Appearance. Althz'onn is the name used in the Celeste areas as a general term for all plants that grow an edible bean. As a general term, there are several different types, though only one is actively cultivated to any extent.

Territory. These three bean plants are found throughout the Celeste lowlands and the nearby plains. It is thought that they must also reside in other areas of the world, though they would most certainly have different names, but this supposition couldn't be confirmed so far. Return to the top

Usages. The Seiu is actually cultivated by the Gerak Kuglim as a food source. It is then used in stews and other dishes to complement the usual meat dish. The Seiuímiev are interestingly enough a favorite food source of the large ulgaroth. The Seiuígarg have no use, or at least the people of this region do not use them for anything.
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