Believed to be lost to the mysterious depths of the Ancythrian Sea, the Sword of Twilight is a mythical blade forged of darkness and of light. According to the myth, the spirits of the hero Eyrin Fontramonn and the villain Saban Blackcloak are sealed within the blade. Each spirit waxes and wanes depending upon the nature of the wielder of the sword, each finding strength in thoughts akin to their own in life.

Appearance. Tales abound as to the actual size of the sword. Some claim it to be the height of an elf, others establish its height to be nearer to that of a hobbit. Whatever its true height, the sword is intimidating with its broad blade. The edge of the blade is legendary, supposedly able to slice through even dwarven steel. Forged of an unknown alloy, no stories identify the nature of the metal from which it was crafted. They only hint to it being a metal of the gods. But the description of the hilt is easily recognizable as bone wrapped in black leather, representing the colours of Queprur, black and white. Some claim it to be a bone of Blackcloak, others of Eyrin Fontramonn, either way it remains only bone bleached white by the sun. In the legends, the appearance of the sword varies further depending upon the motives of its wielder. Each distinct look has a separate name, the "Dawnsword" and "Nightblade" respectively.

Abilities. Like the appearance, the mythical abilities of the sword vary depending upon its user’s intent.

History/Origin. No true origin exists for the sword, save in the form of myth carried by word of mouth. But it does possess a history, or at least one within literature. Only fragments remain of any one story, each one detailing a villain or hero coming into possession of the sword only to lose it once more in death. Anyone, whether saint or rogue, to wield the sword found death in a myriad of ways, most commonly through mishap or others’ greed for the sword. Death finds anyone to wield the blade, that much remains constant despite the immortality it supposedly bestows. One fragment remains surprisingly complete in comparison to its counterparts, and is now housed in the Great Library of New-Santhala:

"Darkness surrounded the eternal youth as he made his way through the night. Time had not touched him in these many years, and he believed himself immortal. His agelessness was not born of elven blood but of the enchantment of his magical sword. Light was forever borne upon his hip in the form of a golden blade, one which had tasted the blood of many a criminal. Luck had ever been his faithful companion, yet she abandoned him this night as a knife flashed in the dark, ending his endless life."

- "Youth Eternal" (Anonymous)
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Myth/Lore. Night and day, darkness and light, ever the eternal rivals, were forged into a single blade. It is said that the quarreling spirits of two brothers were sealed within the blade, Saban Blackcloak and Eyrin Fontramonn, one as devious as the other was heroic. Queprur bound them so at the behest of one of her faithful of the Eophyrhim elves, a follower of Blackcloak intent upon following in his footsteps. But the goddess was even more devious, sealing away the hero with the villain as she placed a curse upon the blade itself.

Cloaked in darkness, one who called himself Sában’Melór prayed to the gods above for a sign of their favour. Drenched in the blood of his hounds and draped in their bones, the elf hoped to symbolize to the gods that he was willing to be their hound. It was from Coór the hunter-cleric expected an answer, praying for a weapon born of chaos, yet it was another deity entirely that bestowed her blessing upon him, perhaps drawn by the aura of death surrounding the cleric. The blessing of the Iron Mistress is a fearful thing in and of itself, bound to be more curse than boon and to lead only to her cold embrace.

The Kiïvosh itself bestowed her gift upon him, a sword infused with the spirit of the infamous Saban Blackcloak. With such a blade his power would only be surpassed by his vast ambitions. The world would kneel to him as he cast it back into chaos, gathering his brethren as an army of dark warriors much as his predecessor had. The blade whispered to him in the night, fueling his own dark desires. It was not enough that he possessed a powerful sword; he believed himself destined to claim Blackcloak’s legacy at Alvang.

Stories end with Sában’Melór’s departure for the isle. Some say the spirit of Blackcloak sought to rule from Alvang once more, yet others claim it was the spirit of Eyrin that fueled the desire to seek the isle, to rid the world of its evil. No matter which story is true, if either are, neither the sword nor its bearer were ever seen again. It can only be assumed that they fell to the mysterious Ancythrian Sea.
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