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Author Topic: The Cast (Character Descriptions)  (Read 6224 times)
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Thraz the Mighty
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« Reply #15 on: July 21, 2005, 12:51:22 AM »

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Name: Thraz the Mighty
Gender: Male
Age: 102
Race: Dwarf
Tribe: Kurakim
Occupation: Smith
Title: The Axe of Defiance

He has an enormous ego for someone so short and demands that everyone call him Thraz the Mighty. He believes that he can defeat any foe and will fight anyone and anything.

Physical Appearance:
Thraz has an appearance that is typical of most Dwarves. He stands at a mere one ped and one fore and weighs one pygge and two hebs. He weighs much more whenever he is wearing his armor, an extra pygge to be exact. He may be short, but he is also wide with his shoulders measuring four spans across. His arms bulge with muscles developed during his years as a smith. He has short stocky legs that seem inadequate to carry his large frame. His hair is brown like most members of his tribe, and his beard descends in braids to the middle of his stomach. His brown eyes appear to be the color of the earth and often sparkle in merriment. His broad nose covers most of his face, and his nostrils often flare whenever he is angry. His skin has been tanned brown due to the years he has spent wandering above ground.

Thraz would feel naked without his armor. He wears several pieces of armor, and he crafted each one himself. He wears a hauberk of chain mail that fits loosely on his broad frame, its hem extends just beyond his hips and the sleeves reach to the ends of his wrists. His wide leather belt gathers the hauberk around his waist. On top of the hauberk, he wears a steel plate cuirass, and over the sleeves of his hauberk, he wears steel vambraces. He also wears steel gauntlets, and the backs of the gauntlets overlap his vambraces. His thighs are protected by steel plate cuisses that hinge onto his cuirass, and plate mail greaves cover his calves and shins. The first layer of protection for his head is the coif of his hauberk, and the second is a a round steel helm that is a little too large for his head, for it often falls down and covers his eyes. A steel spike that measures one palmspan in length protrudes from the top of his helm, and he has been known to headbutt his foes. His feet are kept warm by soft leather boots. He wears a broad shield across his back, and it even outshines the rest of his armor, for Thraz is often able to see his reflection in it. Underneath his armor, he wears a leather jerkin and pants made of blockcloth. He likes to keep each piece of armor polished, so that they will reflect the sunlight into the eyes of his foes. The armor may weigh him down, but he would not travel without it.

Thraz has a courage that extends beyond his short frame. He will not hesitate to charge into battle against overwhelming odds. He will fight any foe and claims to have defeated drakes and trolls. His only fear is of water, and he considers that to be a healthy fear for any Dwarf to have. The only thing larger than his courage is his ego. He calls himself Thraz the Mighty and demands that everyone else refer to him as Thraz the Mighty as well. Any lack of respect will anger him, for he considers it to be a dire insult to his honor. He considers himself to be honorable and will help anyone that has a need for his axe. His anger is a terrible thing, for in such a rage he will fight anyone who dares to disrespect him. He may be short, but he is incredibly strong.

As long as everyone shows him the proper respect, then he is a jolly fellow. His baritone laughter is often heard at any establishment that he visits. His love of laughter is only surpassed by his love for a good challenge. Instead of running from a troll, he would turn around and challenge the creature to a duel. He is friendly to any traveler that he meets and has an uncanny ability to make new friends. None doubt his steadfast loyalty to his friends, for he will fight to the death so that a friend may live.

-He is very skilled with his fang-axe, having had years of training.
-He wears armor that protects him against the blows of his foes. Every fore of his body except his face is covered with armor.
-He is incredibly strong, from working as a smith for half a century. His blows are immensely powerful.
-He is loyal to the death to any friends that he makes.

-He is very slow when he swings his fang-axe, being weighed down with armor in addition to his own considerable weight for someone that short.
-His friendship is easily earned, and he has made friends with the wrong people in the past.
-He has a natural fear of water and cannot swim at all. He once tried to cross a river while wearing his armor, and this did not end well. He even dared the river to try and drown him. This was before he learned to have a healthy fear of water.
-Due to his weight, he is not agile and cannot dodge the blows of an opponnet.
-His immense ego is another weakness. He will never admit when he is wrong, for he believes that he is always right. This often causes people to perceive him as arrogant, and they would not be wrong.

This is the history that Thraz tells of his life. None other than him know whether or not it is true, but only the foolish believe his fantastical tale.

Thraz was surrounded by the other patrons of the tavern as he grasped a mug of Dwarven ale in one hand and the shaft of his fang-axe in the other. “So you wish to know the history of Thraz the Mighty?” he asked. “I must warn you that it is not a tale for the faint of heart.”

It all started a little over a century ago in the caverns beneath the Prominent Mountains. I was born among the Kurakim Dwarves, and I am proud of my heritage. My clan is the greatest of the Dwarves, for we create the best architecture that can be found upon the world of Caelereth. Also, our skill with axes is legendary.

My father was a great smith, like his father before him. I dreamed of following in their footsteps and becoming the greatest smith that the Kurakim had ever known. I spent my youth working the bellows in both the workshop of my father and that of my grandfather. My father crafted the finest weapons that could penetrate all but the best of armor, and my grandfather made armor that could withstand most weapons. I learned the craft of being a smith from both of them.

