The armour És'nyermér'cár (Styrásh És'nyermér'cár, lit. "in/battle/life"), is one of the most useful and practical battle artifacts in history. While weapons of incredible power have their purpose, this armour is good for protecting a soldier from harm, which is often overlooked in lieu of combat power.

Description. The armour appears as chain mail, a set of interlocking rings. The metal is bright, but all together uninteresting. As far as appearance goes, it is a well-polished suit of ordinary armour. The differences between És'nyermér'cár and the ordinary chain mail is apparent, however, when the armour is donned. Unlike chain mail, there is little strain upon the shoulders, the weight more evenly spread throughout the body. It also does not chafe the wearer, but a padded shirt under it is desirable.
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Usage. When this armour is united with its brethern, the weight becomes little more than a shirt, and it does not constrain a person as normal armour. Truly made for a light, quick fighter in mind, it takes away the disadvantages of armour (restricted movement, weight, etc.) while keeping the most notable advantage, protection. The armour protects itself extraordinarily well, but it does not offer any other protection until united.
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Origin/History. Like the rest of the set,És'nyermér'cár defies magical divination. Rumored to have been forged during the Age of the Anvil, the history was remarkably quiet for the majority of its existence. What is known is that it was one time found by Ledom Heartswind, a wealthy spice merchant of Voldar, before the Age of Awakening. How Ledom came by this armour is unknown, but it was introduced into the Heartswind lineage at about 1750 b.S. One hundred years later, it would be used by his great-grandson Nelderk Heartswind, a soldier defending Voldar. Unfortunately, while the armour was able to withstand the heat of dragon-fire, Nelderk was not. The armour remained in the Heartswind line, exceptions being in 501 where a cowardly human stole the armour to protect himself during the siege of Milkengrad. He died when an arrow, not being able to penetrate the armour, sailed over it, catching him in the neck. It was found and later returned. In 315 b.S., Meleri Heartswind lost the armour to a band of sewer thieves. It was returned by Dygan Heartswind in 304 b.S., who used it for 14 years until his disappearence.

This armour was meant to function as a set, as its history of costing the carrier his or her life when it was not dictates. Along with Dygan, the armour's location for the past two millenia are unknown.
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