorded most of there special abilities as well as any potential weaknesses. Yet while my knowledge of lesser demons is quite extensive I have considerably less knowledge regarding high demons and demon lords. There is one exception to this though. I know all that I possibly can about a specific demon lord named Khalkaroth whom I have obsessed over ever since I encountered him. Yet while this information would be extremely useful in a fight against a demon. The actual odds of that happening are very slim.
Herb Lore:
When I was living with Xantherith my mentor, I began to study the ways of plants and other vegetation even before I learned magic from him. We studied together for 11 years, and even after that came to an end I continued my studies alone.
It would be a terrible understatment to call my physical condition subpar. As even the smallest of puffs of dust can cause my body to succumb to wracking coughs. My physical strength is laughable, my endurance even, far below average. The only reason why I'm not sick all of the time is because of my ability keep myself warm when need be for small periods of time when I must.  
My social skills are lacking, while I do not obviously lack the intelligence to be a charming and charasmatic person, I do lack the patience, respect, deceny and compassion to care enough about other people and the way they view me to come off as this kind of person.
Due to the loss of most of my friends, my family and my master I have developed a a hard time trusting others. I rarely let anyone come close to me and I firmly believe that it is impossible for myself to make friends as I am, and I certainly have no plans of changing, at least for the better. Luckily I do not need to trust in others, they are just a means to an end for me.
I have suffered a dagger wound to my leg at a young age. This has caused me to limp when I walk and run making me a little slower. This makes it difficult for me to keep up with others if I am traveling in a group.
I am more than willing to do evil things that are beneficial to me. This can sometimes cause me to lose valuable allies and even harm myself greatly in the process.
Minor lack of sleep:
Though my physical condition is horrible it is not aided by the fact that I get very little actual sleep.  Hardly ever an entire 8 hours. Most of the time when I sleep, I dream. When I dream I dream of my life. There is no reason I would want to relive that. I normally wake after 4-6 hours, I do not go back to sleep from there.
It appeared the human mind could only go through so much before it starts to slip. Indeed for a while I was losing sight of my goals and becoming reckless. Yet there was one release. My magic of course. It was my anchor. Often I will work my magic unnecessarily to sate this urge, to bring my mind back in to focus, a lot of time I will just play around with a bit of fire before i go to sleep.
I am not unholy personally. Well, at least, not by being born this. But I have so much unholiness within me due to me connections with a demon lord that I cannot be around holy clerics or temples without vomiting.
Tendency to over do things:
It is not unheard of to see me fall unconscious due to having cast more spells than was good for me in a day. I do not like loosing, I despise it. I can often go overboard when things get challenging, an rather than just winning, I will devistate.

Ecua Magic: (NOTE* Ecua magic is not officially approved as of yet, this character is considered an Xiamaxian mage proficient in the first and second sphere of magic (lvl 4) until such a time as this does become officially approved.)

Fire magic spheres one through two examples:

Sphere one:

Create fire:  In order to create fire, using sphere one, I would increase the property of heat within the fire ounia of a car'all. When this reaches a certain level, it will cause a flame to spring up on the material which I am casting this spell on. Obviously this material must have fire ounia to begin with, and must be able to be set to flame. Such a thing as a piece of metal might very well have fire ounia gained from its construction in the burning embers of a forge. But would doubtless, be unable to burn with an actual flame. This effect lasts only as long as I concentrate on it. It might also beneficial to make fire the dominant ounia inside of the car'all to attain this effect, especially if the object appears hard to light.  

Douse fire: Dousing a fire is done in the opposite manner as creating it. Turning the Soor heat properties within the element ahm, not allowing them to speak. Thus as the heat goes so to does the flame. Lessening the influence of the fire ounia in the area of effect is highly desirable for this,  as when this is done it allows other elements to exert their properties over the car'all more than they were before. Earth and water, solidity, coldness, immovability, all running opposed to the properties of fire. Once more this ability is limited by the amount of time I am able to concentrate on it.

Create light: To create light, I will most often times use my burning stone, a wonderful, wonderful reagent. On the top of my staff is where it lies normally, and by increasing the property of light in it's fire ounia within that stones car'all it begins to glow; radiating as a ball of light. This does not have to radiate heat even, and can be maintained for a decent period of time before I tire. Thus serving as an effect, and safe torch.

Fireball: A mage must defend himself no? Theres probably nothing more recognizable defense than the fireball for magical defense, it is pretty standard, but potent nonetheless. To create a fire ball I would need to ignite a flame, preferably on an object with a very high amount of fire ounia. Then as this turns in to a raging inferno, the fire ounia claiming their dominance over the entire object and consuming it with flame, I increase it's properties of animation, and giving it life, that is to say, movement, it is sent outward towards my enemies there to strike them with deadly force. This spell is good for hurling large balls of fire outward at intense speed, actually accuracy is rather lower than normal, but if done right this doesn't necessarily require pinpoint accuracy, and the damaging effects of the spell still accomplish what I wished them too.  

Sphere two:

Sphere is where things start to become considerably more powerful, giving me the ability to make lasting effects, and fine tune my other spells.

Ignite flame: Can be accomplished in the same manner as before, only this time taking the stray fire ounia from my surroundings and adding them to the car'all, this enables me to make almost anything flammable, or at least be able to heat up. Casting this spell, I can now create this flame, and have it last for a limited amount of time without concentrating on it. It's length depends on the energy I exert in casting the spell. The flame rises either due to my influence over its heat, or the addition and movement of new/existing ounia being bunched up, together in one area. Since when in a car'all the ounia of that car'all are closer together towards the very center of that car'all their influence becomes stronger, and dominant over the entire object, thus allowing that elements properties to be expressed. Being a fire mage, I can both strengthen and weaken the Xeua links between fire ounia, by strengthen the link between two fire ounia and the property of heat which they contain, whilst being put together, towards the center of that car'all, I can create flame through this as well. Obviously there are a few different ways of accomplishing the task at hand, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses, my methods will fluctuate depending on the car'all that I am working with.

Douse flame: Scattering the fire ounia in an area that is set on fire within that car'all is good for the purpose of dousing a flame. Like I have written above you, when the ounia find themselves close together in the center of a car'all, their influence is pretty dominant. When they are moved apart from each other, and away from the center of the car'all, their influence becomes lesser. This would be to weaken the Xeua links between the fire ounia and their properties of heat, as well as make the fire non dominant in the car'all. Obviously lowering the properties of heat manually by simply causing them to go down can accomplish much the same task, once again. Different things will function better for different car'allia. Or rather, better is not so much a concern as is, efficiently, which is taking up as little time energy as is required.

