The Heart of the Daoinis is one of the lesser known, but equally well-sought after artifact by those that know of its existence. It gives solice and peace to those who have lost someone. It also can grant knowledge from the dead, if the dead wish to give you that knowledge, or so it is said.

The Heart of Daoionis

View picture in full size Image description: The Heart of Daoionis, a golden amulet with an inset amber. Picture drawn by Eshóh.

Appearance. The Heart of the Daoinis is very simple, giving off no magical aura to the naked eye and only a faint one to those who can sense it. The amulet is about a palmspan in width and length. The amulet has an amber inset in the middle of it. The stone is 5 nailsbredth in width and length, being of an orange color with black lines running through the stone. The outer edge of the amulet is gold and etched in the gold it reads "Two hearts bound forever, inseperable even by death" written in Tharian. Return to the top

Abilities. The amulet is said to allow free communication between the bearer and the dead. This aamulet creates a doorway between the astral plane and the bearer's mind, allowing one of the dead to commuunicate with the bearer, in the bearer's mind. This can be dangerous and could possible cause the bearer to lose his/her mind. This amulet is a beacon at the least, for those who do not know of its power, and a means of direct and intimate conversation if the person is disciplined enough, and knows of the amulet's powers. This communication only occurs one of 2 times, when the bearer is unconscious, or when they are in a meditative state, concentrating on the loved one.

The deceased, if they know of the amulet's abilities, may be able to initiate conversation if the bearer has love for the deceased person. The stronger the love, the easier it is to initiate the conversation.
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History/Origin. The Heart of the Daoinis was created by Marius Daoini, who is said to have lived in the first century after Santhros ascension to the Santharian throne. He was a human Xeuatan having spent most of his younger days learning magic. He married an elven woman, whom he loved dearly, but could not spend the rest of her life with her - for she was still young for an elf and the end of his days were approaching too quickly for his likings. He wished to make her something to remember him by, and he thought perhaps he could even be with her after he passed away. He took his time to find the perfect stone, for he was going to make her an amulet, he finally purchased an orange amber stone, knowing his wife loved amber stones the most. Marius spent a week creating the setting for the stone and setting the stone. He knew he would never live as long as his wife, and did not wish for her to be alone after his death, so he spent a year, after creating the amulet, researching the proper enchantment to place on the amulet, and would stand the test of time. He finally found the proper enchantment after a year's time, and imbued it upon the amulet. Later that year he gave the amulet as a gift to his elven wife. He died some time later, but she was never alone at nights. He visited her in her dreams, but she kept the secret to herself, and never remarried. She gave the amulet to her daughter, when she died. The daughter did not know of the powers, and sold the amulet soon after recieving it. The amulet was passed on from owner to owner until about 600 years ago.

A young noble by the name of Marius Salenor purchased the amulet, and began to research on it. Marius Salenor lived off the wealth of his parents, he had no occupation nor did he have the knowledge and didn't plan to start one. His mind was always on his mistress, who had died, though he had married in the meantime. He went to bed with the amulet on, and thought of her nightly. Slowly he began to learn of the amulet's abilities. He found that he could spend his night's sleeping, and dreaming of being with his mistress. Marius Salenor continued living off the money that his parents had acquired during their short lift time. When he started running low on money he had to sell the amulet, but he also sold its secret. The amulet was purchased by an older elf named Demetrius, who gave the amulet to his daughter at birth, he was of Tethinrhim birth.

Her name was Áv'jeín Cár'álýth (Styrásh
Áv'jeín Cár'álýth, translated"Dawn of Life Loved"), but she became known as Katrina during her travels through the human lands, for Áv'jeín Cár'álýth is too hard to pronounce for the human tongue. Katrina was told of its secrets, after she had started the path of a cleric of Avá. Katrina grew up and then started travelling, at about 300 she returned home for a visit, and met a young elven child, whom she saw was more detached from others and closer to the woods. His name was Dar'mont. She took her time and befriended him and slowly grew closer. He was to go out on his first quest, and she knew it. She gave him her amulet, but did not tell him its secret. He returned and they continued courting, she was kidnapped a week before the wedding, but he retained the amulet. The bandits took her, figuring she had the Heart of the Daoinis and eventually killed her as she didn't reveal to them that it was in Dar'mon'ts possession. Dar'mont still has the Heart of the Daoinis until this day. Return to the top

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