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Author Topic: On the way to The Zirkumire Mountains.  (Read 4623 times)
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Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
Lady of the South
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« Reply #15 on: August 20, 2011, 04:13:38 PM »

Talia is stunned. That was not what she has expected. She takes the little furry ball carefully out of her pocket, forms a protecting hollow with her hands and lifts it to her face, looking in dark, shiny eyes. As her tears begin to stream down her cheeks and her sight blurs, she holds the small animal tight to her breast, striking the soft fur. Memories of a happy  Capher shapeshifting in green humanoid mix with the images of a special dunemouse, her pet she lost during their flight from the firedemon.

Only slowly she realises, that she doesn't feel any nausea, though the magic she has experienced right now was surely no small achievement. Does that mean, that she is right now holding the true Capher tight to her breast? She wipes away her tears, looks at the dunemouse still residing in her hand, which holds itself with tiny claws close to her tocconshirt.

Suddenly the image of the young looking Capher enters her mind, and she realises, that right now it is him she holds so tight to her breast. She blushes slightly, though in the relative darkness nobody will notice, and though she would like to hold that dunemouse forever, so it seems to her in the moment, she sets it down on the knoll, slowly, very slowly, taking a seat before it.

  „Capher, I' m sorry I have not trusted you, but I was so afraid that there might still be Eckra or one of his helpers with us. How could we know, that it was really you? Eckra might know about my dunemouse, but I doubt, that he would have chosen it to shapeshift in. Only you know me good enough to convince me this way of your identity. And I did not feel a nausea as I did in the inn."

And again the tears a coming, this time out of relief. A small part of her consciousness asks herself, where the strong Shendar woman has gone, but somehow that does not mater in the moment.
Story Mod
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« Reply #16 on: August 30, 2011, 03:32:49 AM »

Capher forgot that a dunemouse's eyesight is so much better in the dark and he saw much as he stared out of Talia's pocket. But what he saw was so much larger than normal; even Roosjie looked liked a giant sitting on her fox and the fox! Well there was no word to describe what the fox looked liked at this distance; except perhaps its teeth, one tooth looked as large as a dragon's.

As he contemplated that thought Talia's warm hands picked him up and brought him face to face with her eyes. Capher stared at them and saw tears flowing down her cheeks. He thought, I could probably take a bath in them then he thought of something else, why was she crying, but before he could figure that out he felt himself pressed close to Talia's breast and she was stroking him ever so gently. if I were a cat I would be purring so loudly right now instead he just reveled in the experience. He could hear Talia's heartbeat, steady and strong and then it dawned on him that he was lying on Talia's breast! If a dunemouse could blush, he would have turned a bright red, thankfully a dunemouse cannot blush, but he was not a real dunemouse and it took more will power to keep from turning a bright red than it would if he was trying to take the top off of a mountain!

Suddenly Capher heard Talia's heart skip a beat, then it began to beat a lot faster, a her breast heaved a bit more, he wondered what was happening, when Talia slowly removed him from her breast, Capher shouted at her, No! Do not take me away! I want to stay there close to you, to feel your warmth, hear your heart, feel your hand gently stroking me! But all she and Roosjie heard were loud squeaking noises coming from him as Talia placed him on the knoll he had just recently been sitting on: but it felt so much longer.

She speaks to him,  „Capher, I' m sorry I have not trusted you, but I was so afraid that there might still be Eckra or one of his helpers with us. How could we know, that it was really you? Eckra might know about my dunemouse, but I doubt, that he would have chosen it to shapeshift in. Only you know me good enough to convince me this way of your identity. And I did not feel a nausea as I did in the inn."

Suddenly the air went still again, the little dunemouse shimmered and when it stopped Capher was back in his human form looking a bit more lovingly at Talia and caught himself staring at her breasts...he quickly looked up into Talia's eyes and saw her still crying. He wondered if she was crying because she had to remove him from her breast, or was it because she had to remove a dunemouse from her breast?

It occurred to him that there was a pretty long pause before he answered her question. He wondered if Roosjie and Talia noticed.

"It is alright dear, I understand. After what had happened I would have a hard time trusting too." He so wanted to hug and hold her but that would not be appropriate and besides he did not really know how she felt about him. He knew she cared about him, but she cared about all of their party, that is just who she was. Then it dawned on him what she was really saying. He became a little excited.

"Roosjie asked me a question which I could not answer to prove who I am, and now you tell me that when my magic is performed you feel no nausea, which is another way to prove who I really am. I wonder if the others have ways of knowing if I am the true Capher or not?" He paused a moment to think, "If they do, then perhaps their fears can be relieved and this tension between us can be gone and we can be a team once more and finish our quest!"

Capher rose, "Come with me please and let's find out if my hypothesis is correct."  He reached for Talia's hand without thinking about it.

Sondirra Moryveen
Approved Character
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #17 on: September 06, 2011, 04:15:27 AM »

She is tired.  Nearly asleep.  But, she dare not sleep, though she does not open her eyes.  Sleep will not come yet, for the voice of the new woman Teri speaks to her.  Trying to be friendly?  Why?

Another thought strikes Sondirra; why not?  After all, weren't they all part of this motley group now?  Unless she slips away in the middle of the night, she is not going to escape these people, now.  With the exception of Capher, none has hurt her.

Tentatively, Sondirra opens her eyes.  "I- I'm not asleep, yet."  She raises herself from her makeshift bed.

"No, we haven't really met."  She neglects to mention that it might be more Sondirra's fault for that.  "I know your name is Teri.  I think it's short for something, but I'm not sure what."

She looks deep into the orange and red embers.  "But, yes, it has been stressful.  More stressful than anything I've had to deal with before.  I do not think I will be able to continue.  I'm not sure how any of you can do so."
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Approved Character
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Gender: Female
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Half-elf, Quaelhoirhim / Eyelian

« Reply #18 on: September 24, 2011, 12:58:53 AM »

'Teri relaxes slightly when she hears the girl start to talk, and lowers her hands, smiling gently, clasping them in her lap. At a distance, she sees but does not hear Roosje and Ta'lia's response to Capher. The result pulls a little of the weight off her heart, and she stares deliberately at her hands. "Aueniteri. My... father was half Quaelhoirhim. I think there was a day when all this, the..." she pauses, glances about and wipes absently at an eye, "terror, the battles, the threat of death and the suffering frightened me. And to be perfectly honest, it still does. I guess I resigned to it when my brother had our parents murdered, and I only... just survived."

One long quavering breath, and she turns her gaze to regard Sondirra. "I don't know how we do it. I would love to have lived the life my father wished for me, the life of music and dancing, of rich young men and marble halls..."

Her focus leaves Sondirra, and travels slowly into aether, unfocused, unseeing as her expression begins to turn to sadness and longing. A blink and a sniff, and she wipes at her eyes again, looking quickly away. She can't be crying, not now. It's all in the past. For several seconds 'Teri fights to be angry, to feel anything but the hollowness from losing... everything, before rather suddenly the vision, and not just the vision, but a reliving of Garrek's death burns itself into her. She feels again the vague tension of her blade passing through his throat, her hand twitches and she gasps, burying her face, trying her best to smother a sob that ultimately escapes when she hurries out with, "Sor- sorry. I don't mean to-"

And there is nothing more. No excuse, no explanation. Only hiding her face in her hands and holding her breath in an effort to avoid actually crying. She came to try and befriend Sondirra, and now, she feels, she's simply broken apart right in front of the poor girl.
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