At the age of thirty, I set up a shop of my own. Even I will admit that at first I did not possess the skill to create armor and weapons that were equal to that produced by both my sire and grandsire. At first, I crafted simple tools that any miner would need, such as spades, shovels, pickaxes, etc... My greatest desire was to create weapons and armor that would surpass even that made by my father and grandfather.

After fifty years working as a smith, I began to grow restless. I longed to see the world that existed beyond the gates of the Kurakim. I longed for adventure and for the thrill of battle. I spent years crafting both the armor I now wear and this fang-axe.

Thraz paused for a moment to admire his fang-axe. The shaft was beautifully crafted from the wood of a Black Birch and the head was made of the finest steel. It was perfectly balanced and could be wielded in one hand, for its size was akin to that of a broadaxe. He had always kept the blade sharp, so that it could easily sever the necks of his foes. Realizing that his audience wished to hear more, he set down his fang-axe and resumed his tale.

I was now physically prepared, but I still lacked the training to properly wield my fang-axe. I trained under a master until my fang-axe was as light as a feather and I wore my armor like a second skin. I spent over a decade in training, and I barely survived. My trainer was ruthless and eccentric. We practiced with real axes and I nearly lost a limb on several occasions. He taught me to wear armor every waking hour of the day, for an attack could come at any moment. Finally, I was ready to leave my childhood home and seek adventure. I can still remember the last words my father spoke to me as I walked through the gate, “Make me proud, son. If you do nothing else with your life, it will be fine as long as you lived and died with honor.”

It was as I was traveling over the Prominent Mountains that I was confronted by an immense Mountain Troll. The creature towered over me and wielded a club that was several times larger than I was. He swung his club and it caught me square in the chest. I was flung several peds into a boulder and landed on my back. The troll continued to beat me with his club for several minutes until he believed me to be dead. He approached as I laid there waiting for an opportunity to use my axe. He dropped his club and approached me with his tongue hanging out of his foul mouth as though he perceived me to be a delicious meal. His tongue was the first thing I severed with a sweeping arc of my axe. Next, my axe cut through his thick neck as easily as it would have through mere paper. My wonderful armor had protected me from the powerful blows of the creature.

I walked for several more weeks until I came upon a village in the foothills of the Prominent Mountains. My short legs had grown weary of walking, and I sought a merchant who could sell me a pony. I found one and bought Mortil, a beautiful black Landesh mare. It was as I was leaving the village that I was attacked by a Red Drake. The beast swooped down upon me as I rode Mortil, for it perceived the black mare to be a tasty treat. Even though I had only spent a few hours with the pony, I was quite fond of it and would not allow her to become a drake’s next meal. I stood upon her back as she bolted in fright. The drake swooped down and I caught hold of one of its talons with my left hand. I freed my fang-axe with my other hand and sheered off one of the beast’s wings. It began to fall to the ground and I leaped off a moment before it crashed. It turned around and attempted to scorch me with its flame, but I had my shield ready and the flames could not reach me. I approached the drake with my shield before me, and as I got close I stepped to the side in preparation of delivering the killing blow. With one stroke of my mighty axe, I severed the drake’s head and ended its existence in this world. I soothed Mortil and once again set off toward the south.

It was as we, Mortil and I, approached the hills of Oro that we were set upon by ferocious Losh-Oc orcs. The foul creatures had green skin and red eyes, they were the terrors that haunted a child’s nightmares. They wielded an assortment of weapons, including warhammers, clubs, and battleaxes. The sight of the axes infuriated me, for they dared to attack me with inferior weapons! They would soon learn what it meant to face Thraz the Mighty! I slid off the back of my pony as they approached, for I did not wish to risk her in a fight. Also, I had heard several rumors of their delight for horseflesh. The first one approached, wielding an immense warhammer. He struck my helm with every bit of muscle that he possessed, and I could see the shock in his eyes as the head of his warhammer shattered. He was even more shocked as my fang-axe split him from his jaw to his navel. A second one attacked me from behind with a battleaxe, I laughed as the inferior axe failed to make even a dent in my armor. I sent his head flying with one sweep of my axe. The third approached with a spiked club, in an instant the club was lying on the ground still being held by a disembodied hand. The orc stared at the stump that had once been his hand and took off in the opposite direction. His companions followed him as they did not wish to become maimed corpses. I continued in my journey south in search of more adventures and more foes.

Thraz paused once more and seemed to notice the setting sun for the first time. He realized that if he wished to get an early start, then it would be best if he retired early to his room. He got up and bowed to the patrons that had gathered around his table. “I’m sorry, my friends, but it appears as though it is time for me to take my leave. Maybe I will finish this tale in the morning after a good night’s rest.”

Thraz's only weapon is his perfectly balanced fang-axe. He crafted the axe himself, and it has few peers. Thraz wears the fang-axe in his belt on his right side. The shaft of the fang-axe is made from the wood of a Black Birch and the head is made of steel. The head is a gracefully-arced blade balanced by an armor-piercing spike. He wields it in one hand, for it is similar in size to a broadaxe.