Firebolts: Stepping up from the fire ball, we have the devastating fire bolt as a substitute/ improvement. The fire bolt is conjured much in the same way as the fire ball, only this time I am able to create it by gather the stray ounia around me and bunching them up into a condensed ball/bolt of pure flame. This alone is enough to ignite the air in front of me, but a reagent high in fire ounia could be used in conjunction with this, making it even more powerful. Since this fire can be condensed and the ounia can now be moved manually by me this attack becomes increasingly accurate. This is a great attack against something like a gate, a horseman, or a heavily armored opponent. The speed at which it flies is also massive, especially if the object is made up entirely of fire ounia, containing as little earth and lack of motion as possible. This spell functions due to reasons listed above, those being how ounia act when their links are strengthened, and when they are in the center of a car'all and when their properties of this and that, mainly heat and animation are increased.

Light blast: Sometimes a little to much light, is just what you need to remain unseen. This spell is tricky, as it won't work that well if the spell is performed incorrectly, for if the light builds up to slowly, then they people being blinded will close theirs to soon. Thus, let us use my staff once more, with the burning stone reagent. In order to create a quick flash of light, the build up must be as quick as it can be, as close to instantaneous as I can make it. This can be accomplished, albeit difficultly, by first making fire ounia dominant in the burning stones car’all, they getting closer to it’s center, and then strengthening the Xeua links between the fire ounia’s property of light, to increase it’s voice, it’s influence, causing it to speak and express itself in the carall, expressing light in the physical world. Then finally, manually increasing the property of light within the fire ounia of the stone as powerfully and quickly as I can accomplish. All of these things put together result in a flash of light powerful enough to burn the eyes and blind those around me who do not have their eyes closed. This is exhausting however, and this ability can be used rarely.
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Stupidity is also a gift from God, but one musn't misuse it.

Pope John Paul II

Magic and personal information.
History and equipment.
Roy Tmofl
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Human, Centoraurian.

« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2010, 10:05:56 AM »

Journal Entry 2:


The beginning:
I One day awoke with only knowing my age of 7 and name of Roy. So deciding randomly I went north and upon going north I met an old looking man. At the moment he was leaning on a 6 ford long staff that was black and thin, with a steel spiked end to it, it also had smooth steel on the top of the staff with four different dragon claws sprouting around it to hold a peculiar looking stone.
His name was Xantherith. He had a long flowing beard and mustache of grey hair, with blue eyes, he was tall and of slight build, and he wears a thin red robe with various components dangling from it. His face was full of concern when looking at me and for the first time I myself noticed my tattered cotton pants and shirt and worn belt with to my surprise a bloody dagger on it. Though it was my own blood because as soon as my head cleared I noticed a nasty stab wound to my left leg. So when I tripped and cringed in pain I passed out again.

Waking in strange places:
When I awoke again I was in a small but cozy looking cabin. It was 10 peds long and 15 wide, there was a stove in the North West corner which was on at the moment cooking some sort of stew, 3 Ped down from the northeast corner was my bed.
The chair the wizard was rocking in was normally half a Ped from the southeast corner, 3 fores away from the wall for ample rocking space, and comfy looking couch 6 fores long in the middle of the east wall. Along with 3 bookshelves, a stone stove, and a pantry above that stove. That was all the furnishings in the cabin.

I saw the old man rocking in a chair next to the bed I was in, my wounds were bandaged but sadly I had ruined this man’s pillow and blanket for they were soaked with blood. I had been told a lot by the old man whom I now know as a great wizard. He had said that recently bandits raided and killed what he thought to be everyone in a village, made 1 furlay 2 leagues 2 dashes 79 peds away from Xiamx but apparently I was the only one that had survived the attack.

I believed my family and I was probably some sort of merchants and that is why I was away from my homeland. I was very unfortunate that the dagger wound left on my leg has caused me to limp. But I am quite lucky that the wizard had run out of fire wood and gone searching for some otherwise I probably would have died.

Roy's past not included in journal OOC:
Although Roy did not remember this at the time he was indeed a very wealthy merchant’s son. A minor noble in fact. He lived in a large mansion with servants and horses, great food, and many forms of entertainment.

His father was a fairly nice man donating much money to charity and such going on many business trips to earn money for his family which he did quite well. Sadly Roy was alone most of the time for not too many boys were around his age that lived near him.
His mother as it was died giving birth to him. The servants were his best friends. But yet they were very busy taking care of his father’s cooking, cleaning, paper work, and handling other trading merchants while he was away. When the day of the destruction of the village came him and his father, 2 male servants, 3 women, and 5 armed guards came with them to that town. They stayed 2 nights out of five that they were supposed to because of the attack.

He was one night awoken by a man in glorious scale male armor and a beautiful Centoraurian short sword drawn saying.

"ROY! Wake now my son you must flee!"
 For of course it was his father although it was quite confusing for Roy seeing as how his father was not a warrior. The screams of blades and battle rang all around outside. He then slipped him a glorious dagger matching the design on his own sword and told him. "Escape now through the window and run to the forest that way" he said (pointing west). So he did what he was told and ran looking back only once to see his father’s sword flash with blood on it in the torch light.

But continued to run all the while when he had his head turned. As it was he fell down a large dirt hill, with many large rocks. He smacked his head on one along with the dagger stabbing into his leg. That is when he awoke and was found and cared for by the wizard.

Daily life at the cabin:
My wounds eventually healed and as soon as I was at top health I asked to help maintain the cabin. The old wizard gladly obliged. As I was about to find out this little cabin needed a lot of maintenance. Such as fetching water from a river 50 peds away for such things as cooking, baths, (which I needed) cleaning, (for the sheets) and storing in our well 2 peds away from the door.
Dusting and sweeping were another of the endless tasks I had before me. Then after only two short years the old wizard had deemed me worthy of becoming his apprentice. So for three years I studied the ways of fire magic. Then when I was 12 he stated that I could attempt my first spell. So I chose to try and create light. Unexpectedly I was successful. The old wizard had said to me
"Well done my lad you have taken your first steps to becoming a great mage."
He then summoned an imp before my very eyes and said to me

"This here is Durgoth he will take over your chores from now on so that you may be able to focus on your magic."

