Thromgolin's Coronal was crafted by Bruder, soon after the founding of the Kingdom of Kyrania in southern Sarvonia. Bruder was the brother of Cyroan Thromgolin, founder and first king of Kyrania. Believed to be blessed by Arvins, God of the Hunt, and considered lucky by the Kyranians, it was named by Bruder in honour of Cyroan and features a stylised set of antlers and an amethyst stone. Legend has it that this was one of the stones that were found by Cyroan. Together with the sengren axe created especially for Sengren "Ren" Thromgolin, it was passed down from king to king and was considered to be an important and integral symbol of the Kyranian king. The Kyranians believed that these two items showed that the Kyranians were protected by Arvins. The crown survived the War of the Chosen and continued to be passed by king to king until the last King of Kyrania, Jalttren Dereswungen. Jalttren died in 806 b.S. in his unsuccessful attack against Elving, the elven capitol of the Zeiphyrian Forest. Thromgolin's Coronal was lost at this time, and hasn't been seen since.

The Coronal of Thromgolin

View picture in full size Image description. The Kyranian King Caldar Eywing (ca. 950 b.S.) wearing the Coronal of Cyroan Thromgolin, the initial founder of Kyrania. Picture by Seeker.

Appearance. This piece of headwear was designed for functionality as well as for style. As the coronal has been lost, the information in this section was garnered by looking at portraits of previous kings of Kyrania and interpreting ancient documents. The crown was made of steel and sits neatly over the head of the king, curving up over the ears and appears to be typical of the helmets worn by members of the Kyranian military. To further emphasize its nature as an item of protection, it has a nose guard.

To identify it as more than a helmet, it has an amethyst stone inlaid into the middle of its front. As with the royal
sengren axe, the crown's propensity to be used in war led to the amethyst stone to be broken on more than one occasion. The jewel had to be replaced. For a kingdom that depended on trading its mineral resources to other kingdoms in exchange for food, this was an expense that needed to be eliminated. In time, most Kyranian monarchs wore the crown on ceremonial occasions only, protecting the jewel.

On top of the crown is a small stylised stag head, reminiscent of the
Kyranian coat of arms and a reminder that the Kyranians believed that they were the favoured of the Lord of Balance. To either side of the amethyst stone is a flowing script, somewhat akin to the ancient Styrash runes used at the time of Bruder and Cyron Thromgoli, which, when translated into modern Tharian, reads "Thromgolin's Coronal". Return to the top

Usage. Thromgolin's Coronal was handed down from one king to the next and acted as a symbol of their authority over the lands of
Kyrania which traditionally included the Lower Fores, the Steppe of Kruswik, the Ilian Plateau and the Plains of Truoor in southern Sarvonia, all land which forms part of today's Santharian province of Xaramon. The new king was decided upon through the Kyresk, a set of three tests to determine which of the current monarch's children were worthy of being named heir and subsequently king or Thromgolin. These tests included a test of knowledge, a test of fighting prowess using and a test of hunting, the three skills deemed important to the Kyranians.

Different kings wore this crown into battle against elven or human foes such as the Centoraurian, emphasizing its suitability as a helmet. After the smashing and repair of the amethyst stone inlaid in its front, the use of the crown in battle was greatly curtailed by most kings. Now that Thromgolin's Coronal has been lost, it serves as a reminder to those who consider themselves to be of
Kyranian descent of the former greatness of the Kyranian Kingdom. The coronal also offers hope to these people that their former kingdom may be restored if they are able to find it again. Return to the top

History/Origin. Following the Great Sundering and the fall of F'v'cl'r, Cyroan led his troops and their families to the land that would become the Kyranian Kingdom: the Lower Fores; Steppe of Kruswik; Ilian Plateau; and the Plains of Truoor. Cyroan was pronounced King soon after the establishment of the Kingdom and it was determined that he should have a crown. Cyroan's brother, Bruder, a blacksmith by trade made the coronal that became known as Thromgolin's Coronal. Due to his training as a blacksmith, Bruder made it resemble the helmets worn by the men in battle.

Cyroan decided on the location of the first independent settlement of the
Kyranians through the discovery of a gem at the Lower Fores. Tradition has it that Bruder set this stone in the coronal forged for Cyroan and future kings of Kyrania. Amidst great ceremony, the coronal was presented to Cyroan on his coronation, and this was handed down to the new monarch when the throne changed hands. The crown, together with the sengren axe created by Sengren 'Ren' Thromgolin became symbols of the Kyranian Kingdom. In time both sengren axe and Thromgolin's Coronal were kept as symbols of the king of Kyrania and not used in times of war.

Both axe and coronal survived the War of the Chosen and continued to be passed down by monarch to monarch during all the wars and problems faced by the
Kyranians. When Jalttren Dereswungen became King of Kyrania, following the assassination of Gorm, he declared war against the elves and wore the coronal and wielded the sengren into battle against the elves at Elving during the time commonly known in Santharia as the Age of the Blood. During the Battle of Annihilation at the Zeiphyrian Forests, one of the opening battles of the First Sarvonian War, Jalttren lost both his life and the coronal when he attempted to take the elven capitol of Elving. Not long after the loss of the coronal, the Kyranian Kingdom ceased to be. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Legend has it that the amethyst used in the creation of the Crown of the Kyranian King was the very gem that Cyroan Thromgolin found at today's Lower Fores when he was deciding on the location of the first independent settlement of the Kyranians. One old fellow, who was partaking of some ale in the Red King Inn in Naios, insisted that this amethyst was the brother of the one that was used in the pommel of Ren Thromgolin's sengren axe. As both of the original gems used are lost to time, the truth or otherwise of such a claim is impossible to determine.

Along with the belief that the
Kyranians were favoured by Arvins, members of the former Kyranian Kingdom believe that the crown was blessed by the God of the Hunt and that as long as the crown remained in their possession, their kingdom would continue to survive and thrive. In fact, in the death of their last king, and the loss of Thromgolin's Coronal, the end of the Kyranian Kingdom came quickly, as the loss to the elves at Elving was followed up with Kyranian lands being annexed by the Centaurorians and the Kyranian kingdom being no more.

Even today, however, there are some amongst those of
Kyranian descent who believe that if Thromgolin's Coronal is found again, then the Kingdom of Kyrania will be restored to its former glory. Some look for the coronal, but most accept that it doesn't exist any more. Still there are some 'patriots' who look for the coronal in the Zeiphyrian Forests surrounding Elving. Return to the top

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