Thraz has a leather pack that contains everything he owns. Within the pack are:
-several smithy hammers
-eating knives
-rock spikes
-wire nooses
-a small grindstone, used to sharpen his axe
-a rag and a vial of oil, used to polish his armor
-a small amount of gold

His only familiar is a black Landesh Pony named Mortil. The pony stands almost a fore taller than the Dwarf, measuring one ped and six palmspans in height. The mare has a relaxed manner and will allow anyone to ride her. She is incredibly strong for an animal her size and can easily carry Thraz, including his armor.  

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« Reply #16 on: July 22, 2005, 05:54:22 AM »

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Name – Thaedras Ju’Rayle

Gender - Male

Age – 34

Race – Human

Tribe – Zhunite man

Occupation – Ship captain.

Title – Captain of The Maiden

Overview – Thaedras is the captain of the Pirate ship, The Water Maiden. He is also a water mage of some skill. He is always seen with his haloen bird, Lia on his shoulder. He is a charismatic man who enjoys adventure, the sea, and above all, women.

Physical Appearance – Thaedras is 1.82 peds tall and weighs about 1.74 Pygges. His skin is tanned due to years at sea, with very faint scars along his arms, back and legs. He got these scars when his father’s ship collapsed, and the debris cut into him fairly well. His muscles are toned, but he is not overly muscular. His nor’sidian (black) hair is long and pulled back into a ponytail, except on windy days, when he lets it loose, so that it might whip back and forth. His eye is a rich uderza (blue), and it is always filled with a sense of adventure. His rough, seemingly perpetual unshaven face is not care worn, but shows the face of a man who is always ready to deal with the hand life dealt him.

Thaedras is missing his left eye, so it is perpetually covered by a nor’sidian eye-patch. He makes no attempt to hide this, and when he is drunk, he may even lift the patch, and give his fellows a grotesque wink.

Clothes – Thaedras wears a loose, cyhalloian snow (white) shirt, and charcoal pants. On his feet he wears nor’sidian boots. He always wears a karikrimson (red) sash about his waist. He also has numerous pouches attached to his sash, which contain his spell reagents. He wears a nor’sidian eye patch over his left eye. He also wears a ring on his left finger at all times. It is made of gold, with a sapphire in the shape of a drop of water in it.

Personality – Thaedras is, above all else, charming. He makes it a point to be polite to everyone, and always seems full of life. Thus, Thaedras Is very well liked among his crew. He is also quite popular with anyone else he might meet. He is just one of those people who are instantly likeable.

Despite spending years at sea, Thaedras has never picked up the accent or dialect that is common amongst most sailors. This always gives him an air of sophistication. Nobody doubts that he is a well educated man.

Thaedras has a strong sense of adventure. It is his adventurous nature that drives his life. Thaedras has stolen enough money and goods to live in safety and luxury for the rest of his life, but he would much rather be at sea, with the wind in his hair, and the spray of the ocean in his face.

His sense of adventure also causes Thaedras to be extremely reckless at times. He gets crazy ideas in his head that he thinks might work, so he just goes for it. He does not weigh the risks. If he thinks he can do it successfully, then he will do it.

Thaedras loves women. Scratch that. Thaedras loves women A LOT. He loves to flirt with women, to dance with women, and to do anything else you can do with women. He makes it a point to be as polite as humanly possible to any and all females. Any rudeness shown towards women while Thaedras is in the room will be met with hostility.

Magic – Thaedras has trained for many years at the academy in Ximax in water magic. He is fairly talented in his area of expertise. He can cast a few spells without any difficulty at all.

Agile – Thaedras is very acrobatic. He can climb the rope ladders of the ship with much ease. He can swing from ropes with exceptional skill, and he can balance on the mast’s posts quite well. He knows the working of his ship, and can move about it with amazing agility and balance. Anywhere else this of course does not work nearly as well, what with his missing eye.

Charisma – Through many years of practice, Thaedras knows how to make people like him. He has always been naturally likeable, but he has perfected his natural talents into an art. He makes it a point to keep on everyone’s (with the notable exception of the authority’s) good side. He is fun-loving, and enjoys nothing more then a good party

Knowledge of the Seas – Thaedras has spent many years at sea, and thus, knows the all the tricks of his trade. He can travel with nothing but the stars. He knows when a storm is going to appear. He knows when the tide comes in and out and when the winds change. He uses all this to his advantage when sailing.

The Water Maiden – Thaedras has The Water Maiden, as well as all the crew and The Maiden’s resources, at his disposal. This makes him a force to be reckoned with, if nothing else does.

Missing Left eye – Thaedras lost his left eye when his father’s ship was destroyed. He is (obviously) blind on his left side, making it extremely easy for someone to sneak up on him, or for him to miss something with his limited field of vision.

Love for Women – Thaedras has a weakness for a pretty face. He loves women above everything else. This, however, can be detrimental. Any woman can easily seduce him. He is easily fooled by a sweet smile on a pretty face. Needless to say this has gotten him in trouble many times.

Fugitive – The authorities of many port cities would pay very dearly to have Thaedras and his crew arrested for piracy. Thaedras must always be on the lookout for someone who might turn him in. Therefore he rarely uses his real name when out in public.