I only know Xantherith was an extremely powerful Ximaxian mage who was fed up with city life and moved out into the woods. Whenever I would ask more he would only respond.

"My past is not something very interesting to talk about and we should probably leave it at that eh?"
(I assumed he was a teacher because he was very good and seemed to know exactly what to do).

The imp:
I soon figured out it was a longtime friend/slave of my masters who had been living in the woods recently (which he didn't mind at all in fact he loved the freedom.) So as to not scare the child. [/color]
The offer of power

With that we lived there for 6 years more, always increasing in my power. I picked up another skill while here. Herblore. Xantherith had been living in the woods for a long time and he taught me all that he knew about the various plants and other such objects of nature. I was fascinated by their properties and what they could do. So since I put my mind to learning it I became quite good with them.

Roy at the age of eighteen. Before sacrafice.

But that had a cost. After all the years of extreme over practice I tried very risky things, spells that were way beyond my lvl I attempted other spells as well spells I should never have dabbled with. As a result I was made a deal by one of the Demon lords.

I was up late, my master had been gone for an entire day, I had taken care of the cabin and every other necessary thing I could think of. It was time to begin my research into my spells once more. Minutes passed, then an hour. I closed the book eager to try out a spell I had just read about of course it was far beyond my comprehension and skill. But I had become arrogant and far over confident. I was trying this spell for at least an hour.

I was unsuccessful yet patient. But I was about to try the spell for the 13nth time when I noticed that all of the sudden the temperature dropped. I looked behind me and saw that the door was about to be opened. So I quickly put away the book I had been reading and started towards the door. When I was 2 peds away the door opened, then a black cloaked man his face shrouded in shadow entered. I stopped there and said,

"hello why have you come here? Do you search food or shelter?"
(I was far more generous back then). He stepped in a few more steps closing the door behind him. I moved back a few steps recalling minding a spell that would make this man regret an attack. I said

"all right sir that's close enough no need to come any closer until I know exactly why you are here".
He gave a chill laugh I will never forget it made the temperature drop even more and caused the hair on the back of my neck to instantly stick up straight.
He said afterward

"I have come here to trade."
 He said the last word in a very eerie way.

I said “I don't know if we have anything to trade but let’s hear your offer."

“Oh you have exactly what I am looking for."

He responded as he flipped down his hood.

"AH!" was what I shouted this was an unholy face!

It was terrible so terrible that I cannot even begin to describe it but instantly I tried to incinerate him with the largest blast of fire I could conjure. He raised his hands and stopped the flame. I tried to battle his will with mine it lasted almost one second until I was utterly defeated.

Again he laughed his horrible laugh it was even worse now and said.

"How foolish you have become to try and attack me KHALKAROTH DEMON LORD OF SHADOW!"
I now lay crumpled on the floor on my knees in complete fear. The name sounded familiar I tried to remember what I read about him.  
                                        DARK FORCES
Khalkaroth is a mythical, very powerful demon creature serving the God of Chaos, Coór, the Shadow Himself. Khalkaroth is known to have been summoned at several ferocious battles in the past, using his unimpaired abilities to extinguish whole armies.

That's not very good for me I decided.

"Ah so I see you have heard of me" he said with a gruesome smile.

I said "what do you want! why are you here!."

He responded "I have come to offer you a choice. You are a mage a pathetic one at that. But I am willing to do this seeing as how things are getting a little boring as of late. Sell to me your physical body and health and return I shall grant you above and beyond your normal capabilities in what you call your magic." He said this in a bored tone. Almost as if he was looking for something to do. Or watch.

This was it. This is what I need my looks my personality my health all of it I couldn't care less about, but what I need is power. For little did my master realize. There was a darker side to me. He assumed that I had been learning magic simply for the pursuit of a skill. But in reality my goals were actually quite a bit higher.

And now, now was my chance for POWER. Oh maybe not right away but eventually I will gain what I truly need, power. Power over the all-consuming element I will be the master of everything I wish. No one could defeat me I could become Immortal.
As I thought the last word a grin spread across my face.

I said "All right I'll hear your offer."

He said stretching out the words

"very nice, But I will give you one chance to back out now and only now. I shall also warn you."

                                 These next words were driven into my mind.

"Oh! heed my warning mage! You will get what you wish yet your wishes shall change you are not brave enough to walk this dark road yet you are not strong enough to resist (he said with the utmost pleasure) You shall rue the day you agreed to this oh yes be very certain. For I will morph you, destroy you, and disfigure you. I shall strip you of your sanity as well as body."
These final words were the most important yet ironically I paid them the least thought.

"The only person whom you will stand to be around the only one to show you love or pity or kindness or gratitude. You will forever hate you will never be able to stand their company and for eternity you shall attempt to avoid them."
After speaking these paralyzing words he laughed his horrible guttural laugh and said.

"so do you accept?" He now appeared to be less bored with the situation. Almost as if a show was about to begin for him.  

I rose up and said."I accept"

"Very well" he said once again.
Then before I knew it I was on fire not literally of course but I screamed as if I were. I felt my body shuddering on the floor as I slowly transformed into the form of what I wear today. I awoke the next day and felt strange I wondered if I had just simply had a nightmare. With a sigh I got up. I felt weaker but I thought perhaps I'm just exhausted from my dream. I walked over to a drawer and pulled out a mirror. "Oh my..." were the only words that came to mind. I had changed to exactly what I look like today.
Roy at the age 18. After sacrafice.

Then Xantherith got home.
The Demon's words echoed in my mind.

"The only person whom you will stand to be around the only one to show you love or pity or kindness or gratitude. You will forever hate you will never be able to stand their company and for eternity you shall attempt to avoid them."
He walked in and dried the snow from himself with his magic being that it was winter. As he did this he was speaking saying "well Roy that was extremely tiresome do you mind putting on a cup of tea for me? There’s a good lad."
He might have said more but just then he looked up at me and said

"my word boy! What have you done to yourself?"
After I had explained to him what had happened he said angrily.

"Why did you do this to yourself? Even death might have been better than this". I did not teach you magic to maim yourself or to draw you closer to evil".

I apologized, but he as well as I realized that this was my choice and my burden. Yet what he did not realize was that every word I spoke to him was a lie. I was now better. Everything was so easy. My magic had improved to such a point that I had never even dreamed of. Imagine what I could do in future I told myself.

