Stemming originally from the region around Cartash, this type of bear is not only much bigger than his brown bear relative but also much more dangerous. The full grown Cartashian Bear can reach a height of three and a half peds thus rendering his opponents to mere dwarves: Big, dangerous, bad tempered, and vaguely smelly. There exist many different species of bears in the world of Caelereth, but the most notorious and feared of all is the so-called Cartashian Bear, the most deadly bear known to man.

The Cartashian Bear
View picture in full size Image description: An Ashmari fighting an enormous Cartashian Bear - a dangerous, but often executed barbarian ritual to prove one's manlyhood. Picture drawn by Aragorn.

Appearance. The full grown Cartashian Bear can reach a height of three and a half peds thus rendering his opponents to mere dwarves. The appearance of the beast is very similar to a typical brown bear but unlike his relative the Cartashian Bear is not only much bigger but also much stronger and may turn aggressive very easily when harrassed. Furthermore the skin color of the Cartashian Bear varies: It may be brown, black or white - due to the region the bear lives in. Usually Cartashian Bears are very plump in appearance with a short, fat neck and rather short feet and arms and a fragmentary tail. Generally they walk on all fours and can climb trees very fast, although their enormous size and weight limits the possibilities of adult bears so that they mainly walk on the ground. Cartashians have a full set of teeth, some sharp for tearing, others flat for more green food. They are also equipped with large claws, perhaps measuring 6 nailsbreadth each. Needless to say, the Cartashian Bear is quite a fearsome sight. Return to the top

Special Abilities. These Bears are incredibly big and strong, easily over powering anything trying to attack it. The average Cartashian Bear can match 15 adult humans in strength. The bear also is very fast. It can run after prey or away from enemies at an impressive 19 strals per hour. Cartashians are also blessed with a keen sense of smell and hearing for defense and offense. Return to the top

Territory. Stemming originally from the region around Cartash, a completely wooded valley in the western parts of the northern Sarvonian continent, this type of Bear can also be found at some parts of Santharian lands, mainly in the northern provinces like Nermeran and Enthronia, although only occasionally.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Despite the Bear's fearsome reputation it is not an incredibly territorial beast. Surprisingly to some, the area within twenty strals of a Cartashian Bear's cave is not littered with corpses. As a matter of fact it is only within five peds of which everything is dead. The Bear lives with it's mate for as long as either live, and will fight to the death for the other. The Bears have a low list of enemies and live easily in their usually wooded environment. During the months before winter Cartashians eat enormous amounts of food for the winter, while at the winter they enter their cave and calmly sleep for the fourth of the year the season lasts.
A Cartashian Bear, male or female, will live about twenty years. Return to the top

Diet. The Cartashian Bear not only nourishes from herbs, berries and honey (although he obviously prefers this type of food), but - depending on the region he lives in - also feasts on insects, fish or smaller animals like rats and rabbits.
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Mating. Once a Cartashian Bear matures it is sent off by its parents and goes out to find a mate. When the male finds a female it likes its resorts to the most common and primal cunning that exists in this world, which of course is bribery. The male will shower the female in honey, fish, and berries for as long as the female holds out. The female will finally accept the male and they go off together to start their lives. Cartashian Bears mate once every two and a half years. Each time they usually birth one, two or three cubs. The cubs are trained by their mother and father on how to forage, fight, and all the other facts of life. The cubs slowly mature and after two years they are full grown and ready to go out on their own.
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Myth/Lore. In a few of the barbarian tribes in the northlands they honor the Bear as a symbol of power and strength. In these tribes it is common for young men to fight actual Cartashian Bears in a duel to the death. The so-called "Initiation Ritual" for the great warrior tribes of the Ashmari often costs many young lifes, but indeed it is seen as an act of honor to die in such a ritual as the weak among the barbarians understand it is nature's will to make room for their stronger brothers.
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