Below you can see the list of awards the Santharian Dream has already earned for its unique concept, the web presentation and for whatever else other people like to award us. - Thanx! I'm quite sure the awards you can see here aren't the last ones Santharia will receive. In case you have an award to spare and like what our site has to offer, don't hesitate to give it to Santharia - we'll be proud to present it here! And if you're interested check out all the other award pages too and pay the awarding webmasters a visit by clicking on the award!

Lorekeeper's Fantastic Fantasy Site Award

Award of the Fae

Site of the Month Award from Zoie Longhorn

Lorekeeper, May 6h 1999

Euphoria, May 10th 1999

Queen Zoie Longhorn, May 8th 1999


Award of Excellence from Gina's Fantasyland

Odonata Award for Excellence

The Critical Mass Award

Gina, June 4th 1999 Jackie, July 25th 1999 Bill Darling, July 25th 1999

High Density Hawk Award Computing

Scencic Site Award

Verity's Chivalry Award for Cool Sites

Tom, July 31th 1999 Bill Darling, August 4th 1999 Verity, August 8th 1999

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