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Author Topic: NPCs and Puppeting  (Read 2554 times)
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Elf, Kaŭrrhem

« on: January 03, 2012, 02:01:50 AM »

No puppeting.
Elliane the cook
Age 61
Height: 1 Ped 82 Nails breadth
Weight 1 Pygge, 5 Hebs.
Hair Colour: Golden (Naturally Black)
Eye Colour: Blazing red

Her face has a skin that is smooth like ebony and white as snow fallen in the deepest mountains and it is soft like the finest spilk. Her long hair that reaches her to the hips is golden as the injera itself. Her rose colored lips seem to shine in a dimly lit room. Flowers are braided into her long golden hair and keep it away from her face

When working she usually wears something local, but always something that both allows her to fight or run as well as complementing her beauty

She is shy and keeps to the kitchen unless someone of the staff calls for her.

Perfectly fluent in both Gnomish and Tharian
Exceptionally beautiful.

Thorgrim, the dwarven bartender
Age: 210
Height: 1 Ped 40 Nailsbreadth
Weight: 2 Pygges 2 Hebs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

He is rather tall for a dwarf, and very broad shouldered. He has a long white beard, and big well defined mussels. His hair used to be golden, but with his advanced age it has become more white, altough there are a few hairs with a deep golden colour left here and there. He has also put on a few extra pounds around he belly.

Knows a ton of warstories and likes to tell them but more than anything he likes to hear a good tale. Likes to drink beer and spirits, but leaves the vine to the others. He always speaks in a very loud voice and he likes to bet on things.

Speaks both Tharian and Styrash
Can drink like a buttom less well and still stand.
Master smith
Very strong and very skilled melee fighter
Good cook.

Pig headed
Always in a bad mood til he gets his drink.
Almost never completely sober.
He is old

Elyssia, Azalahn's right hand  
Height 1 Ped 95 nailsbreadths
Weight: 114 Ods
Hair: Golden
Eyes: Blue.

Physical appearance
She is slender and tall although a bit shorter and more muscular than the average Quaelhoirhim. When she moves then it is with an almost unearthly grace, one could almost say that she is more gliding than walking across the floor. There seems to be a light on her face all the time. Her eyes are big and expressive with a vivid but light sapphire blue colour and they have a penetrating gaze. Her long golden hair is loose and it is like there is a constant breeze bringing it to life even though she is inside.  

A loose silk tunic and some jewelry, leather boots and an ornate belt. Has a dagger hidden in one of her sleeves.

Easy going and laid back. She likes to have a good time and there is always time enough to do everything. But she can be serious when needed to. She likes this city and enjoys her job as Azalahn's right hand. Can be quite flirtatious, but highly unlikely to go further than that, however she is very picky when it comes to men.

Quite beautiful.
Very strong will and highly intelligent
Educated at the twin towers of Elving: Mage, speaks Tharian, litterate and can do the numbers.
High dexterity
Master Scout: Tracking, stealth, very allert and acute sences.

Aria the bouncer
Age 32
Height 2 Ped 20 Nailsbreadth
Weight 2 Pygges 6 Hebs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue

A red linen tunic with the Serphelorian coat of arms embroidered on the back and on the left side of the chest, and blue linen trousers. The tunic is cut open up to the thighs to allow fredom of movement. She wears a finely knitted chainmail under the tunic.

Very Strong
High dexterity.
Very good fighter.
Speaks Styrash

Code of honour.

William the street kid.
Estimated age 13
Height: 1 Ped 32 Nailsbreadth
Weight 8 Hebs, 1 Od.
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue

Most people would consider him frail and skinny. His brown hair is cut to shoulder length and worn in a Kassite warrior tail. He is clean unlike most other streetkids.  

He wears a plain white cotton shirt and blue cotton trousers with a fur jacket and leather shoes. He normally has a dagger in his belt when outside.

Easy going, likes to hang out with his friends late into the night. Dreams about becoming a great warrior one day. Thinks magic is for girls and sissies. He is very curious, and likes to hear new gossip about everyone and everything, and he thinks Chi Young is cute.

