Aél'vól (Styrásh Aél'vól, lit. "eye/eagle") is a powerful enchanted sword with deep roots in Northern Sarvonia. It was called the "Sword of the Kings" in the ancient Mynian Kingdom, used by every crown member of the Royal Family from Minar II to Surian. However, it is more commonly known among Santharians as the compatriot of Or'injèrá and the second sword of Dygan Heartswind.

Description. Aél'vól is long, thin, and slightly curved. Despite its light weight, any smith can see that the metal is incredibly strong and tolerant. Unlike Or'injèrá, this sword is decorated with an eagle, wings spread, on either side of the crosspiece.
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Usage. Aél'vól has two states of activity, passive and active. In its passive state, it is an incredible sword of combat, very useful in the Mynian Kingdom because of the hostile environment the kingdom was in. The sword can cut through solid marble without a nick on the blade, and despite that being its singular power, it is an incredible one indeed.

However, when used in combination with Or'injèrá, it's name comes to light. As if the eyes of an eagle observe its prey, the blade almost actively seeks out vulnerable points on a target, as well as activiating the magics within Or'injèrá, which would grant the knowledge to be able to use this.
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History. The martial enchantments on this weapon are without a doubt the counterpart to the cooperation-type enchantments on Or'injèrá, keeping in line with the Xeuá nature of the artifact set, which keep in line with the theory of elven forging.

The rumors among Mynian history was that the blade was first used by Minar during the Great Sundering, particularly at the famous battle of Fá'áv'cál'âr. It was passed along tribal leaders, who used the blade to fend off the orcs that would repeatedly attack the humans.

In 2040 b.S., with the rise of the Mynian Kingdom and Minar II, Minar's sword was named as the "Sword of Kings". Minar II was a noteworthy spectacle in combat, as well as the following kings if they were ever upon the battlefield. He would sever armor and orcflesh in a single stroke, gaining the respect of his people. For the 400 years of the kingdom's existence, the Blade of Minar was always in the hand of his blood descendants.

In 1649 b.S., the Year of Darkness (known to the Mynians as the Burning Night), when the kingdom finally fell, the blade was taken by the Losh-Oc orcs. There it remained in the hands of the destructive race until it was taken in 302 b.S. by Dygan Heartswind, unknowing carrier of Or'injèrá. As the most well-known wielder of the Blade of Minar, it was a little ironic that he was not a blood descendant of Minar.
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