Reckless – Thaedras is beyond reckless, in his spell casting, his acrobatics, his control of the ship, and every other aspect of his life. He does not consider the odds of getting out of a situation alive; he merely gets an idea and goes for it. The fact that he hasn’t died yet is a tribute to his luck, his skill, or a combination of both.

Water Dependance - Due to Thaedras' love of the sea, he becomes extremely anxious whenever he is away from it. He can't concentrate, and thus his spells are harder to cast. Since he is a water mage, his spells work better near water, so he is severely weakened when away from his calling and affinity.

Show off - Thaedras has utmost confidence in himself, thus, to make peoples (namely women) opinion of him higher, he tends to show off his skills. This can turn out very badly, for some people like to show show-offs the quick way to the end of a fist. He also sometimes uses his magic to show off, which leaves him extremely drained.

Combat - Being a fairly successful pirate, one would expect Thaedras to have picked up some basic comba skills. He has not. He must defend himself with only his magic, and if that fails or he is too tired, then he is in alot of trouble.

Weapons – The only weapons Thaedras has is The Maiden and it’s crew, as well as his magic.

Belongings – Besides all the resources and loot in The Maiden, was well as The Maiden itself, Thaedras also keeps a few things on his person at all times. He always has his pouches with his spell reagents tucked into his sash. He keeps money pouches tucked in his sash and boots (he always carries around a large sum of money.) He also always wears his ring, this being the only thing that shows who he is when he is going incognito. Only his crew knows he wears it.

Artifact - His ring. It is large and gold, with a sapphire shaped like a drop of water in it. The ring allows Thaedras to amplify his voice, so that he might direct battle without fear of not being heard, call to other ships out on the ocean (within a reasonable distance of course), or get attention in a loud room. It is triggered by waggling the finger with it twice, and it is deactivated by the same manuever.

The Ring was originally in the possession of Jarthain, Thaedras' adopted father. It was originally crafted by Shannarra, Jarthain's lover and a very talented, high-level wind-mage. It was given as a gift, before Shannara passed away some years ago. On his deathbed, Jarthain gave it to Thaedras, and then died.

Ship – The Water Maiden is Thaedras' pride and joy. It's very loyal crew was completely handpicked by Thaedras himself, and each member is well paid for their loyalty.

The Water maiden is a three masted schooner. It is very very fast for it's size and weight, but due to it's weight and size, it has very little maneuverability. Across the bow is the figure of a naked maiden, with tears coming from her eyes. The ship's flag is a single blue drop of water, with crossed cutlasses behind it, set against a black background. The words 'The Water Maiden', are etches on either side of the ship, near the stern.

The ship makes port in multiple areas. It most often makes port in Strata and the Scatter sand Shoals, but it also makes port in the Neytherrion Kaleman Amuneth, an island grouping of the south-eastern coast of Nybelmar, and in The Shan’Thai, Ordana, and Dion area of the continent of Aeruillin. Thaedras switches ports depending on level of activity, both merchant and authoritive.

It is a pirate ship, and thus has seen many battles. The main strategy used by The Maiden is fairly simple. Thaedras himself, with the aid of his ring, calls to the soon-to-be-looted ship, and demands surrender with the promise of mercy if cooperation occurs. If no surrender is offered, then Thaedras orders his men to attack. All his men are trained in archery, and the let loose volley after volley at the enemy ship, while Thaedras himself casts Wave against the enemy ship or along the enemy deck, to make the opposing archers have to concentrate on balancing, and slows the rate of return fire from the enemy. When the two ships are close enough, and enough of the enemy archers have been dealt with, the gangplanks are put between the two ships. The boarding crew (which consists of two thirds of the archers, with cutlasses) then goes across. Thaedras usually has lost too much energy at this time to be of much help, so he usually goes to the bridge and commands the rest of the battle from there.

Familiars - A Haloen bird named Lia. This bird was once the property of Jarthain, but the mutual grief felt by Thaedras’ and Lia produced a bond between the two, and now they are inseperable. Lia is always at Thaedras’ side, and should any harm come to her, he would be deeply grieved. Therefore he is careful that no harm comes to her.

Magic – Thaedras graduated at level four from Ximax. Thaedras has trained for years at the academy in Ximax, while there he learned of a number of spells, but only practiced five of them for an extended amount of time, thus he has become capable of casting a number of these spells at higher than fourth level.

Area of Frost - Thaedras can cast this spell at the sixth power level. - A rather unique spell, Area of Frost causes the water cár'áll in the air around the mage to shift, increasing in power and bending towards Earth. As a result, the temperature in the air goes down. The radius for Thaedras' level is 2.5 Peds, centered on Thaedras himself.

Frost Shield - This spell creates a shield of frozen ice to protect the mage from harm or to block off a corridor from advancing troops. The shield is a wall of cold, hard ice that the mage can create up to two fores in front of him. The thickness depends on the height and width.

Water Extraction - "Water Extraction" is a spell with the purpose of extracting the Water Element from the spell's target. Therefore the spell is most effective against targets which have Water as primary cár'áll.

Wave - Thaedras can cast this spell at sixth power level. - Wave is one of the primary water evocation spells, and was often used by mages during times of war to decimate entire armies. The higher the level of the spell when being cast, the larger and more force the wave has.