He asked, "what are we going to do now Roy?" I stated that I did not know. He said "I can’t teach you anymore magic Roy. You know this don't you?" I nodded. "He said very well you may continue to live here and you may continue to train with me but I will not teach you anything more."

I thought very well I expected this but it appears the Demons words were either lies or they have not come pass.

The unforgivable night:Then after another 3 year period during which I quickly mastered what I could not before far faster than I thought I could. But it was not enough it was never enough. One night we heard the stomping of footsteps outside our door at midnight. As it were my master had known of this for some days now so he told me take this bundle of cloth (which contained various items) and run for the city of Xiamax. With those words in my head I took them and ran thinking my master would follow. But I was wrong he stood his ground to the last.

Even one league away brilliant flashes could be seen and the screams of mixed races could be heard and the pain of the inevitable could be felt in my heart. For I knew there was too many of them and after an hour or so the battle had stopped. So unwittingly I had come back to the shack which as expected was nothing more than ash and dead bandits which littered the floor. As I looked for my master's body I caught sight of the dead imp then I saw my former master lying dead in the middle of where the shack used to be. His body was soaked in blood and riddled with arrows. But yet I saw no sign of a living creature. Around 10-13 creatures were slain. There was as well blood leading away, meaning that some of the attackers must have survived.
The unforgettable morning

I had buried them both and set out for Xiamax only 3 leagues away. When I was 20 peds away from the town since by now it was morning I opened the large sack (with my old and masterfully crafted dagger). Which was a little heavy at the moment and found the following: a note from my master, the staff he had carried, a smaller sack with 150 sans in it and a glowing rock that after closer inspection I figured out that it was a burning stone, a powerful reagent. I could just wrap my fingers around it. Plus a beautifully made scabbard for my dagger.

When I read the note it said, "my dear apprentice I leave you with these items. When you attach the stone to the staff it will join with it. It is not magic but the stone fits well into the dragon claws on top of the staff" (The staff was 6 ford in height and of normal width). And with that I had bought a room in the local tavern and hooked up with a band of mercenaries.

There was lefty Longfoot the clever little hafling thief, Aramads the human warrior, Shera the human cleric, Gorin the stubborn dwarf fighter, as well as two twins Gile and Arthes both half elven rangers and with that we set off on many long adventures for years to come.

Here is how we met. I walked into a tavern right after my master had been slain I was insane with grief and rage. Every fiber of my being screamed for revenge. And I was barely aware of the small creature pulling out a few sans from my pouch. I grabbed at his shirt around the neck and meant to kill him with my dagger.
Just then a female human appeared from the crowd with shocking beauty which made me instantly forget about my near attempt at murder.

"I apologize dearly she said in a sweet voice please forgive us we didn't mean to cause trouble." Then she looked at the hafling and said "shame on you I can't believe you tried that."
Then removed my hand only to replace it.

She gave me those sans as well as a few extra. While the hafling was saying
"come on you know I don't steal I must have accidentally went inside his pocket as I was reaching for mine on my chest, you see they're almost at the exact same height." Responded the small creature.

I managed to choke out the words "pay it no mind", and accepted the sans. I had trouble speaking at first seeing her beauty for the first time. But then I felt all of the sudden very nauseous and had a vile taste in my mouth.

I left to go outside in order to vomit thinking it was the sight of the mangled body of my greatest friend as well as my master. As soon as I quit vomiting Shera came out and said.

"I hope we didn’t bother you very much sir". But stopped as she saw me vomit again. With a concerned look she went inside only to reaper with a large muscle bound swordsman who said.

"I would be glad to help you to your room lefty probably didn't mean to pick your pockets what he said might have been true but now allow me to help you." Stepping backwards to avoid another spasm of vomit he grimaced and said "I would also appreciate you not ruining my new boots."

With that he basically carried me to my room after having bought one for me and said. "I'll fetch you a pale try to hold it in while I am gone." With a nod of understanding he left and returned later with the said pale. Then I said

"thank yo-"
 what would have been you was cut off by another vomiting spasm.

"Think nothing of it if you wish you may join us for breakfast as I am sure you will be hungry he said with grim humor."
I did fall asleep exhausted and drained of all will to live. But how could I sleep long with the nightmares I had. So I awoke and joined the companions for breakfast. There were two half elves, the hafling, the warrior, a dwarf, and the other human was a cleric, whom was sitting at the other end of the table.

The question eventually came up about who they were and they answered mercenaries. It turned out that they were searching for a mage. They apparently didn't do to well in fights against them and thought having one might even the odds. I told them that I was one and then we went out back to demonstrate some of my magic’s to them.
They were apparently impressed with my skills and allowed me to join them instantly. But there was a problem whenever I was next to Shera I would be instantly sick and after a while I had to vomit. The companions always just thought I got sick easy (which I did) But sadly Shera noticed I was always avoiding her. Her healing spells though did null the sick feeling when she healed me when I was injured. But that didn't last long. Nor did her spells have as much effect on me but I lived.[/color]

Lefty Longfoot:
Was the "comic relief" shall I say of the party, while also having a tendency to "obtain" things that were not always his. We all could have gladly strangled him. But whenever we got separated or he got lost (which happened more than once because he liked to wander off if he saw something interesting). We all felt a sense of loss and or worry.
He was immune to fear nothing scared him so he could always come up with something to do even if it was really far off from what we needed or wanted.

Was the glue that helped us stick together as Gorin once put it. She was always our beacon for hope our light no matter how thick of darkness. She was calm, always so. Yet she was fierce, she would bring down Nehtors blessings in one hand while smiting you with her mace in the other. Yet while I being a dark man you might expect us to hate each other if only that were true.

He was our leader as steady always strong. He never gave up and never steered us wrong. While he was kind and yet not too kind. You really can't be as a mercenary. He was always there, a strong wall to fight back to back with. A very deadly wall at that. He listened to all of our opinions equally (but he mainly had to decide to follow either my advice more of a true blooded mercenary or Shera’s the nicer way. She didn’t have a problem with fighting only if it was about fighting or driving off evil). And almost always managed a compromise. And if not he didn't sit there and ponder he solved the problem with whatever he felt best and no one argued, not even I.

