Named after its founder Arv Teus who suffered the first documented case of Arvious (Arvious = Addiction to the plant and then dying from exhaustion while under the influence of the Arv). Having high levels of caffeine the Arv becomes very addictive as it stops the consumer wanting to sleep and causing either severe sleep deprivation or in some cases Arv's Death can occur.

Appearance. A leafy plant about .75 peds in height with a bulb of greenery on the top with small white flowers hanging off the branches. In amongst the mess of a plant are small unattractive brown lumps (seeds) attached mainly to the thin main stem of the plant.

It is the small brown seeds which when eaten causes the caffeine effect mentioned earlier. They are highly addictive and should be used only with extreme caution.
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These plants are very rare growing about the warmer coastal regions, feeding from the salt water in the air.
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Usages. Used with extreme caution for healing purposes, but only by the most careful of clerics - as this plant, if incorrectly handled can cause (and has already caused in some cases) the death of the patient. It needs no preparation other than to simply bite into the brown seed. It is a 'caffeine boost', which, if taken in large doses, can cause heart problems, addiction and in extreme cases death.
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