Freeze - Thaedras can cast this at fifth power level. - Freeze will transmutate the object or person into a statue of solid ice, rendering the target immobile and in the case of a person, in completely suspended animation.

Thaedras has little to no practice with any other spells, although he does have knowledge of most of the lower level water spells. He never attempts to cast them; for being out of practice, there is little chance he would be successful.

History – Thaedras was born at sea, a day’s travel off the coast of Nybelmar. It was a difficult delivery, and his mother did not survive it.

Thaedras spent his entire childhood at sea. His father was a fairly successful merchant, and sold his wares between the continent of Nybelmar and the city of Strata. When Thaedras was very young, his father hired a mage to help protect the ship against any would be pirates. His name was Jarthain, and for the most part he would keep to himself. Although, sometimes, he would watch Thaedras very carefully.

Thaedras enjoyed the water very much. He was a powerful swimmer, and spent any free time he had in the water. Jarthain recognized that this could possibly be due to the fact that Thaedras had an affinity towards water, which might mean he was talented in magic; namely water magic. Thaedras was in fact magically talented, but he did not know that. He just recognized the fact that everything was made of “auras.” He did not know it, be he recognized the Car’all in all things.

One day, when Thaedras was about 10, Jarthain approached Thaedras and asked him a few questions. Thaedras told him about his ability to recognize Car’all (although he couldn’t put a name to it.) This confirmed what Jarthain already believed. This boy definitely had magical talent. Jarthain went to his father, and attempted to convince him to enroll Thaedras in the Ximaxian Academy as soon as Thaedras was old enough. Thaedras’ father flat out refused, wanting Thaedras to grow up to be a merchant. Disappointed, but not really having a say in the matter, Jarthain let it go.

About a year later, Thaedras’ Father’s ship was on its way to Strata from Nybelmar, when a storm hit. The entire ship was destroyed. During the collapse, debris hit Thaedras many times. He was cut up and down his body, although his face was spared, with the exception of his left eye, which was cut very badly. Thaedras managed to survive the initial collapse and sinking of the ship, and was floating with the help of debris, when Jarthain found him. Both had an affinity for water, thus both could swim fairly well. So they survived the suction created by a sinking ship. Sadly, there were no other survivors. Luckily they were very close to shore, and (bother being powerful swimmers) made it there in a few hours time.

The two traveled to Strata. When they got there, half-starved and tired, the contacted one of Thaedras’ father’s clients. They informed him of the ships demise, and borrowed a large sum of money. The client knew the mage was trustworthy, for he had to deal with the mage on many occasions when Thaedras’ father had been alive.

Jarthain had taken a large interest in Thaedras over the years and decided to go against the boy’s father’s wishes, and enroll Thaedras in the Academy at Ximax. Jarthain had been well paid to protect the destroyed ship (you have to love the irony), and had been sending most of this money to his lover, Shannara, whom he missed terribly. He used the borrowed money to travel to Ximax, and once he and Thaedras arrived, sent money with a trusted bearer back to the client who had helped them.

Thaedras lived with Jarthain for a year before he was old enough to enroll in the academy. Both being extremely fond of water, they often took long trips to the beach and spent massive amounts of time there. Thaedras also met Lia at this time, Jarthain's haloen bird who had been staying with Shannara while Jarthain was at sea.

When Thaedras was 12, he was enrolled in the academy of Ximax. He was accepted by recommendation from Jarthain and Jarthain also paid for his tuition. Thaedras immediately took an interest in Water magic, which he became quite adept at. He only practiced the spells he enjoyed however, never taking an interest in the others. But those spells he can cast, he can cast with a great amount of skill.

At age 27, Thaedras was called from classes to go see Jarthain in another part of the academy. Jarthain was dying. On his deathbed, Jarthain gave Thaedras his ring, and told him to follow his heart with the sea. The grief he felt was shared with the haloen bird, Lia, and that hardship was enough to create a bond between the two. They became inseparable. Thaedras left the academy, graduating at 4th level, and returned to the sea.

Besides the ring, Jarthain also left a large sum of money to Thaedras, which he used to book travel back to Strata, and buy a ship and hire a crew. Thaedras wanted to sail, to be a captain of his own ship. He deemed his ship The Water Maiden. It was a small caravel, which he used to ship goods between Strata and Nybelmar, much like his father did before him.

Then one day, his ship was attacked, and summarily destroyed by a pirate ship, which took Thaedras prisoner, recognizing that he was a mage and thought to put him to some use. The Captain, who never gave a name and merely referred to himself as ‘The Captain’, soon learned that Thaedras was more useful as a talker, and not as a mage. Thaedras would be the one to demand surrender; Thaedras was the one who would bargain the looted goods for money. The Captain soon learned to trust Thaedras. Thaedras used this to his advantage.

Thaedras was often sent to shore to bargain the price of goods that were stolen by his ship. After two years of doing this, Thaedras formed a plan in his head. He went ashore in Strata, with orders to bargain, but instead went to the authorities. He made a deal with them. If they would give him all the money in The Captain’s possession, Thaedras would betray The Captain. The plan went out successfully. The Captain and his crew were all arrested, and the ship was taken apart by authorities. True to their word, the law gave Thaedras all of the pirate money. Thaedras quickly put this to use, in a very ironic way.

