UhLah is a muddy brown, sweet-smelling, sweet-tasting, gooey and sticky mixture that causes the stopping of one's heart. It was created by the Bubblers of the Brownie clan of the Llaoihrr. It has become an important part of their society, with a tragic history. Variations of this mixture's name are: Sticky Death, Sickly Sweet Grave-Caller, Bark Drink, Grim Juice.

Description. uhLah has a sickly, muddy brown colour, due to the mixture of the colours white, brown, and blue. It looks very unappealing to the eye, and one could never trick another into eating it without the disguising the foul liquid. It gives off a bittersweet smell, and is intoxicating to some species of wild animals. These species include almost all forms of vermin, most in the weasel family, a few bears, a good many flying breeds, and the grassland boar. A few things to mention, is that the wood owl is particularly attracted, and the Ximax rat isn't at all. If one were to stick their hand in this liquid (believe me, you don't want to), they would find that it feels rather gooey and sticky. This could, of course, be problematic, because the poison can eat through your skin like a snowflake, and get into you bloodstream, stopping your heart withing a matter of seconds. The mixture tastes rather sweet, unless it hasn't been stored properly, then it will take on a very bitter taste and smell. If ingested, it will have the same effect as contact with the skin, but results will happen less quickly. Brownies are the only race that it doesn't affect, unless it hasn't been stored properly, in which case, it is a danger to all. Direct injection into the blood is the quickest way to kill, and the only way of contact with this mixture that isn't deadly is smelling it, which might have a risk of giving you an urge to drink it. The only known cure for this mixture, is by drinking kell berry juice diluted with water, with tiny bits of the sulcho mushroom mixed together. Return to the top

Method of Production. During the harvest festival, the ingredients for this mixture are collected. The Bubblers of the Llaoihrr clan participate in the gathering of all fruits, mushrooms, and plants they can find, but every year, a small group is assigned to specifically gather all of the sulcho mushrooms, kell berries, and rockmoss that they can find. They are to keep it safe, and bring it back to the main clan territory to be made. The kell berries cannot be used while they are ripe, so the Brownies cannot make the mixture for a few days. The kell berries and the rock moss are crushed and mixed together with a small amount of water. The resulting liquid is then placed in a large (for a Brownie) tub. They then place two or three sulcho mushrooms into the tub, letting them soak for about five hours. Once soaked, they are then taken out, and each individual mushroom is squeezed of its liquid into individual containers, successfully mixing in the components of the mushroom needed to complete the mixture. The containers are then sealed with wax, and stored in an underground room, where the air will not ruin them, and they are kept cool. This process is repeated until all of the ingredients have been used up. This is strictly Bubbler knowledge, and no humans know about it. The only reason this Compendium writer was able to get information on it, was because of a particularly sneaky Brownie named Oo'eh'ih Greenbark, who later became exiled for leaking the Bubbler secrets to yours truly. I feel no remorse in this regard, as it was her decision, and I got what I wanted. Apparently, she has a fair amount of connections among the Bubblers.

Just recently, the Brownies have begun selling their product. They like to keep this beauty mostly to theirselves, and show this by severely diluting the mixture with water. It would take quite a bit of it to kill a human, much less a bear.
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Usages. The Brownies reserve this particular poison for major festivals, and for times of war. Luckily, the Brownies are immune to the poison, so they can eat whatever meat that it infects. In fact, the poison actually improves the taste! It is mainly used to fell large beasts, to use in some of their major festivals. It has proven most useful to them in that aspect. They also use it for times of war, often tipping their arrows with it, much like they do for hunting. They have developed special darts in which a moderate amount of the poison is injected into the victim, killing them virtually instantly. It, unfortunately, does not work on Rat Brownies, should their ever be war with them, unless it has been stored improperly and has "gone bad".

A lot of human rat-trappers[/color use this poison, as it is still potent in its diluted form. They will pay a high price for it, and has proved a potent and successful way to get rid of your vermin problem. Cats wish they could exterminate this mixture, as it may put them out of business!

As part of an agreement, the
Brownies also share the mixture with those of the dwarven persuasion, in exchange for some more sulcho mushrooms. The dwarves think they are getting the better end of the deal, when, in reality, they are getting cheated by the Brownies. They receive the diluted form, just as the humans do. They use it to make traps for rats, as this is one of the animals that are drawn to it, but must be careful with it.
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Origin. This mixture was discovered by a Bubbler named Si'ena Bluebark. Si'ena loved to experiment, and wouldn't stop trying, no matter how many failures occurred. She discovered this mixture one day, thinking it was another failure, while her mount, an owl, drank some, and died instantly. She was greatly despaired over this, and killed herself. She believed that she had offended the Great Wood Owl spirit. She believed that giving her life was the only acceptable offering for making ammends for offending the spirit. Others found her and her work days later. They dissected the liquid, and determined was it was made of. They began production of it immediately, and uhLah became an important contribution to the Brownie tribes of the Vale.
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Myth/Lore. The Brownies have a clear knowledge of how it came to be, but why uhLah does not affect them is a different story. The Brownies have a firm belief that the sacrifice of Si'ena caused the Great Wood Owl Spirit to bless them with invulnerability to this deadly poison. Every year, on the day that Si'ena died, they have a special feast in honour of the Great Wood Owl Spirit. They sing many songs of praise and thanks, in hopes that the spirit will keep its 'veil' of protection over the Browniin race. Return to the top

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