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Author Topic: Arabélle / Ylfferhim / Windsinger-Bard  (Read 1349 times)
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« on: November 21, 2012, 03:22:21 AM »

Name: Arabélle Avashén

Gender: Female

Age: 528

Approximate Lifespan: 550

Age by Appearance: 38

Age by Knowledge and Training: 60

Race: Elf

Tribe: Ylfferhim

Occupation: Windsinger, Bard

Date of Birth: 20th Coór'pherán, 1144 A.S.

Place of Birth: Yln'fain'tir (Elvish: "The Hidden" or "The Lost")

Title: Secluded Sonnet

: ☆Overview☆ :
The elfess has spent over five centuries wandering the wildest of sylvan areas throughout Southern Sarvonia. There are very few elves within the Quallian Forest that do not recognize her on sight. Nor are there remote areas found within the Zeiphyrian Forest that she has not at least visited. As the sands of time have passed over her, so has the Bard’s music flowed over the ears of all those she has met. With her time drawing near, the Windsinger has increasingly departed from civilization to bask in the song of the Auratic Winds.

Height: 1 Ped, 2 Fores, 2 Palmspans. (6'1")

Weight: Slightly over 1 Pygge, 2 Hebs, 1 Hafeb. (141 lbs.)

Eye Color: Herne Green

Hair Color: Korwyn Gold

: ☆Appearance☆ :
Arabélle is a tad short for her tribe, with a very willowy build; though mildly endowed with curves, she is without question on the thin side. Flawless cream colored skin provides great verification to the elf’s heritage. The surface of her skin is velvety of texture, unblemished to the naked eye, soft and spilk-like. A quality of self-confidence radiates from Bélle at most times, as she holds a proud demeanor no matter the circumstances she finds herself in. A picturesque woodland elf in all she does, one would be hard pressed to paint a portrait of a Ylfferhim that could rival how strongly she exudes this quality. An ancient beauty tempered over the centuries with a sense of surreal wisdom.  

Ample, golden locks course to rest near the middle of her back in a dignified, practical style. Many times various decorations are woven into the maiden’s lengthy tresses. Usually she does prefer a more natural look as a substitute for these trinkets. In the elf’s younger years she was far more concerned with fashion than she has been over the last few decades. Many of the whimsical ornaments she once held dear to her heart have been forgotten. Most would say that she is a rather unassuming woman, if not for the feel of ancientness and wisdom that seems to radiate from her corporal form.

Almond-shaped, herne green eyes are deep-set into her elegant features, almost like two windows looking onto a stormy sea. A compassionate gleam shimmers deep within them, even in the most lighthearted of conversations. It is not hard to read the Windsinger’s disposition merely via the expressions manifested within these mystifying orbs. They twinkle with joviality in times of laughter and rage with an inner passion in times of duress. Lengthy eyelashes sweep out in delicate arches about her eyes, enhancing the animated nature of them immensely. Tender eyebrows flow in a gentle curve above each of them, accentuating her eyes even more-so.

The Bard’s face is vaguely oval in shape, with a gentle curve for a chin and a nose of a minute upturned appearance. With lips that are finely shaped, yet gifted with a minor sense of fullness, they are of a shade lighter than fyrite. She uses no artificial paints to enhance their sublime beauty, simply allowing them to blend in with her other innate features. Overall, Arabélle’s countenance matches the diminutive nature of her silhouette. Her cream colored complexion is habitually awash with a pinkish hue while she is engaged in merriment or in song amongst friends or small crowds.      
: ☆Clothing☆ :
The elfess wears a four tie under-bust vest that flatters her shape nicely and shows off her waistline. The garment laces up three times in the front and has a singular tie in the back; this allows the Bard great adjustability and a perfect fit. The garment is fully lined with rabbit fur, granting the elf some warmth in cooler climes. Overall, the article of clothing is Eophran Brown with Herne Green trim. The vest has two pockets in the front, just above the waistline and a solitary pocket over the right breast.
For variety, the elfess has worn a variety of colored blouses beneath the vest. Yet over the last few decades such shows of vanity have all but disappeared. Presently Arabélle possesses a duo of Sognastheen Green blouses that are worn beneath the garment daily. The top has long flowing sleeves that taper to comfortably clasp about her delicate wrists. With thirteen wooden cogs, for buttons, lining the front.