Over the two years with The Captain, Thaedras had gained a love of the pirate life. He loved the excitement and danger of it. He used the money to buy a three masted schooner, which he dubbed, The Water Maiden, after his lost caravel. He used the remaining to hire a small crew to man his ship. He then started raiding ships. He started small, small ships that were obviously ill funded to hire guards, then as he and his crew got more skilled, he went for harder and harder targets.

Now he has become very talented in the selection of targets. His entire crew has been replaced with hand picked, highly skilled individuals. He will remain a threat to any and all merchant ships that travel in what is quickly being known as “The Maiden’s Triangle.”  

The wind in my Hair, The spray of the ocean in my face.
I love Life at sea.

- Thaedras


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Name: Jeharaid Morcaanan

Occupation: Mercenary

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Title: Outcast Avenger


Morcaanan is a former noble and now an outcast of the Korweynite Empire, that powerful civilization on the western continent called Nyblemar. He has been on the road these eight long years, seeking to fulfill a purpose in life – the pursuit of true Justice.


Morcaanan is a reserved man when you first meet him. He is capable of socializing when needed but tends to avoid it for the most part except for where his job requires it of him. However, when he gets to know someone well enough and starts to trust them, he can be quite friendly, and to those whom he considers friends he is fiercely and unerringly loyal. If they break his trust however, he is not above killing them to prevent their doing it again to others, since such people should never be allowed to roam loose (and yes, even or his own sense of honor and vengeance). He has a peculiar love of music, one that he rarely gets to indulge but does whenever he can for to his mind music is like a strong wine, but he has no talent of his own in this area. He is dedicated to his religion, the worship of the sky god Inthadin. Most importantly, he believes he is a specially chosen soldier of Justice, and has dedicated his life to that end, seeking to restore balance and order. He will often hire himself out as a mercenary, but never to a cause he does not think furthers justice – and often, he will take up a cause for no money at all, if he thinks it is worthy enough.

Physical Appearance:

Morcaanan is about half-a-fore short of two peds. Brown hair that reaches almost to his shoulders, brown eyes, a medium sized crooked nose, with a small but sharp scar over his left eyebrow, giving him a slightly ‘roughed-up’ look. He is in good physical shape, but not exceptionally strong or enduring, but well suited to an active, on-the-go sort of life and the occasional battle. His hands are just a little large, but this is not very noticeable, unless he is trying to manipulate something very small or delicate: then his hands become something of a curse.


Jeharaid wears the traveling eben of a Korweynite, which is mostly brown with blue trim and highlights. Knee-high brown leather boots on his feet, a pair of leather vambraces usually adorn his lower arms. Beneath his eben he sometimes wears a chain mail shirt (see Belongings).


Morcaanan’s most noteworthy possession is his sword, a gift from his father. It is a hand-and-a-half sword, suitable for the most rigorous of combat; the hilt is overlaid in gold, and the pommel is an image of the sun in reference to the Korweynite religion and worship of Inthadin.
He has a pair of Mithralin vambraces he picked up in his travels. They are engraved with three symbols: a sun, for Inthadin; a balance, for Justice; and an owl, to represent his family. Normally he will wear a pair of leather vambraces, putting on the metal ones only when he knows they will definitely be needed.
He has a chain mail shirt, which he sometimes wears between his eben and an undershirt, but as with the Mithralin vambraces, he uses this only when he knows he is going into a situation where greater protection is definitely required.
He most unusual belonging is a silver, five point gem encrusted star. A gift from his late wife, it has some very slight magical qualities, as it can “bind” two people together – when given to another person, it inspires loyalty between the giver and the receiver, making them in spirit, inseparable.

a) He has had intensive training under a sword master and has used his sword on a regular basis for years (a combined 16 years), and is quite proficient with his weapon.
b) Loyal, almost blindingly so to those whom he thinks deserve it.
c) Has a way with animals, mostly horses or other beasts of burden.
d) Is cautious and not hasty, which helps him avoid trouble rather than getting into it.
e) He readily defends others and will go very far to see a task through that he believes needs to be done – in short, he is tenacious.

a) He has an unshakeable fear of heights.
b) He has a mild dislike for dogs, and even a mild fear of larger ones.
c) He hates orcs, and distrusts them.
d) His blind loyalty can get him into trouble, if he fails to see duplicity before committing himself to someone or something.
e) His pursuit of Justice has caused him to bend or work his way around rules – he is not above justifying some actions if he thinks the end result is right (though this is rare).


Jeharaid Morcaanan was born to a high ranking noble in the Korweynite Empire. Nothing was too fine for this last born child (he had three older brothers), he had the best in everything: clothes, food, social life…he was spoiled rotten, and he knew it.
Jeharaid was competitive as a lad, something that every child his age that he socialized with knew. He was often taken advantage in this way, since he would not turn down a dare or challenge at anytime; this was perhaps in retaliation for his often superior and haughty attitude with others.

It one day came back and hit him pretty hard. When he was nine years old, he was with the son of another noble, sitting on the fence above the open pit-like pen of a very large dog, which had gone wild and had been recently retaken – his qualities as a breeding dog made Jeharaid’s father hesitant to kill the animal (Morcaanan’s family had many animals for breeding, it was an odd practice).