Gile and Arthes:
I list them together because to list them apart would be to repeat myself. They were twins and they were best friends with lefty being almost just as mischievous as he. They would many times earn our bread and ale as well as a room for the night in a tavern. While Gile could sing Arthes could play the harp well. That was one of the differences between them. Gile would love to talk. Arthes not so much he was a little calmer a little quieter. So they would play and they played well, the tavern Keepers would allow us a small meal and free room whenever they played for no matter what, the tavern was far busier than it would have been.

Gorin was an old grizzled dwarf while Aramads led us he was a fatherly figure to us all scolding the twins and lefty none stop always yelling or complaining about something or other. He more than anything caused me to laugh.

I was always different the only ones who were not slightly scared of me were Shera and Lefty. They all considered me their friend and knew I was absolutely loyal to them having saved all of their lives more than once, especially when battling other mages. But how could they not always be a little more nervous in my company the way I am.
Activities: While most of the time I spent with that group was on some adventure or another I also spent a great deal of time studying from whatever library or books I could find that concerned both fire magic and demons. And since we traveled all around the continent for six years I was able to find out much about both those subjects. Yet while I was able to gain a decent amount of knowledge in other places. Most of the knowledge I have amassed has come from the magical city of Ximax.

The Price of Power:
One early morning we had just finished a massive battle after we had been hired by a town to check out this abandoned cave. Long story short Lefty woke up something, we had to run and assemble the towns army and fight off an invasion of plenty of strange things. I had fought well, and was congratulated by many after I slew a rather powerful earth mage. Not as skilled as I but I barely escaped with my life. It was a misty day and I was lounging on a tree trying to rest for I was wounded and exhausted.
That is why I did not see Shera approach. She startled me when she said. "Why is it that you are constantly avoiding me?"
I just looked up at her, scowled, and said.

"Why do you care?"

"Why do I care!" She said raising her voice. "I care because we have traveled together for years now. We have fought together we have saved each other’s lives far more than once. Yet you act as if I am the bane of your existence!"
As she said these words I rose and when she was finished I smiled my eerie horrible smile which caused her to take a step back.

"I shall tell my story and once I have begun do not try to stop me" I told her.

 After an hour I told her all that happened to me, I went into special detail describing the Demon Lord. And was quite pleased when I saw her face revile. Then when I was finishing my tale I told her about the sickness that plagues me whenever she is near. After I finished she simply stared at me for a second then placed her hand over her eyes and slowly walked away.

I paled even more if that was possible. I was insanely mad. What I saw on her face was not anger, nor fear, nor hate...  
it was pity.

I was furious, why, why couldn’t she hate or fear me like everyone else! Why would she pity me! Curse her! Why would she feel sorry and suffer for me! How dare she make me feel regret! Regret for the only thing I have ever wanted! How dare she make me feel guilty!

Leaning heavily on my staff I traveled deep into the center of the forest. Then screamed into the newly made night. As I fell to my knees I remembered the demon's words.
 “The only person whom you will stand to be around the only one to show you love or pity or kindness or gratitude. You will forever hate you will never be able to stand their company and for eternity you shall attempt to avoid them."          
The ONE person who could see around my hideous appearance and unholy voice. The ONE person I might trust and I can’t even stand to be around her.

As I was laying there on the ground I thought about how nice this forest would look in a swirling torrent of flame and how nice it would to tear it all down to ash along with me.

So I lived within my magic and so I shall die. (Simply put. I snapped.)
Spells that were beyond my power to cast in my current state came to me now in my rage. I had intended to do exactly that. Until I heard a chill mocking laughter I had heard only once before.

As I looked out into the mist a figure appeared cloaked in the night itself.
He said "you see mage you are not brave enough to walk this path and yet you were never strong enough to resist it." His voice

sounded strange. Then again it always sounded strange. If I had to describe it however. I would say that it sounded like he was eager to get back to something.

Then it hit me. I was his show. His little plaything. The thing he would look when he was bored and laugh when it suffered. I was his show.

As he flipped down his hood I stared at his hideous face but not in fear oh no not in fear I was past that.

"Have you come to kill me I asked?"

He responded. “I wouldn't kill you mage even you begged for it."

That was the last test. Why would he not kill me. Had he visited me twice for no reason? I think not.

I smiled a horrid smile a smile that was so strangely out of place that for a second the demon's own face faltered. Rather than keeping his mysterious air he looked genuinely excited. This was the part of the show he came to see I thought to myself. But then he quickly regained his composure.

"All right DEMON! You will allow me to live so I shall live and with your “gift” I shall grow to become THE MOST POWERFULL MAGE
TO EVER WALK THIS EARTH! I shouted." I shall do the thing that he would least expect I thought to myself. I shall do exactly what he wants.

In a lower more steady voice I said "I shall become so powerful that even you shall bow to me! You will serve me and I shall force you with all of your "might" and you're "power" to serve.”

He said in joy that he could no longer mask. "Very well mage let the Games Begin!" as he walked off into the mist to be seen no more.

After that to put things simply Shera kept more of a distance from me and our relationship improved.  

The tragic night:
On one night a tragedy struck us while we were traveling in the Tandals, infamous for their danger but we were paid well to travel through in order to save time. During a surprise attack of two ogres, Arthes was killed defending us in the middle of the night being on watch as he was. But did incredibly wound one of the ogres. By the time we got there he had already passed but my fire magic took care of one of 2 ogres. When all that was left was the fresh one he was hit by Gile's arrows, Gorin's throwing axe and Shera’s mace but it was Aramads who took him down. Just then we noticed Lefty wasn't there.

A bloody battle:
So Shera then took the body put it in our camp where she began to pray for Arthes. Gorin and I went to search for Lefty, Aramads guarded our campsite and we let Gile say his peace with his twin. After a short search Lefty came running back at the two of us screaming "there’s at least 9 more of them out there."

Gorin responded "what are you blathering now Lefty?"

"Bandits! Orcs, humans and other races joined together, tough ones too."
With closer examination Lefty was wounded to his left side he had also apparently used up his sling bullets and lost his short sword as he was now brandishing a long knife. "I killed two but 5 stayed to guard their camp and 4 came after me."

"Go warn the others” I said “we will hold them." So he raced off to warn them.

We egaged the bandits in combat as soon as we saw them. They were not expecting us so we had the element of surprise. I was driven to ehaust my supplies of magic and forced to use my dagger (Which I threw as much as possible) and staff. We slew many of the bandits.

