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Author Topic: Landor maiar  (Read 10286 times)
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« Reply #30 on: March 23, 2002, 07:03:22 AM »

just a small coment: it looks even nicer if you write
Height: 1 ped , 2 fores and 2 1/2 spans

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landor maiar
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« Reply #31 on: April 05, 2002, 07:39:22 PM »

I wrote this in I fom...what do you think?

Name: Landor Maiar Gender: Male Race: Human Occupation: A wandering Mage Age: 73 Height: If standing straight 191 cm But i often has my back bent that hurts with pain. Appearance: The age has marked me but even so the life in my eyes belongs to an young man trapped and formed in an old body. The cloths i wear is not clean or even whole...i seems when looked upon like an beggar and that suites me fine... Personality:The long life alone in the woods mending my own and rarely meting others then hunters and hungry orc has made me a loner that only works with others if they have proven themselves to be of use to me or one of my rare frends.i does not like killing and therefor when encountered often seeks for an opening to move the present threat away. But if make angry i cal down the heven and hell. I does not entertain others and despite most of the "intellectual" races. Money has no meaning to me but as a use of minor trade. Strengths: I knows much of the nature and hunting that make me a quite god archer but if needed to fight I use the magic...I am not like most wizards studying magic in safety but learns as i walks and meat others with minds like me. The long life has given me a wide knowledge of plants and their uses. Weaknesses: i have not the strength of an real wizard or the numbers of spells they haw. I dislike company with make me an hard person to work with and i often play pranks to test the skill of the ones i for the moment is traveling with. I do not care what people think and does not like to be wrong. I is always looking for the fastest way to do things and that often makes me do more in the end Even with the wisdom i poses i has always been frighten to sail in the sea. History: As an unwanted child of a whore i made his way on the streets of Nepris. i got older and started to go deeper into the woods hunting for food...when 16 i left the town for the woods. An wizard encountered me when i was in my twenties and offered me to be an apprentice. The wizard was a man in his forties but whith a god stamina and knowledge that often come later to moust peopels. At first i felt at unease with an other man at my side but the wizard was a nice and kind man. But he had ben thrown out of an magic society and now tried to lern magic by him self. I newer got to know why he was trown out. The wizards name was Herp Maiar and after Herpīs death ten years after their first meting, I took the name Maiar as my own. I was at first very devoted in studying magic after Herpīs death but as the years went on i slowed the studying and began exploring the wonders of nature. Possessions: A bag as worn as my clothes consisting a few herbs a dagger and a small book for notes of new plants and uses. A staff that has been with me some years and plenty of carvings is on it but none of them at all magical. Religion: As young I belive in Arvins but as i grew older i saw no need in thinking about gods the do not affect the world as some thinks...I live my life and if a god is to take my life then i has nothing to say about it...but even so the marvels of the nature fills me with the feeling of greatness. As a student of Herp i learned more about godīs and it was then i abandon the though to serve one if the path i walk cross a goods i will follow that any way if i some day walks against the goods path i do not care. Magic: The fact that i has not ben studying magic in a seat of knowledge makes me not so strong. The spells i have is only functual ones. my field of magic is earth. i create small things to do my biding care of plants and animals when i am away. I often does the caring my self for i like the feal of earth between my hands. Present: Hunters come to me when poisoned by animals and i help whith what i can but despite them for their laziness. My way of living is almost like a druid but i am weaker in magic and travels a lot more. i am gathering my knowledge about plants, animals and magic in a book for i feel the death coming near and i have found no one worthy of being my apprentice. alignment: i is nether good nor evil but takes the way that suites me best for the moment.

Ego bellum fumus...

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« Reply #32 on: April 06, 2002, 03:52:22 AM »

gotta break that Brick up, friend! It looks so menacing...

Viresse Sheelala