Sword carried by Medoc Ileri when he was serving as the Captain of the Guards in Voldar before the time of the Dragonstorm (1650 b.S.). An outwardly innocuous-looking weapon of utilitarian, sensible design but in truth, the sword was forged from metal mined from the deepest of dwarven mines and branded ésh-dél (magical) by the Styrá (elves). The hilt of the sword was for a time briefly melded to Katya's, Medoc's daugther and later on Erpheronian Queen, as she was carrying it in her hand when the Dragonstorm hit. The unbelievable heat of dragonfire melted the metal which grafted onto her skin and it would take powerful elven healing to separate the girl and sword apart once more.

Although twisted and warped by dragonfire, the metal of the broken sword still rang true when Katya hurled it into the eye of the dragon Ol'dem'brey, wounding the beast and effectively ending the months long siege on the city of Voldar by the dragons.

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