Very quick on his feet
Intelligent and quick witted
Alert and good ears
Former pick pocket
Knows the streets very well.

Poor health
Perhaps a bit too curious for his own good.
Poor homeless orphan

Puppet if you like
But here are a few guide lines. They are all polite and professional in their work. They will not be involved in any kind of hostility.

Miriam d'Arc, management and financial advisor.
Age 58
Tribe: Stratanian.
Height: 1 Ped 65 Nailsbreadth.
Weight: 1 Pygge 2 Hebs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown  

A white cotton shirt and trousers that are laced up at the ankles, and a blue silk tunic over it.

She has a commanding and noble bearing, one could almost mistake her for an elderly lady actually belonging to the nobility. She is very polite but rather quiet.

Educated: Speaks Styrash and Shendar. Can read, write and do the numbers. Knows a lot about business, law and the history of the city.

Has connections to the city officials. Her brother in law and nephew are Military officers.

She is old.

Angelica, human waiter.
Age 23
Tribe: Erpheronian.
Height 1 Ped 70 Nailsbreadth.
Weight 1 Pygge.
Hair colour: Blond

A red silk tunic with a golden phoenix embroidered on the back. Black leather boots and an ornate belt on the waist. Some cheap jewelry.

She flirts with the guests and likes to have a good time. She likes her job and when dealing with the guests she is more friendly than formal.

Speaks Styrash.
Very charming.
Can sing and dance.

She is a slut and people know it.
Chi-Young Xiao, human Waiter
Age 19
Height 1 Ped 79 Nailsbreadth
Weight 1 Pygge, 2 Hebs, 4 Ods.
Hair colour: Raven black
Eye colour: Brown

Physical appearance.
She is built more like a warrior than a tavern maid. Tall and strong, with a noble bearing.

A red silk tunic reaching down to her ankles, with a pair of horses embroidered on the back. Long black leather boots.

Very professional and polite, but uses a very formal language. She is also the fastest maid in the tavern. She doesn't like anyone touching her. Very loyal to her employer, but she dreams about crossing the ocean and going to the land of the father she has never seen, and she rarely touches alcohol.

Exceptionally Beautiful and quite charming.
She is very fast and extremely fit.
Intelligent, quick witted and reliable.
Knows a thing or two about drinks, so she can work behind the bar as well.
Natural born rider
She can fight
Speaks: Styrash and Shendar, and can read/write Tharian.

Has to take care of her old and sick mother and younger brother.
Poor (Her mother had some debts that she has to deal with as well)
Too loyal for her own good.
Monica, human waiter.
Age 21
Tribe: Erpheronian.
Height 1 ped 76 Nailsbreadth.
Weight 1 Pygge, 2 Ods.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown.

Physical appearance.
She is frail but rather tall, her beauty is rather medicore and her hairstyle really doesn't improve it at all.

A rather plain white silk tunic, reaching her to the ankles. No jewelry at all. Short leather boots and a thin leather belt.  

She doesn't like this job, she is the great grand daughter of a noble lord and this is not a job for a noble lady, she should have Elyssia's job, or at least Miriam's. She is good enough as a waiter, but wants more. She is very jealous of Chi Young who always gets the best tips. She doesn't trust the dark elf, and avoids the kitchen as best as she can.

Daddy is a decent merchant and takes care of her in the end.
Speaks Styrash

Not all that bright, although not exactly stupid either.
Believes she belongs to the nobility although she dos not.
Physically weak.

Minor NPCs:
Henry the stable boy.

Angelina human cleaning lady  
Rachel, human cleaning lady.

Jean, the baker's errand boy, he comes with deliveries every day.  

Pair of Soldiers. They are just "guests" keeping an eye on the place and especially the dark elf. They are on duty and quite boored.

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Deklitch Hardin
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2012, 09:37:21 AM »

Azalahn, those pictures of your NPCs ... are they from Sims 3?

Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
Dance of Sorrow
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Posts: 286

Elf, Kaŭrrhem

« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2012, 09:56:11 AM »

Guess you could make them in Sims 3, never tried it though. But yes they are made with a character generator.

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