R'unorian carnivorous vines. These unique vines found only on the  Islands of R'unor have adapted a unique solution to the problem's of growing on the bare stone cliff faces found along shorelines and the scattered mountains of R'unor: Bethelatrons feed not only upon nutrients found naturally in soil but supplement this by feeding on animal life found on the islands.

To accomplish this the vines grow small hairlike receptors along their length used to detect vibrations. If direct contact is made with the plants receptors the vine will wrap around its prey with enough force to crush the bones and internal organs of most animals. After the prey is secrured, the vine will retract itself towards the large central flower growing at its base. When not in its reproductive phase the flower serves as a container for a vile mixture of natural plant venomes and acids and encyms, that, once the prey is emersed in, will dissolve it to a liquid form that is exorbed by the plant.

During the reproductive phase, occuring at regular intervals every 5 or 10 years, the flower will undergo a significant transformation: The venomous mixture is then drained into sacks located at its base and is replaced by a sweet, greenish colored liquid, high in both proteine and carbohydrates. The vines are not sensitive at this time and will ignore stimulation. Many birds as well as some larger animals gather to feed on the nectre, covering themselves in polin in the process. The nectre is also considered a most desireable beverage by the human population and can sell for up to 3 gruldar a liter.

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