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Author Topic: Dawn of War! Chapter one; The Gathering.  (Read 69498 times)
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Oscar Lotus
New Santharian

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« Reply #375 on: February 26, 2003, 04:26:22 AM »

Qui Qui snarled as he was torn off of Lucirina's body.  He pulled his sword and then saw and heard Lord Bobbo asking him what he was doing.  Qui sheathed his sword and bowed his head.  He replied. "I was giving her the breath of life, M'lord.  She was not breathing."

Qui stood there and then suddenly the storm was passed and the sun came out.  Small pieces of sand pockets slowly drifted down.  Qui looked around and noticed the Tristin and several of his men still digging at his tent.  Without a word to Lord Bobbo or Lady Lucirina he ran to the tent and began helping digging.  It was the Tristin who was the first to touch Oscar's body.  He motioned to Qui and they both began to drag Oscar's body out of the sand.  

It was obvious to all as soon as Oscar was uncovered that he was dead.  Qui kneeled, lay upon Oscar's body, he raised up and tore his clothes, and then he cried.  Suddenly he arose and asked the Tristin. "How is it that Lord Bobbo got out of the tent but my uncle did not?"

"We were digging, when Lord Bobbo came bursting through an opening in the tent.  I assume he must have cut it."

"And in doing so he allowed the sand to enter the tent.  He did not help my uncle out. He just saved his miserable skin! And allowed my uncle to die!"

The Tristin slapped him across the face. "Thou will not speak of the Lord of the Junakin house like that.  He did try and help us dig Oscar out, but his heart was toward his Lady. Did you not do the same?  If you need someone to blame, then blame yourself!  I do not believe that anything we could have done would have saved Oscar.  If Lord Bobbo had not cut his way through, then we would be mourning him as well as Oscar.  You owe Lord Bobbo an apology."

Qui turned and looked at Lord Bobbo. "I ask for your forgiveness M'lord.  I spoke without thinking.  I am a rash and uncouth youth.  I blame myself for my uncle's death. I, and I alone will bear this guilt.  It is not placed upon thee."

The Tristin then placed his hand upon Qui's shoulders. "Oscar will recieve a Sheik's burial."  He motioned to several of the men to take Oscar's body and prepare it for burial.  The took his body and carried it to the far side of the courtyard.

"I thank thee Sire for your kindness." Qui said. "If you will excuse me I must see to the needs of my men."  

"You must do as your heart dictates, my son." replied the Tristin.  "Oh, Lord Bobbo are you through with him?"

Nahor Nahor had been riding up the street called "Tristins Glory" when the storm hit.  His horse reared and he was thrown off.  Fortunately when he hit he immediately rolled and was back on his feet.  But the sand and wind and then the ground shook.  He ran to the side of one of the houses upon the street.  He stood there wondering what had happened.  He saw houses crack right down the middle.  The streets buckled and large crevices appeared.  He saw glass shatter from the wind and heard people scream. The sun was completely blocked out by the sandstorm.  Nahor had been in many a sandstorm, but he could not recall any that had this much violence and never one that shook and cracked the earth like this one did.

He cowered by the side of the building, keeping an eye upon the roof over him, in case it broke apart.  Then as soon as it came it was over and the storm blew out to sea, but not before it had damaged several ships.  Nahor cautiously came out of his hiding place, he noticed the sun appear, and people comming out of their homes and buisnesses.  He looked for his horse, but he was no where to be found.  He cursed and then began the trek toward Troas's house.

Oscar Lotus
A beer in the belly is never a bad thing.

Wind Waker
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #376 on: February 26, 2003, 05:54:22 AM »

Gararion stood in the middle of the street from the begining of the sotrm and lasted throughout the entire storm with aid from his magic.  The storm had now passed, but not without leaving great damages to property and mounds of sand against many doors.

Gararion looked about and heard many cries of suffer behind closed doors blockaded by mound of sand piled upon them.  Immendiatly he begun his wok, sending gust of wind here and there removing mounds of sands that piled in moments as quickly as they came, in moments.

Gararion left the main part of the city, without word to Shaint or others, in search for any way his magic may be of use for the good of these men for he truely felt that evil magic was behind it and thought that it would be best to show these people that magic could truely be used for the good.

As he walked he saw many people staring at buildings that had been destroyed by the force of the winds, structures whos walls had been split like the earth beneath them.  He saw others pulling sand away from piles with there bare hands, these people he helped with a wave of his hand clearing the sand away with a gental strong breeze revealing what they were searching for.

He continued his journey throughout the city helping those he could.


New Santharian

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« Reply #377 on: February 26, 2003, 09:59:22 AM »

Looking down at Derm he saw Raoneth had come to.  With a slight motion of his hand Derm set the brownie down on the now still street.  "The others have gone in there," he said nodding his head toward the tavern across the street, "I dare not follow, in case someone recognizes what I am."  Hearing a faint cry he turned around to see a small sand dune up against a house  move slightly.  Running over the scooped the sand away with his large powerful hands.  Quickly his efforts revealed a small child trapped beneath the weight of the sand.  Grasping the boy his lifted him out of the sand and set him on the ground.  At first the boy smiled at him but then caught a glimpse of Radaroc's face.  He smile suddenly became a scream of terror as he tore down the street  yelling about monsters.  Pulling his cowl closer to his face he turned back to Derm and Raoneth.  Damn my heritage, why must I suffer this burden?

In the begining I was weak.  Now I have purpose.  Stay me from my path and the Gods themselves cannot save you.

