Clan of the Lost Dragon's Fantastic Kingdom Award

Award of Enchantment of Zoie's Flower Garden

Majon's Web Select Award

Lorekeeper, August 12th 1999

Queen Zoie Longhorn, May 23rd 1999

Web Select Team,October 23rd 1999


Enchanted Website Award from Phantasia

Morgan LaFey's Spellbinding Site Award

Winner 1999 Golden Web Award

Phantasia, April 27th 1999 Morgan LeFey, August 16th 1999 The International Association of Web Masters and Designers, February 9th 2000

Kehau's Award for Web Excellance

The World of Saya Site of the Month December 1999

V3 Top 10 Site

Kehau, September 12th 1999 Ayana, December 7th 1999 Remy Willems (V3-Company), May 5th 2000

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