The Chán'vai (Styrásh for "all seeing"), also known as the Orb of Sight, is said to lie under protection of the cáeth'dél, the elven mages, of the Quaelhoirhim city of Elving. The actual existence of the Chán'vai is more than likely a myth - but it is said that this mythical artifact held immense power. It was said to have the ability to allow an individual to view anywhere in the world that they could mentally envision. They would then be able to cast any magical spell without the worry of any reprecussions against oneself. Eventually, it was decided that the powers of the Chán'vai were too great and from that point on the Orb of Sight was hidden away. There is no record that it was ever used for any meaningful task and suggests even more strongly that it was only a myth, but the elves keep very secretive about it, so no sure judgement is possible in this respect.

Appearance. There are a few depictions, which show the orb in similar fashion, so it seems possible to describe its appearance properly. When not in use, the Chán'vai appears as a xazure blue orb, but emitting a magical crystal-like glow. The orb itself is roughly two palmspans in diameter and rests upon a stand crafted from a fagrans tree. The stand for the orb is then draped in a velvety xazure blue cloth that allows the orb to rest comfortably upon its stand. Return to the top

Usage. The Chán'vaí was developed so that the
elven mages, the cáeth'dél, of Elving would be able to exercise their magical powers outside their realm without physically being there. Some actions said to have been carried out were dousing fires, removing peasants from dangerous situations and other helpful tasks. However, despite the many positive possiblities the Chán'vaí presented, there was an even larger possibility for evil actions to be carried out with the Orb of Sight. The cáeth'dél feared that assassinations could be carried out, wars could be waged - the possibilities would be endless for the carnage that could be created from this orb. Thankfully, the cáeth'dél quickly realized its potential for evil and sealed it away within the Twin Towers, never to be used again because the consequences were far too catastrophic.

Many of the more well-known versions of the myth entail that the Chán'vaí had many powers, including the "real" one. One of the most myths included that the power was that the Orb of Sight allowed the user to actually take possession of a being, seeing through their eyes - hence the name Orb of Sight. This version is relatively close to the Orb's confirmed, "real" abilities, while many other myths are ridiculously exaggerated, stating that the Chán'vaí is a relic capable of limitless power with the capabilities of destroying all of Caelereth.

More reliable sources state that the Chán'vaí could have indeed existed with more realistic abilities. It is said that only magi of exceptional strength were able to utilize the Chán'vaí. Many believe that there is no mage alive that could have the power to do so. From various sources we know that the mage needs to focus all his magical abilities to the orb, which takes a great deal of concentration - a mage need sto visualize the place he wishes to see (as if trying to whisp himself away in the wind). It has been said that having been to the location in the past is nearly essential for the mage to be successful.

Once activated, the mage using it sees into the orb as if he is looking through the eyes of a being that is actually present. In a sense the mage is, he is almost a spectral spirit, invisible and unrecognizable. Once at this point, a mage can cast spells to affect the place that they have "transported" themselves to, but they cannot use any physical means to affect the situation - nor can any physical, or even magical means affect the mage. This form of invincibility was a prime reason why the Chán'vaí was deemed far too powerful to be used and supposedly hidden away deep within the Twin Towers of
Elving. Return to the top

Origin/History. The actual developer of the Chán'vaí is unknown, as is the exact date. However, many believe that a Council of
cáeth'dél collectively created the Orb of Sight at the beginning of the Second Sarvonian War. There emerged several rumours about the Chán'vaí being used during the war, which likely sparked the entire introduction of the myth of the Chán'vaí, the Orb of Sight. Eventually, at the war's end, it was decided by the cáeth'dél to hide the powerful artifact. When the decision came to seal away the Chán'vaí, there was some opposition, but eventually it was agreed upon that the risks of using the Orb of Sight were not countered by substantial advantages.

The actual place where the Chán'vai lies is disputed, some even say it was destroyed. Many believe it to be within the Twin Towers of
Elving, possibly stored in catacombs that run beneath the towers. Others consider that it might be with all other artifacts within the Tower, simply meant to never be used. However, there is also a belief that the Chán'vaí is in the possession of mages outside the Twin Towers of Elving. They have yet to solve the mystery of activating the Chán'vaí or they do not possess the power to do so, but it is a frightening possibility. However, all of these possibilities can be dismissed due to the uncertainty of the Orb's actual existence. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. The very existence of the Chán'vai could very well be a myth. None of today's cáeth'dél in Elving will admit to any knowledge of the Orb of Sight, or they may actually have no knowledge of the Orb of Sight. The myth of the Chán'vaí  circulates throughout the magical world and is a well-known tale to the community of magi throughout Santharia.

The existence of the Chán'vai also ties to another artifact that was in possession of the elves, the Ionmis Globe. This globe was actually said to be kept in the city of
Elving before the First Sarvonian War, which creates an unusual connection between the two orbs. Another similarity is the power of the Ionmis Globe. It was said to reveal future events, a possible variation of "all-seeing" that may have been adopted to the myth of the Chán'vaí.

A likely possibility is that the orb did exist, but held no magical powers, it was merely an artifact - an item pleasing to the eyes. It was in the possession of a
cáeth'dél and the myth quickly developed around a mage in possession of a xazure blue orb, perhaps even an intentionally launched rumour for tactical purposes during the Second Sarvonian War. Return to the top

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