The price of victory:
But as I began to feel slightly happy I saw Gorin finish off our second to last enemy, quite wounded himself just as I was. But this last human was not normal he fought with great strength and speed. I retrieved my dagger and raced after him but the human was too powerful, with a final stab straight through Gorins chest he fell dead at his feet. As I screamed with rage I summoned the last of my fire magic to blow this man away. I brought up my hand and then.

I cast my spell, but I was exhausted due to my condition and did only moderate damage to him. He then tried to limp at me as fast as he could so I threw my trusted dagger at him and it sunk in deep.
The hit of a lifetime

He did reach me and when he struck me he hit hard. I lost my staff by dropping it. Feeling nothing in my hand and shoulder I knew it was bad. After that I fell to my knees gasping for breath. As he was about to finish me with a final crushing blow two arrows flew and hit both his shoulders so he dropped his huge bastard sword next to my staff. I felt the warming presence of Shera’s hand on my shoulder, and then felt it reconnecting it with my body, as well as douse the nauseous feeling that started to build.
At the same time I saw a knife poke through the human's left leg. Followed by a bloodied Aramads who destroyed the human's head with his mighty two handed sword. Thus he was slain.
Proper good byes

I thanked them and told them how sorry I was that I could not save Gorin. Aramads and the rest of the group were understanding and indeed did not want me to feel guilty. Later after we retrieved his body. We decided to have a funeral pyre.

Sudden explanations:
"But tell me" I said "what happened to you 4." Lefty responded

"well those 5 that didn't follow me I believe snuck around the forest to ambush me. Because of that there were 9 bandits attacking

our camp not just four. It was a tough battle but we succeded.
Shera slightly healed us all with what was left of her magic. Aramads went to collect wood for the pyre. I retrieved the necessary supplies for creating a fire of such large size for I was as well out of magic. Shera said prayers for the fallen.
When we had finished everything we lit the pyre. Shera said this prayer at that moment, “May those souls whom are faithfully departed through the mercy of the god Nehtor be taken to eternal paradise for always." I was at that point only 23.
In the morning Shera used all of her magic to heal us of our wounds. We then ate rations and drank water. After that we continued our travels to the next town looking for our next job.

Catching up:
Another year  passed, eventually Aramads and Gile open up a school of fighting that specializes in sword and bow combat. Shera created a temple in honor of the god Nehtor. All of which was in Xiamax. Lefty Longfoot suddenly (found) a large stash of wealth and retired in luxury. Then that leaves I, not done with the life of adventure and not having become the most powerful mage ever. As well as not having enslaved the demon lord  decided to be a lone adventurer.

During one of my adventures in this small town (I wasn’t sure where I was exactly, somewhere in the Centoraurian area I was just looking for a place to stay the night and replenish my supplies.) I was sitting in this tavern drinking some sort of ale not sure what. As a very old man came along with two younger men fully armed entered the tavern and ordered some food.

After a moment of thought I flicked out my dagger. "Aha" I mumbled. Putting away my dagger which matched the design on the banded mail of the young men exactly A red dragon with two red gems for eyes in a standard flying stance.

I approached them quietly hardly able to contain my excitement. When I reached them the two young men looked at me to determine if I were a threat or not. Apparently I was not considered a friend as they put their hands on their swords. Then the old man said

"Hello, how might I help you?" I asked

"those designs on your amour, where do they come from, what do they mean?"
Stroking his long white beard for a second he said.

"They are the symbol of the ruling lord whom tends to be a very wealthy business man seeing as how this town has a larger than desirable head for money."

I asked him "what do you think that this means" as I pulled out my dagger and showed him the symbol? He looked at it moving a little farther away squinting somewhat (probably farsighted I guessed) He said

"ahhh this appears to be our symbol yet a very much older symbol. Where did you get this?"

"I don’t know" I responded.

"What do you mean you don't know he said?"

After ten minutes of describing what I remembered about my past only what was absolutely necessary of course. He stroked his beard again and said "well my boy you had better come over to my manner where we can discuss these things more."

After three days of catching up with each other at his manor, he eventually got used to my startling appearance and we were each finally caught up with each other. I figured out much about my past life and my family. After my father was killed the manor eventually fell and the staff were let go and found other jobs. I also found out that this man was one of my father’s closest friends.
I asked him if there is anything left in the manor that might mean anything to me. He thought there might be. Although he doubted it seeing as how it had been overrun with monsters and wild animals these past years.
I stayed another 2 days before I set out on my journey to the old manor. Even though I was begged not to go I had to, this might be my only chance to ever have my memories restored.

When I got there only 1 league from the village I was posed with my first problem. How do I get over the 10 ford tall walls? This
turned out to be a simple matter. For when I looked around the walls I found that the gate had been destroyed.
Once in I proceeded to the door and burnt down the rotting wood around the it, then released the flame. I lit my staff with light enough to see 100 by 100 fords. This must have been once a very nice room but is now in horrible condition. Seeing a rat gnawing on the sofa somehow in the middle of the room I scared it away with a few sparks that I summoned next to it.

Then after careful consideration I decided to make my way up the seemingly safe stairs, though you never know. Upon reaching the top in unexpected safeness there were three rooms I could have entered, so I went to the nearest one and found that it must have been my father’s old office.

Upon gazing at the wall I noticed a picture. Such a great picture it was, yet....There was something about that picture. Then it hit me like a hammer striking an anvil. The man in that picture was my father. The next hour or so I spent shuddering as my memories came flooding back to me, not really so much little things but larger things, I'll probably never be able to regain those. For the first time in a while I was sad as I remembered the death of my father.

Getting what I was searching for I decided to leave the house. I felt more complete as though something I had always been searching but never known I was, had been found. Yet I felt increasingly sad as I walked. For now I knew how much I had loved my father and even worse is the feeling of loss for my father.

Not knowing where I was going to go I went down the stairs to the door. But upon my almost leaving this house I heard something. Almost like something was hit against stone. So I went to investigate. In this large room I was in I noticed that in the North West corner there was a stone stair case leading down to the basement. I then lighted my staff and went down.
Seeing two hallways I took the one on the left. Entering a small room I noticed a document on the table seemingly ready to be sent. Reading it I was somewhat surprised. It was a request for weapons and armor consisting of mainly chain mail and spears around 50 of each. That’s quite an order, I wonder what it’s doing in my father’s manor.