The two boys had begun to discuss animals in general watching the big dog beneath them. Tierna (the other boy) claimed he had seen a Lingradau. Jeharaid, always being superior, shot back and called him a liar. This naturally started an argument, and soon they came to blows. Jeharaid was knocked off the fence into the pen, landing on the huge mongrel caged within. The dog turned on him and attacked him, mauling the poor boy. Thankfully a man with a bow had not been far off and shot the dog before Morcaanan was badly hurt, but he bore (and still does) a crooked nose and scars from that day, and a seething hatred for his rival.

At the age of 13, a sword master from Santharia was brought under the roof of Morcaanan’s household. Jeharaids father insisted that the lad take lessons from this newcomer, and Morcaanan reluctantly agreed. His lessons were intense, but he began to shed some of the childhood chubbiness he had developed from his often lazy habits, and began to become the fit and trim warrior he is today.

When he was 15 he met Abigail, also a child of noble birth (her family had very distant blood relations to the Imperial family, in fact, but nothing of any great notice). She was two years his senior, and already her family was looking to give her into an arranged marriage in the coming years to Tierna – Morcaanan’s rival.
She had come to Morcaanan’s estate to see a horse broken in, which her father had bought from Morcaanan’s father and brothers as a gift for her. Jeharaid had little to do with such beasts, and so he soon found himself talking to this young lady.
“Too afraid to deal with animals?” she asked snidely.
He shot her an annoyed look and shrugged. “No; just nothing in it for me.” He returned his attention to his families attempts to tame the creature, which was proving to be wild and spirited – hardly suitable for a young lady.
“Hmm. I wonder” she replied, tossing her head, causing the dark curls of her hair to wave in the light breeze.
Morcaanan sensed a challenge. “Oh? And what would you give me to risk my neck on that monster?” As he said ‘monster’ he gestured at the horse.
She cocked her head and smiled at him. Then, as if suddenly struck by a thought, she undid a clasp behind her neck and held up a beautiful, five point star, each point adorned with a gem, and a large emerald in the exact middle.
“I don’t have an escort for the upcoming next week” she said with a coy smile. “I understand my father wants me to go with Tierna…but he did say I could make up my own mind.”
He was up and over to his brothers side in a splintered second. She was definitely an attractive girl, and the name “Tierna” provided more incentive than he needed.
Within an hour, the horse was tame and ready to ride. Abigail kept her promise, and she allowed him to be her escort.

A year later, two of Morcaanan’s brothers had gone with their mother and a group of servants beyond the borders of the Empire, to “get away for awhile”. One day, a band of Orcrist orcs ran across the human travelers. It just so happened that the orcs were that far from home because a Sunset Dragon was pursuing them; they had been running for days in panic, and when they encountered the humans they began to cut them down in their flight.
Naturally, the Korweynites fought back, and a short skirmish ensued. In the midst of this, the Dragon descended on his prey and killed the last of the orcs.
Only two of the servants had survived the ordeal, and the Dragon escorted these two the borders before leaving for home. They on the other hand, returned to their master and informed him of the death of his wife and sons.
Morcaanan, when he heard the news of his mother and brothers death, seemed to close in on himself. He threw his heart and soul into his sword training, attacking it with an almost unbridled ferocity. He had come to hate orcs, and wanted to be ready to fight and kill them whenever the opportunity arose.

At the age of twenty, he married Abigail. The following year was the high point of the young mans life, and before the end of it his bride was carrying their first child.
But his happiness was not to last.
He went on a hunting trip with some of his companions, and his childhood rival, Tierna, was invited along.
Morcaanan remembered the argument that had caused his accident. His sense of vengeance returned when he discovered the lair of a Sunset Lingradau. He spoke briefly with the others and convinced them to investigate the lair.
What he did not tell them, was that the great cat was at that very moment sleeping within.
Tierna, ever rash, volunteered to investigate the place firsthand, and discovered too late his danger. He was killed before the cat was subdued, and Morcaanan’s companions, truthfully accused him of leading Tierna into this, remembering the old rivalry between the two, which had not been any real secret. Though he had never intended for his rival to be killed, he could not deny the validity of his accuser’s statements. He was taken home and placed under arrest for suspected murder, pending a trial.
Tierna’s father, however, was enraged. He hired a few petty thugs to kill Morcaanan’s family: his father, surviving brother…and his wife and unborn child.
When Morcaanan was given the news, he strangled his jailer and broke out of prison. He went after his families killers…and when he found them, he slaughtered them mercilessly, but he did discover who had hired them and why, for the rogues had been paid with some rather expensive and distinct pieces of jewelry – unmistakable that it had come from Tierna’s family – amongst the other gold that they had been given.
He went back and did unto them as they had done unto him. He killed all save one in the house, and then burned it to the ground.
All but one: a little girl infant, in the cradle, the youngest of their family, just as he was the youngest of his family. He took the child to his sword master and left her in his capable hands.

