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Author Topic: Chapter 3A - Soooueeeey!  (Read 6135 times)
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Luca the Thief
« Reply #15 on: July 24, 2005, 12:19:22 PM »

A shudder coursed through Luca's body as she took one last deep breath. Her feet stung from the cuts and scrapes from the rocks and her arm was bruised badly, the red blotches already taking on a strange, yellow-blue coloration. With a miserable groan, the sopping wet half-elf, her front side entirely covered with mud, pulled herself into a kneel. The first thing Luca noticed was Butterball lying nonchalantly on the grass, his legs all atangle in the whip that had saved them

"Oh Butterball!" Luca cried thankfully, at first thinking that the mottled horse had saved their lives. But as the thief tried to peice together the scenario, a few things didn't quite fit. After a moment's contemplation, the mop-topped half-elf looked up at the scowling Aryia'en. "Oh..."

Sitting up on a nearby boulder, Luca looked down forlornly at her once-white tank top. "I'll have to wash this," she muttered quietly to herself then looked around for her pack, sweater and shoes. Not seeing them, Luca retraced her steps in her mind and in the process, not only remembered where she had left her things, but another peice of useful information.

"Earlier today when I was off looking for, well, for you," she said, gesturing to the drippy Jee, "I saw something else. There was this awfully big cloud of dust moving on the plain over there." The half-elf gestured vaguely to the west. "Maybe it's the orc-mages that kidnapped you," she continued matter-of-factly, looking at Jee.

Luca's eyes wandered over to Brodin while awaiting Jee's response, and his excuse for what was left of his pants. A devious grin spread across her lightly freckled face at sight of the merchant's crimson cheeks, quite the contrast, she thought to herself, to his others.

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Jee Macnamara
New Santharian

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Posts: 10

« Reply #16 on: August 03, 2005, 11:55:22 AM »

Once Jee was back on dry land he shook his hair off like a dog, in an attempt to get himself dry. When he was satisfied with the dryness of his hair he noticed that the elfess from before was glaring at him, and he wondered if he had gotten her wet with his hair.

"I do beg your pardon, my good lady," Jee eloquently apologized, bowing as he spoke. When he bowed, he heard a 'slosh' sound somewhere in his armor. "If you'll excuse me," he nodded as he looked around for a suitable place to sit. He noticed a log a couple peds away and sauntered over to it. Before he got to it, the younger woman started talking to him.

"What's this about orc-mages?" Jee inquired. "It wasn't orc mages who got me, all I saw was men. Human men." It seemed she wasn't too interested in his response, so, with that, he nodded to her and continued off to his log. He sat down and took off his boots. The knight poured the water from his foot gear; it was like a river coming forth.

Jee continued to remove his armor, laying it on the grass to dry. He then took of his shirt, revealing his nicely toned chest and abs, and wrung his shirt out. As the water dripped out of it he realized something... HE HAD JUST BEEN IN A BAG IN A RIVER! Jee jumped up and looked around frantically for something to do to save himself. He decided, in his frenzied state, that if he went around to the other people and shook them crazily and yelled in their faces that he would be safe. Thus, he decided to do it.

Jee ran over to the half-elf and grabbed her by the shoulders and began shaking her frantically. "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? WHAT?" He kept repeating "WHAT?" as he shook her.  

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Brodin Gerdrard
New Santharian

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« Reply #17 on: August 04, 2005, 06:10:22 AM »

For the most part, it seemed the others were just as content to go about getting themselves dried off as well. But as Brodin pulled on a pair of charcoal grey wool pants, he noticed the short-haired elf stop her pacing  and blurt out some gibberish about clouds of orc magi kidnapping the one sitting, taking off his armour. Not knowing what to make of this he continued his scowl over Jake’s back while he pulled out a forest green short sleeved tunic. As Brodin’s glare surveyed the group, he realized the silver haired elf was giving her own scowl, and when their gaze met Brodin lowered his grimace back to getting dressed. It took a bit for what the man said to register in Brodin’s mind with the reply to the elf’s statement. There was truth to that elf spittle?!  Brodin had just finished dressing as the man starting yelling frantically and shaking the short haired elf. Orc magi!? Brodin could feel himself getting upset; he didn’t want to have anything to do with orcs! Or elves for that matter! The man was really shaking the elf, but Brodin didn’t think he was doing a good enough job. Brodin wanted to shake her harder! He wanted to shake them all! But instead of just shake them, he thought he would rather wring their necks! How dare they get him messed up in orc trouble! Brodin marched right up to the man in armour and the elf and started a little yelling of his own. “Whaddya mean orc magi! Whaddya mean kidnapped! Why are these people after you!? ….  Who are you people!!!??” he screamed with particular emphasis on the last.

Edited by: Brodin Gerdrard at: 8/4/05 4:18
Luca the Thief
« Reply #18 on: August 05, 2005, 11:51:22 AM »

Luca was idly watching the river rush past before diverting her gaze upstream. The fallen tree that had started this whole mess was just barely within her scope of sight, and the half-elf suspected the two human men could not see it. Her shoes, sweater and pack was up there Luca thought bitterly with a shudder, cold now in her soaking, sleeveless shirt.