I went down the other hallway opening into another room I saw two men talking, luckily they didn't notice me so I had time to duck back behind a wall. I then tried to listen to their conversation it consisted mainly of them deciding what to do with their recent plunder. So I made considerable noise when I fell after attempting to back up. Getting up I prepared my spell I was about to cast knowing I could never outrun them. As they rounded the corner I set alight the oil I had purposely put on the floor. Then having added more fire magic I stopped there screaming. I stepped over there charred bodies to find a room with 5 beds and not much else. After opening the door on the north side of the room, I found myself under fire of two bowmen. Quickly I ducked under a pile of crates preparing my next spell.

I laid down my staff, grabbed a torch from my back pack lit it then. I jumped up and to the side summoning all of my strength to create a blinding flash of light. Which I did successfully without getting killed. Hearing their screams I opened my eyes and found the two archers on their knees with their bows on the ground clutching their eyes. I drew my dagger after dropping my torch and quickly slew one with a strike to the neck, the other one almost recovered from the flash drew his short sword and wildly hacked at me. I avoided his mad cut and stabbed upward into his chest. He slumped down lifeless before me. I cleaned my dagger on his cloak and noticed I was bleeding. Amazingly I only suffered minor cuts to towards the outside of my body. I put that aside for the moment being and checked my surroundings.

I was in a slightly larger room with crates both empty and filled full of various things with another door towards the left side. I strapped my staff to my back picked up the torch then. I kicked the door open and quickly cast my flash of light and hearing even more screams I blasted with a ray of fire the one man right in front of me that was about to impale me to the wall with his spear. I then threw my dagger at another man 10 fords off the ground now kneeling on the stacked crates with his crossbow below in considerable pain. It sunk in but was not a very devastating blow. Though it did cause him to fall. Things cracked not the floor. Satisfied with my overall strategy I was caught unawares by the one man still standing. I heard the whooshing of his hand axe before I saw it luckily his aim was still off or my head would have left it’s shoulders. Seeing him 20 fords away I decided to heat up the handle of the second axe he was reaching for. Just as he was to throw it, it burst into flame and he dropped it with a yelp I then used that fire to set alight the crates right next to him.

Now seeing him running off I knew I couldn’t let him live I threw off a smaller fireball to destroy him. They hit and he was thrown forward I ran to strike a death blow with my staff after I dropped my torch and pulled it out. But sadly he was able to pull out his military pick and swing at me. I blocked it with my staff but I got lucky I was no match for him in melee and I could hardly think straight with the effort of my spell casting. So I jumped back and led him towards the burning crates that now spread to other piles. He struck again I dodged barely I was weakening and he knew it. But with his last stroke his pick got stuck with one of the crates. I thought I might be able to get off 1 more spell so I enveloped his hands using the already burning fire. His pick handle shattered his hands now full of splinters and incredibly burnt, he attempted to flee. He was not able to. I quickly knocked him unconscious with my staff I drew his dagger and slew him. Now seeing that the fire was beginning to burn me I quickly fled to the next door on the west side of this room as well as ceasing my concentration on the fire.

Entering the hallway I found a room and saw 15 beds lined up on the North West and east walls, 5 on each with a table in the middle of the room with various documents. I noticed that one of the documents said that the fifteen men they sent out to a different base for a larger raid and was successful and they would be returning in two days. Also saying they had suffered the loss of 13 men 8 of which were theirs. I hardly noticed as I just fell into one of the beds and the light radiating off my staff failed altogether and in darkness I slept.

I awoke to find the other rooms almost completely burnt with a stroke of luck my dagger survived and I took it. But my red robe I was wearing was slightly singed and much blackened. I now had enough energy to light my staff so I pieced together the events. My father was killed for his house, my master because he was harboring the survivor of the attack. My two friends were slain as well for being with me. After suffering such losses of either their own men, or sans they could have used to hire mercenaries to kill me. They eventually must have thought me not important enough to kill and gave up. Leaving the room I hoped that after destroying their main supply of equipment and their headquarters they would lose enough strength for the law of whatever land they harassed would finally be able to defeat them. As for the 7 men returning, they would most likely disband finding they were discovered and their leader the man with the pick dead (At least I hoped he was their leader).

Later I returned to the manor of my father's friend in order to say good bye. My equipment was fixed and perhaps even improved. For the rode they gave me some food and a few sans.

Since then Roy has been involved in many adventures. But not all of these are worth mentioning. However Roy has had some very succesful adventures in his demonology research. The two listed below are those specific succeses.
An Adventure In Black
Sins of the Ancestor
This last adventure is one that did not yeild any success in the feild of demonology. But it did give him the opportunity to study an interesting enchanted item.
In Search of a Sword and a Way Out of Jail
WEAPONS: My staff, my dagger, and my spells
 POSSESIONS: My red robes one for warm weather one for cold, back pack, belt, sack, belt pouch 3 flasks of oil flint and steel with a tinder box 20 foot rope 5 days rations two water skins my savings of 50 sans, a sapphire worth another 100 sans, and a Ruby worth 75 sans,, 3 iron spikes, 1 whetstone a bedroll, 3 torches, a scabbard for my dagger, a contraption that allowed my staff to rest on my back if need be, and two man tent. I always have a store of herbs on me. However there is no normal supply that I try to obtain. If its rare and or useful I get it and use it. However I am not picky. If I need to I would just as soon buy Yahrle leaves.
Some of my more spell related items: are a book with 100 pages of parchment 50 of which are filled with many magical things, another book with 100 pages of parchment contains all the knowledge of demons I have amassed 20 of these pages have been filled, 5 quills, 3 vials of ink, 7 burning stones (one is on my staff,) 10 small volcanic stones, 2 small sacks of ashes, 1 small sack of sulpher, and 1 good sized sack of sulpher.

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Stupidity is also a gift from God, but one musn't misuse it.

Pope John Paul II

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« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2010, 10:53:29 AM »

Roy, welcome to Santharia.

I am Dek Hardin, one of the moderators around these parts. I can see you are very enthusiastic, and I'm here to help you get your CD approved, I also see that you are taking on the advice of what people are saying to you and are colouring your changes and have also broken your history section up into paragraphs. I also see that you have attempted to give your CD a heading of your race / tribe / occupation. However, there are a few issues here, so let's stop a moment and deal with them before you get too far along :)

1) Magic is a very difficult concept to understand in Santharia, and very few people make a Magic as their first character. Mage characters tend to take longer to be approved than other characters as the player and magic experts (Kalina and Malexia for example) discuss back and forwards the concepts put forward in CD. Magic is quite different

2) I'm not sure that you understood what Ridgen said to you regarding your Title.

