The Or'injèrá (styrásh lit. "light guide") is an enchanted weapon with unique powers, one of a five-piece set of equipment. This blade was created with the purpose of teaching its user on the subject of swordplay. Among humans, it is known as "the Tutor".

Description. Resembling a Kasumarii moonblade, the blade is slightly curved and very light, optimal for those with no real experience with a heavier blade. Inset under the guard is a single ruby, the only adornment present upon the weapon. The blade is made of rather plain metal, although it is always reflective of the light and never rusts. Return to the top

Usage. The sword has two states, passive and active. Passive, where it is found commonly, simply teaches the wielder by relaying commands in the heat of battle to building swordsmanship into the wielder's subconscious mind. Other than that, it is no different from a common sword.

To become activated, the sword must be used alongside its companion blade, Aél'vól. When active, the sword flows with magic. Its edge cuts hard substances easier, but most importantly, the sword will fill its user's mind with swordsmanship, everything from attack and defense, to movement and accuracy, making him a true master of combat. This knowledge remains with the user; it does not fade upon losing the weapon. This made it an effective instrument in training more than one person quickly.

However, the knowledge aspect of this is not backed by experience or intelligence. It is designed as a teacher, not as the blade of a mighty conqueror. This lesson is shown time and time again in the weapon's history.
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Origin/History. The blade's time of origin is unknown. It has been suggested that elves enchanted this blade, due to the nature of enchantments on the blade, which are obviously of Xeuá nature. One theory is that it was forged sometime during the Age of the Anvil, but some place it even earlier in history. It was rumored but never confirmed that it was used by the commander of the armies in the Battle of the Winds of Eckra the Cruel. The sword allowed the orc who wielded it to become one of Eckra's generals, but it was not enough to save him from the ravages that he receive on the battlefield, nor could it assist the orc when the sea rushed in to form what is now known as Eight Winds Bay.

The sword was forgotten, but millenia of wear against the coast of the Eight Winds Bay brought the Tutor back into history. The sword was found by a traveler named Arakon, who later had it stolen by a Caltharian beggar who sold the weapon to a high-ranking soldier for food. It in turn was presented to Artero the Weak, king of Caltharia. However, the sword could not inspire his weak army, and it was taken as part of the Declaration of Doovens. It ended in the hands of Khizaar, the Erpheronian military commander.

After his beheading because of the massacre at the Silvershire (see the War for Ancyros), the sword was kept in the Erpheronian kingdom, used by knights of different human tribes during SW I, the War of the Blood. The most notable user at this time, however, was Korpicor of Voldar, who planned to use it against the elven Avá'ránn, Eleannja. When the battle was abruptly called short due to the slaying of Eleannja and Korpicor by lightning, it was given as a peace offering to the elves. It was later given to Karthach of Ishmarin, the sovereign of the Erpheronian tribe, by the elves after he swore the Oath of the Young over 200 years later.

As one of the belongings of Karthach, the sword was seized during the chaotic years after its wielder was bitten by a snake. The sword's path then was difficult to trace, even changing hands 4 times in a single night. After Thar put an end to the chaos, the blade was returned to the throne. Thar, however, did not use the weapon, but kept it in a treasury as a heirloom of Tharania.

It was stolen in the end by the halfling thief, Verar Nimblestep. Verar was killed, however, by a mother bear when Verar strayed too close to its cubs. According to the legend of Dygan Heartswind the blade was picked up by a giant crow, who wove it into its nest. There it remained for a year until it was found by Flisgard Naronell, a seasoned hunter. Flisgard used the sword until he had a family, where he hung it up and never touched it again. The next time Flisgard used the blade, it was his final day. He fell in combat to the wizard Mercelus, where Flisgard gave the blade to his adoptive son, Dygan Heartswind. Dygan carried the blade until his disappearence. The blade has not been seen since.

The blade defies all sorts of magic. The sword's location cannot be detected with magic, and despite the most powerful wizard's attempt, it's history cannot be learned by magical means. What is known is only what is on records.

Time Table of Or'injèrá



12000 b.S.
-10000 b.S.(?)
Possible forging of Or'injèrá.
9023 b.S. (?) Possible use in the Battle of the Winds. If so, the blade spends thousands of years beneath the waves of Eight Winds Bay.
848 b.S. (?) Found by Arakon, a simple-minded wanderer.
847 b.S.
-843 b.S.
Carried by the Caltharian king Artero the Weak. It is later surrendered to the Erpheronian king Myrwodin as part of the Declaration of Doovens.
822 b.S. Taken from Khizzar, the Erpheronian military commander, because of his atrocities.
729 b.S. Held by Korpicor of Voldar, just before he is killed by lightning. Given to the elves.
501 b.S. Presented to Karthach, the Erpheronian sovereign, after swearing the Tethías'quarón, the Oath of the Young, ending SW II.
492 b.S. Named as an heirloom for the human kingdom of Tharania.
331 b.S. Stolen by the halfling Verar Nimblestep. Verar is killed by a bear.
330 b.S. Found by Flisgard Naronell, a seasoned hunter. Flisgard keeps it as a reminder of his hunting days.
304 b.S. Death of Flisgard. Or'injèrá passes to Dygan Heartswind.
290 b.S. Disappearence of Dygan Heartswind. Or'injèrá has not been found since. Return to the top

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