Appearance. The Alth’tiert grows on average to be about ˝ a ped in height, and roughly equal in width. It has a shallow root system that spreads out in a circular range from the plant. This allows it to get as much nutrition from the topsoil as possible in its habitat. It has long leaves that are a finger’s length at their widest. The plant receives its name from its appearance, as the leaves have a dark yellow tinge throughout, with a darker stripe of yellow running down the middle of the long leaves. The unique coloring is thought to be from the plants constant exposure to the sulfur that wafts out from the volcanoes. The leaves end in a point that is toughened, so as to give it a natural protection from any foraging animals. There is no observable stalk for the leaves to attach themselves to; rather they all tend to come together in a massed jumble at the base of the plant. Return to the top

Territory. The Alth’tiert plants are found in volcanic areas and can especially be seen in the Celeste Mountains at the southwest of Northern Sarvonia. They don’t grow closely together, but seem to cluster more around vents that lead into the bowels of the volcano.
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Usages. The Alth’tiert is a main trade item of the Fird’gormz, who trade it to the Helvet’ine. The Helvet’ine use the leaves of this plant to make a dye. First, they soak the leaves in water for a few hours, then they boil the enlarged leaf with a small amount of water, until the yellow juices of the plant are boiled out. Then, some egg yolk is added, to help give the mixture a little more hold. It is then set out for several hours, and a rich golden dye is now ready.
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