The Roy Timofl / Remusian /Adventurer is meant to go where you currently have 'Character Description'. When you go back in and adjust your first post next time, please change it there, ten you can remove that as the first line of your CD.

3) Headings in your CD ...

In the body of yoiur CD, you need the following









And so forth. I see you've used most of these headings, thank you for that. I'm also pleased that you've worked out how to use the Santharian measures for height and weight, thanks for that too.

4) Tribe/Occupation
I see you've chosen Remusians as your tribe, an interesting choice, I'm sure Alt will be pleased to see that we've got another Remusian. However, I'm not sure he'll be pleased with your choice of career as a fire mage. The Remusians are one of our ice tribes. They, together with the other ice tribes, don't particularly like or trust magic users. As they are ice tribes, fire magic would be a particularly bad choice. I'd strongly recommend you consider choosing another tribe if you intend to be a magic user.

5) Strengths and Weaknesses
Your strengths and weaknesses look to me as though they need some work. They currently look as though you've just converted scores from an AD&D or D&D character sheet into words. We are much much more than combat in Santharia ... so try to come up with some none combat related things to count amongst your strengths and weaknesses. Your magic (including level) should be included as a strength here). Also, your rudeness should be counted as a weakness.

So ... reading through your CD, your strengths might be





And your weaknesses

Weaker than average: (which could combine what you've said about his physical strength and his health)


Hard to Impress:

(The above are suggestions only)

6) Magic: You will need more detail in your magic section. Take a look at magic sections of existing CDs in the archive, to see the sort of detail that we are looking for. Talk about what spells you know in the school of fire and how you use them ... and don't just think in terms of combat ... a fire spell might be useful to start a camp fire, warm a poultrice, entertain people and so forth. If you haven't read through the fire magic spells, you might like to do so now ... I can see through your mentioning spheres, so I think you've read through parts of the magic part of the main site.

7) There are some things to look at in your history section, but I'll come back to that later on ... Probably good to fix up these things first and work on your history section after that.

8) Keep on doing your best: first CDs are difficult and nerve whacking, or at least mine was. Don't be discouraged by comments that people give you. Take them on board and take what you can use and ask questions if you need assistance. All of us are here to help you.

I'm going to return your icon to the pencil, so that people will know you are working on it still. Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoy Santharia.


Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
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« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2010, 05:53:31 AM »

I would  like to say thank you for your help Dek hardin I will try to change those right away. But you arevery correct about the AD&D game I have been playing it for 4 years now so its hard to get it out of my system. I can also see this is not an AD&D game and will refrain from doing those thingd that i had. But as to becoming a magic user i believe I after some time will be able to handle from my experiance with AD&D.
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Stupidity is also a gift from God, but one musn't misuse it.

Pope John Paul II

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« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2010, 02:33:30 PM »

One more little thing real quick: Level 4 magicians and above are restricted unless you have an administrator's (usually Kalina's) approval.

Only magicians up to Lv.3 are playable without an admin's approval. Kalina mentioned something about it being the recommended level for first time magi, but... yeah.
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"Everything is a game - some people just don't realise that."
                                                                       - Ridgen Sú'ufanán
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« Reply #9 on: September 12, 2010, 01:04:23 AM »

Good old D&D. To enhance Ridgen's comment a little with some of my own know-how, magic in this particular setting is one part science to one (or more) part(s) philosophy. Mages are not bound by spells-per-day, since there isn't a hard rule other than what sort of magic a player will have been able to learn, but magic use does take a toll. Simpler spells are easier to cast and maintain, especially for stronger mages, but eventually the toll on the mind of a spellcaster becomes too great and they must rest. Casters also don't need to memorize spells. The spells on the site are intended as guidelines, not absolutes. Magic is also less common than in traditional D&D settings. Enchantment in particular is not at all common since it requires magic of a different sort than what the average mage can produce.

The Restrictions aren't quite as explanatory about this, but still impose the following Ban (meaning that this is not a conditional restriction and should be considered absolute unless the Admin team makes an exception)
Magical Items: Weapons, armour, or any other items containing magical attributes of any kind. They are very rare, and easily unbalance a character.

Magic items in Santharian and Cael'ereth as a whole are closer kin to artifacts in traditional D&D in terms of rarity, even something as simple as your staff.

The restrictions also mention the limit of spellcasting which keeps your options limited to sphere one, levels one through three of magic. It gets a little complicated after that, and it's easier for everyone if we avoid overcomplicating things for new players.
Hopefully I haven't tripped over myself.
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« Reply #10 on: September 19, 2010, 02:35:26 AM »

no no your knowledge of both D&D and santharia are very welcome here. it does make it very much easier when being able compare it with D&D so I thank you valan nonesuch though I would love to keep my staff I do beleive if magic items are what you say they are I shall indeed have to get rid of my staff
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Stupidity is also a gift from God, but one musn't misuse it.

Pope John Paul II

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Random person ^^

« Reply #11 on: September 19, 2010, 06:34:24 AM »

.... Pardon? I didn't quite catch that.

"Everything is a game - some people just don't realise that."
                                                                       - Ridgen Sú'ufanán
Roy Tmofl
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« Reply #12 on: September 21, 2010, 11:07:54 AM »

please pardon me ridgen but what is it that you dont get?

Stupidity is also a gift from God, but one musn't misuse it.

Pope John Paul II

Magic and personal information.
History and equipment.
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Random person ^^

« Reply #13 on: September 21, 2010, 04:18:06 PM »

The first statement:

no no your knowledge of both D&D and santharia are very welcome here.

And one more thing - you may keep the staff if you want, but you are unable to use it as a weapon. That's all.

"Everything is a game - some people just don't realise that."
                                                                       - Ridgen Sú'ufanán
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« Reply #14 on: September 22, 2010, 06:19:24 AM »

Ah yes I see now. Well I had meant that his knowledge of the role playing game I have been playing for a few years now Dungens & Dragons (D&D) and knowledge of this game santharia world is agood thing since I am new to this game and experianced in the other it makes it easier to understand this game when he comparesthe two.

Stupidity is also a gift from God, but one musn't misuse it.

Pope John Paul II

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