She wears a dual tiered skirt with an alternating jagged hem. Both tiers are made from cotton, the outer most being Eophran Brown and the other extending about a palmspan beyond the first is Cinnabrown. Each tier is at a different angle and creates an incredibly interesting look. The garment comes to rest, modestly, about mid-thigh and is rather snug about her dainty hips. The fabric is very breathable and perfect for long summer days spent along the road.
Rarely does the Windsinger don foot apparel as she prefers the feel of the world beneath her feet. She does own a pair of knee-high, leather boots that are also Eophran Brown in color. They are trimmed about the top with an abundance of rabbit fur, to keep the winter chill out. Sinewy laces zigzag across the front of the boots as they pass through small bronze ringlets.
The Bard wears no adornments upon her head; such things would interfere with Windsinging and are avoided unless the weather requires them. Amongst her equipment she does own a full length cloak with a comfy cowl. This garment is lined with rabbit fur as to fend off extremely cold weather.
: ☆Personality☆ :
Although Arabélle may come off as a bit haughty at first sight, this is far from the truth. The ancient elf is a well-spring of knowledge regarding all aspects of the woodlands and many aspects of music, including singing and dance. All that she has learned over five centuries is openly shared with any young ones that seek to engage her in conversation. The elf’s tone is both tender and musical, changing pitch fluently, as she weaves true emotion into each utterance. When the conversation pertains to things she is unfamiliar with she frequently remains silent, weighing what she knows against what she does not to form an enlightened opinion.

Amongst friends or even casual acquaintances the elfess has a remarkable level of compassion. She has lived through or witnessed many of the emotional struggles one could face in the world. The Bard has an almost innate ability to bring serenity to those emotionally broken. A tender caress of the arm to those in need of such, an encouraging word or story to soothe the rawness of raging emotions or simply an attentive listener when desired. Even those of evil intent would be hard pressed to find reason for violence against such a serene creature.

One would think that a member of such a reclusive tribe would be distant and somewhat fearful of the unknown. Yet Arabélle has always been afflicted with a sense of wanderlust. She has traveled extensively across central Sarvonia and is quite open to visiting new places. This desire to travel has become an overwhelming aspect of her personality over the last few decades. This habitually drives the elfess to wander further and further from home as if she is in search of something, which she truly is. The Bard seeks to discover that final place or moment when she once again becomes part of The Dream and finds peace.

As the Windsinger has aged she has become more distant towards her own wants and needs. She has known romance in her life, a rather long and fruitful marriage. Even after the passing of her husband, Arabélle has had a few suitors, all of them casually rejected. The elf has allowed Xaeriá to consume all aspects of her, driving the Windsinger to the point of exhaustion and starvation on more than a few occasions. She has become so accomplished in the art that many people walking by have been drawn closer with the serene song she resonates in harmony with the very fabric of nature.

One should not wholly disregard that they are dealing with an ancient creature with many years of life experiences. The Bard is generally peaceful and kind but she is also extremely wise. There are just some people that are beyond compromise and she can be provoked to action should there be no other recourse. The elf’s normally gentle voice can take on a commanding tone as she endeavors to verbally berate those of vile intent. Arabélle could be roused to physical confrontation if her friends were placed in immediate danger or her own life threatened. Even with that said, the elf would spend a great amount of time in self-reflection after such an incident.
: ☆Strengths☆ :
Windsinger: The elf has been practicing Xaeriá (Talking) for nearly five decades and has become quite proficient in becoming attuned to nature. The long durations she has spent standing and embracing the winds has made Arabélle exceptionally resistant to diseases and magic cast upon her.

Baych Staff: Over the centuries the elfess has used a variety of staves, both for walking and self-defense. It should be noted that she does know quite a bit about the staff’s use but much of her speed and accuracy has diminished with age. In times long ago she could have easily disarmed a bandit and been ready for another assault in a short time. Yet, with age such an encounter would be an extreme struggle for her life, as she would fight to keep up such an intense pace.
: ☆Weaknesses☆ :
Diminished Horizon: Over the last few decades Arabélle’s eyesight has began to fade. Even now anything beyond fifteen peds starts to warp and become blurry. She could, for example, distinguish race at this range but would not be able to tell how many fingers someone was holding up. Oddly enough, the elf could tell far more through Windsinging than with her eyes from this range and beyond.

Poverty: At any given time the elfess has very little funds. This forces her to perform for the basics of survival and would leave the elf in dire straits if there were an immediate need for currency. She has given up on material wealth over five decades ago and is relatively unconcerned about hoarding such trivial things.
: ☆Windsinging☆ :
: ☆History☆ :

: ☆Weapons☆ :
Baych Staff: This staff stands at approximately two peds and is around two nailsbreadths in diameter. It has been carried by the Bard over the last decade and is completely smooth from the elf's caress.

: ☆Possessions☆ :
* Nearly a week’s rations of jerky and bread.
* A leather wineskin almost full with fresh water.
* A bar of Icemilk soap.
* A small pouch full of Tooth Cabbage.
* A small eating knife.
* A large backpack used to carry her possessions.
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Elf, Ifer’hém

« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2015, 01:16:05 PM »

Hello my lovely forgotten CD, mommy missed you! I shall get to work on you once Master Goldenshield mails me your wonderful account info. heart

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