New Santharian

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Posts: 200

« Reply #378 on: February 26, 2003, 11:27:22 AM »

Keelin saw a few of the others dimly through a window. She stood up and pushed the door open slightly, catching it with her good arm so that it wasn't blow open. She stood braced and gestured for them to get inside. Hurry up, guys. The wind is threatening to take my arm off along with the door. Stupid sandstorm.  

There isn't enough time to do everything and too much time to do nothing.

New Santharian

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Posts: 459

« Reply #379 on: February 26, 2003, 10:02:22 PM »

While the storm blew, Raoneth could feel something coming from Gararion, he seemed to be concentrating.
Maybe he's using magic to control the weather... the way he wants it to be, I suppose.
The storm keeps roaring for a while, then it fades away. Suddenly he landed on the ground, he wobbled a bit but finally settled in a slight slouch.
After rubbing his eyes he could see a frightened child, running away from the troll who turned and walked back with a disappointed look on his face.

Atrii Redwood
New Santharian

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« Reply #380 on: February 26, 2003, 10:55:22 PM »

The winds picked up and Atrii looked around, making sure everyone was alright and heading to the inn. He found everyone but it seemed Gararion had disappeared, Atrii looked to the tavern and saw Keelin holding the door open urging them all to get inside. He turned and bolted to the door. "Thank you Keelin,"he then turned to the rest of the group still outside. "Come on everyone get inside!"

Lucirina Telor Vevan
Approved Character
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« Reply #381 on: February 27, 2003, 12:24:22 AM »

Lucirina heard Qui snarl and then he was pulled away from her, leaving the sandblind elf with only her sense of hearing to know what was going on around her. She heard Qui's reply to Bobbo's words and the sound of a sheating sword.
She then heard the wind pass and realized that the storm had to be over, thanking Avá she turned toward the direction where she thought Bobbo was and tried to ask for water, her throat, dry and raspy, was not able to produce a single sound so she decided to stay calm and silent until someone brought her water that she needed both to drink and to cleanse the sand from her eyes and regain her sight.
She could hear a great deal of conmotion, the sound of tearing fabric and then a voice crying out in pain, a voice she recognized as the one of Qui.
She listned more carefully and heard him blame Bobbo of Oscar's death....
Oscar was dead!
The kind, elderly man that she had come to apreciate and that had been so generous to her, he was passed into the realm of Queprur, how could life have been so little generous?
Listening more she heard about Bobbo cutting trough the tent and leaving Oscar behind, she remembered how sand had poured onto her body when she cut the hole in the fabric and realize that Qui's words could be the truth.
A loud slap was heard and the hard voice of the Tristin ordered Qui to silence, she heard that Bobbo, after freeing himself from the death trap the collapsed tent had turned into, had rushed to her rescue as had Qui and she felt a twinge of guilt in her heart, had she not returned to the tent maybe Oscar would have been alive now.
She could feel tears stream down her cheeks once more, tears that cleansed her eyes for sand and allowed her to see once more.
Several soldiers picked up the body of Oscar and started too carry him away.
Lucirina got to her feet and rushed over to the side of the deceaced old man and placed a soft hand on his right hand, already starting to loose all warmth, words in the elven language flowed from her mouth as freely as the tears flooded from her eyes, a raspy voice filled with sorrow managed to give a final good bye to Oscar.

"Safe journey, father.... Avá artán qué."

She then stopped walking and let them carry him away, a sharp pain in her heart still remained, a pain of having lost someone she cared for in such a terrible way.

From sunrise to sundown I live my life as a song.
Listen to the songbird, don't ignore it.

Edited by: Lucirina Telor Vevan at: 2/26/03 3:27:54 pm
Oscar Lotus
New Santharian

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Posts: 775

« Reply #382 on: February 27, 2003, 03:47:22 AM »

Qui Qui watied silently for Lord Bobbo's pronouncement.  He watched as his men carried his uncle away.  Tears, that had before had been streaming down his face, streamed no more.  He would not cry.  Would not show emotion, especially in front of Lord Bobbo.  Deep inside he knew what the Tristin had said was true and his heart and soul were torn asunder by the reality.  If he had not been so blinded by...love. Was it love, or some adolescent crush? He wondered.  Then maybe Oscar would be alive, but then Lucirina might have died in stead?  Who knew? Oscar's voice echoed in his mind in reply.  "Qui, only Seyella knows our destinies.  It is not our right to question why? Our duty is to live our lives the best way we know how, and let Queprur judge us accordingly."

Qui muttered under his breath, "Even in death, uncle your wisdom comes shining through, thank you."  Qui then noticed Lucirina run to Oscar, touch his hand and say something in what he assumed was the Elven language.  He could see she was genuinely touched and grieved.  He wondered and then smiled, even though he knew Lucirina and Oscar had not known each other for long.  His uncle's character, his kindness, and wisdom had touched another's soul.  And since it was Lucirinia's, it pleased him even more. It was love, and he loved her even more though he knew it would be a love that would be unrequited, but he would accept that... he hoped.

Qui's men Qui's men reverently put the body of Oscar down upon the ground and then began to build a funeral pyre.  Each one lost in their thoughts.  Each one thought of something that Oscar had done or said that bettered their lives.  Some even laughed as they thought of their times within Oscar's Tavern.  The fights that usually happened, most of them good natured, but some deadly.  Oscar could always do or say something that would make the combatants stop and think about what they were doing.

One said remember what he told us?  "Life is too precious to be wasted upon thin skins.  Either grow a thick skin, or become a hermit" and another man replied and he also said,  "Fight for loved ones and for righteous causes, them are the only fights worth fighting and... dying for."  The men solemnly nodded as they continued building the pyre.

Oscar Lotus
A beer in the belly is never a bad thing.

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