Wanted for murder, he took flight of the Empire and made his way east to Santharia by ship from the Aca-Santerra coast.
On the route to Santharia, he wondered what he was to do, where he should go, how he should live. As he pondered these things he fell into an uneasy dream…and had a strange vision.
It was though a small star came down and alighted on his face. It looked just like the flaming sun at noon time. A voice spoke to him and told him that he must commit all to Justice…that he must fight for it whatever the cost, and if necessary, die for it.
And so he has fought and pursued the cause of Justice these past eight years, and has not ceased to do so since…

Please Note: This is not the complete version to the CD; minor alterations will be made to the History, but that should be all. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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contact info; streetratstudios@aol.com

Name:Faulse Nightshadow (Ish CorMelor in elven tongue)

Gender: Male

Age: 60 (appears 27 by human calculation)

Race: Elven

Tribe: Jhehellrhim

Occupation: Mercenary

Title: Shadowed Champion of the Twin Blades

Height: 2.3 peds

Weight: 2.3 pygge

Physical Appearance: Towering over everyone in his clan, Faulse has been noted as being perhaps one of the largest of the rebel elves. His strong solid build consists of hard toned muscles with a light bronze complextion. His upper body is wide and long, adding a strange illusion of almost lankiness to his stature.

His face is unlike many of the more common elven types as its shape is harder and more chiseled, with a strong wide chin and square frame to his cheekbones. His facial features remain soft as the rest of his kind, his nose and mouth elegant and smooth, his brown eyes deep and penetrating.

Firey red hair falls down to his shoulders, cut into the style of a mowhawk as he mourns the loss of his parents. The lone strip of hair that remains symbolizes his vengance and that their murdered spirits are carried with him.

Clothes: Faulse is often seen in shades of dark green and grays as he does not care for drawing anymore attention to himself than needed. In public he keeps on a dark green cloak, pulling the hood up to hide his bright red hair and elven features.

In warmer weather Faulse does not confine himself to shirts or tunics, only wearing his studded leather armor about his torso and outter arms. He almost always wears leather pants of some dark color accompanied with dark leather boots.

Strapped across his back are his dual shamshirs, sheathed with hilts hanging down for quick draw. At his hip hangs his triple fire crossbow, the bolts in a quiver strapped to his opposite leg.

Personality: Faulse is a quiet yet fierce individual, an elf of few words and many actions. He stands up for what he believes in and will act without thinking or remorse. In his heart lies vengance for his parents murder and he holds a prejeduce against all orcan kind.

To those in his fellowship he is loyal and protective, commited to whatever unified cause may have brought them together. On the exterior it seems as if he is ashamed of his heritage, however Faulse simply dislikes being the center of attention. Being a 2.3 ped tall elf with fiery red hair, he has learned, tends to draw much attention.

Strengths: Faulse has spent all of life fighting, whether it be for training or defending his homeland within the Istarin Forest. He has focused his studies on fighting with dual shamshirs as well as the crossbow, a weapon that his people invented.

He has also studied tracking and battle tactics very closely, being a bit of a tactician in some degrees and highly skilled tracker and hunter. Faulse also holds a high threshold of pain from years of fighting bandits and beasts roaming into his homeland forest.

Weaknesses: Faulse often forgets his size and tends to over use his strength and might. There have been many occassions where he has meant to only subdue and individual and inadvertantly killed them. He is also reluctant to trust people easily which can at times make it hard for him to make allies. He also has a very hard opinion of orcs due to their role in the history of his people and often finds himself in squables with them, whether they be friendly or not.

Perhaps his greatest weakness is his fear of water and inability to swim. As a child Faulse had almost drowned in the swamps and since had developed a fear of water. While he will reluctantly board a boat or raft, he is extremely cautious and distracted while afloat due to his underlying fear.

Yet another underlying weakness of this towering elf is his rash thinking on the battlefield. Faulse is all to well known to go crashing into battle, whether he has the upperhand or not. There have been many occasions when Faulse has nearly lost his life due to his act now think later concept of fighting.

History: Faulse's history is in fact not an extensive one. He was born unto Jeriko and Kierra Nightshadow in the Istarin Forest. He began training at the age of nine in the ways of the hunter. By fifteen he was being apprenticed under his uncle, a master fighter by the name of Lucian Locklilly.

At the age of twenty three, having fully dedicated himself to his training, he went on to fight for his tribe. For years he roamed the boarders of the forest, fending off all manners of bandits and beast that had wandered in. In one instance, however, he had been overrun, a small group of bandits pressing their way past him.

It was this group of bandits that had found thier way into his small town, brutally slaying many of the unsuspecting elves, among which had been Faulse's parents. Fausle had returned to the town to find it charred and destroyed, many of the lifeless bodies of his people hanging from pigpoles throughout town. His parents he found had had their flesh flayed from their bodies and scalped. The remainder of their heads dismembered from their bodies and placed on pig poles. For this Faulse never forgave himself, taking on his duties as boarder patrol with a new intesity and rage.

Alas, after years of battling beasts, Faulse knew that he had to leave the forest and set out to find something more, something new to quench his thirst for vengance. In his heart he knew he would likely never find the bandits guilty of slaying his parents, and so he would instead take down any misguided soul that happened his way.

Weapons: Dual Shamshirs
Fine Crossbow

Belongings: Faulse carries with him only the bare essentials.
Studded Leather Armor
Dual Shamshirs
Fine Crossbow
Travelers Outfits

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