Suddenly, Luca caught a surge of movement out of the corner of her eye and she turned only in time to have the shirtless Jee grip her shoulders and begin shaking her. The half-elf’s head rocked violently back and forth as the shock didn’t allow her to think to stop it from doing so. Eventually, Luca brought her wits about her to ease the joshing of her neck and listen to what he was saying, only to lose her wits once again. The half-elf’s eyes fell on Jee’s splendid display of a torso, glistening with a dewy quality in the afternoon sun, and a silly little grin managed to find itself sprawled across her face as Luca’s wet hair flew about.

Suddenly, another voice was screaming in her ears and looking over, Luca decided that that was quite enough. She began by politely asking Jee to stop shaking her, though that didn’t seem to do much. After failing to stop the lunatic via several means, such as waving her hands or forcefully trying to stop the shaking, Luca decided upon one final method.

“Just…just please…if you listen…will you…guys,” she began, her voice becoming progressively louder and more tense before finally coming to a magnificent crescendo of, “SHUT! UP!” when Luca lurched suddenly to her feet, giving Jee and Brodin each a curt slap to the face in fair succession. “Thank you,” she said, exasperated, and sat back down.

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Aryia en Evasha
New Santharian

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« Reply #19 on: August 10, 2005, 05:17:22 AM »

Aryia`en had been tending to the sore and raw abrasions on her palms, contented to leave the others to whatever ridiculous antics they still had up their soggy sleeves. All that effort on her part and not even a appreciative nod of acknowledgment from the bunch of ungrateful rabble. A slack-jawed, glassy-eyed "Oh." from that wretchedly wet half-elf wench was the closest form of attestment to Aryia`en's pivotal role in their salvation from dredging the muddy river floor. The golden-hair human warrior had displayed a bravura of hysterics so common of harried serving-maids, while the other human male had the audacity to screech at the top of his lungs.

Could she have expected any less of them all?

Her desire to remain a snideful spectator was terminated when Luca yelled in dismay and struck out at both men. Despite Aryia`en's view of Luca as a walking disgrace to superior elven qualities, Luca was still half-an-elf, and half-a-kin was still enough kin to come to the aid of.

Aryia`en's subsequent move was so swift that it appeared that she had glided to Luca's side in one fluid move. Her icy warning was directed to the two men, "Enough. Leave her be."

Brodin Gerdrard
New Santharian

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« Reply #20 on: August 14, 2005, 02:04:22 AM »

With the elvish duo of a curt slap and forceful words Brodin found himself stunned to silence. He made to speak an apology, but it got choked in his throat as he realized that he was in the company of giants! The silver haired elf was the tallest but even the others had to be at least a fore taller than he. Living in a large city for his entire life Brodin had met extraordinarily tall people like these before, but this was the only time that he could ever remember really feeling short. That fact made him a little intimidated as he stretched his spine as tall as it would go.

Deciding that he wasn’t going to let his shorter stature get in the way, Brodin took a step back so that he wouldn’t have to tilt his head back so much, and tried to get some answers. In a soft and respectful tone Brodin put forth his questions slowly and with a short pause in between each for them to sink in, “Right…,” scrunching his face up in a questioning look, “Who are you people? What business is it that you have involved yourselves in? Is it dangerous? And if so, can I walk away without trouble?” He thought that should cover the basis of all the mass of questions writhing through his brain. The last was a general instinct of being in business, not that he was a coward. A good businessman always wanted to know when and at what cost he could cut his losses if things went poorly. Raising an eyebrow and looking at each, Brodin waited for some answers.

Luca the Thief
« Reply #21 on: October 10, 2005, 03:54:22 PM »

Aryia'en had gone about to quietly light a tiny fire in the grass, though where the elf found the small branches Luca couldn't say. Jee retold his story, at least that of it which he remembered. Sometime while they were talking, Butterball had wandered off and it was now, about half an hour since getting out from the river, that the mottled horse returned. It took a moment for Luca to register, but held firmly in the horse's mouth was her bag and the rest of her belongings. She smiled and patted Butterball's pink snout, though his big black eyes glazed unresponsively before he collapsed on the grass and fell asleep.

As the half-elf began rolling the heaven woolen stockings over her scratched toes, her stomach rumbled and rolled irritably. "Say, I don't suppose any of you have any food on you?" she asked, grinning sheepishly. The gloomy silence she received hinted to Luca that the answer was no, or at least, no as far as she was concerned. "Aiyaa... we should have stopped at that little town back there, gotten some food, eh? Where is the nearest stop anyway?" Luca continued babbling to herself, slipping her boot over her foot and tugging at the worn laces. The half-elf began sorted back through memories. When was the last time she had been through here? A few years, probably...

"Oh!" she cried suddenly, pulling so hard that the lace of her boot snapped. Looking somewhat forlornly at the coarse twine, Luca tossed it into the tiny fire with a shrug, "Earlier today, I was nap-- looking for Jee from a tree and saw this...eh... dust. Plume thingy. I don't know, but it was big. Some kind of crowd moving about, I guess. Maybe we could check it? Maybe your attackers?" she asked hopefully, looking at Jee and thinking to herself that perhaps they might have some food...

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