Lesrin'mar is a blue mixture, made from the herbs alrik'ran and alth'mon, that causes the temporary deactivation of ones nerves. It is used widely from the highest court physician, to the lowliest herbwife, or midwife. It has been mass produced all over North and South Sarvonia, and has become a common pain reliever. This, however, does not take away from its usefulness.

Description. Lesrin'mar is a medium blue in colour, the colour properties of alrik'ran dominating its physical appearance. Before it is mixed with water, it has a pasty consistency, and feels gooey and syrupy to the touch. If the proper amount of water is added, it takes a much thinner consistency, very similar to that of water. This makes it much easier to drink. Any healer with at least a basic knowledge of herbs can make it, as well as most herbwives and midwives. If one cannot make it themselves, they can find it at most local markets. It usually goes for three to five sans. It is usually packed in a small leather waterskin, to make transportation much easier.

The effect of this concoction is that it temporarily deactivates the nerve endings in the body. This gives the drinker a detached feeling, and they lose most coherency. This effect intesifies or weakens, depending on the dosage. It can be as strong as to cause sleep, and as weak as to give the patient full awareness of their surroundings, while feeling no pain.
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Ingredients/Materials. Note: When making this mixture, always use a proportion of three to five in regards to alth'mon and alrik'ran. Use nine to five if using the roots. An embalance in these proportions could be harmful to the patients health. Here are the ingredients in detail:

3 alth'mon leaves or 9 roots
(Depending upon the desired potency. The potency of the roots is one third of that of the leaves.)
5 alrik'ran roots
Pestle and mortar
Mixing bowl
Horse hair or metal sieves
Flask of water
(use a ratio of three to one when adding the water, water being the three)
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Method of Production. Lesrin'mar is made from the two herbs Alth'mon, and Alrik'ran.

Area of Production. Lesrin'mar is widely produced all over the continents of North and South Sarvonia. Almost all herbalists and healers have a common knowledge of this herbal mixture. However, it is not used in the Kanapan Penninsula, as neither of the herbs used are located anywhere near that area. Return to the top

Usage. This mixture is widely used by the highest noble, to the lowliest peasant. It is used as a potent pain reliever. Most healers keep it on regular supply. It can numb the most fatal wounds, to at least bring peace before death. It is also widely used to numb the pain of a mother giving birth. This has made the mixture truly helpful. The reason one can take such a high dosage, is that, for reasons unknown, the alrik'ran in the mixture neutralizes the poison of the alth'mon. Also, even though it retains the colour of the alrik'ran plant, it does not stain the teeth blue. This makes this mixture much more ideal than its ingredients seperately.

Another use, on the seedier side of things, is as a drug by some peasants, and even some orcs. They use it to create a euphoric feeling, making them feel detached from their surroundings, helping them forget their troubles. Some people become addicted to this mixture, which is why one should be careful not to use too strong of a dose repeatedly. Return to the top

History. This mixture is used widely throught the Sarvonias, but this is how it came to be.

The Khana Averash
View picture in full size Image description. The mindsmoother Khana Averash. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.

This mixture was created by a mindsmoother, healer, herbalist, and experimenter, named Khana Averash. Her tribes have been so intermingled, that her exact lineage is unknown to this Compendium writer. She encountered a rare disease she had never seen before, and so she decided to try to find a cure through herbal experimentation. She tried many different combinations, that did nothing, or made the man's condition worse. She happened upon a mixture that took away the feeling in his body, allowing him to die in peace. She had failed to save a life, but perhaps she started a revolution in the medical field. This led to much experimentation, and she eventually created many other mixtures. She has only taken on one known apprentice, whose name has never been uncovered. She has remained very elusive, and this Compendium writer has been able to dig up next to zero information on her. Patients who regularly came to see her in the city of Ximax were given this mixture many times. One man stole the written recipe, and was able to reproduce it. He began selling this recipe to many major industries, and soon it was mass produced all over Santharia. Khana was outraged at such thievery, and she hid from the world, living near the Auturian Forests. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. The Bludd Dealers have attempted to pass this mixture off as an 'elixer of life'. Because of this, it is widely believed by some uneducated peasants that it grants immortality. Also, this Compendium writer has discovered a false campaign that this mixture causes blindness, redwater malady, lollymind, and even death. This is most likely a spiteful retaliation from some industry that lost much of its profit from this product. Return to the top

 Date of last edit 19th Fallen Leaf 1669 a.S.

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