Bikiri is a tree fungus which is almost extinct in the world of Sorren. Its name is derived from a long dead language that is not in any recorded library or oral history known. Though, it has been referred to as "Beautiful Mist" in ancient magician's texts. The largest number of trees in a forest with Bikiri growing on them could not be counted - mainly because the people that kept trying to count them would count the same trees twice, or three times.

Appearance. Colouration varies, as it blends in with the bark of the tree it uses for a host. These fungi grow like shelves onto the bark of the tree, typically found growing ten to twenty peds above the ground on the tree’s trunk and branches. When colonies exist in close quarters, bridges of Bikiri have been known to form when two shelves grow together. These plants release spore clouds so thick they would be mistaken for fog or mist. The silvery spores are about the size of a grain of sand and semi-reflective. Return to the top

Territory. As with wizardleaf, it prefers any place where strong magic energy remains. Specifically found near high concentrations of magical energy where it is supposed that battles during the War of the Chosen took place. Seems to not care about climate, but growths are larger where there is high humidity but cool temperatures. New growths have also been discovered on trees near the Magical Academy of Ximax.
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Usages. It is said that some mages were able to employ these growths as a defense to kill vast amounts of troops. When a mage’s fortress came under siege or attack, a special sort of magical direction was sent to the fungi to release their deadly spores. The type of direction sent to the fungi is not clear. The spores would descend upon the troops below, spores would immediately burst when coming into contact with the troops and their animals, weapons, armour etc. This would release a miniscule amount of strong acid, which would dissolve anything it came into contact with instantly. As no one understands the way the ancient mages commanded these growths, they remain dormant and do not attack. In fact, some alchemists will gather hunks of this strange fungus. In order to create an ointment which the noble and royal women use for wrinkle removal. But, some alchemists have encountered trouble from illusionists who tend the patches of wizardleaf that are also found growing in the same vicinity. The ointment is amazingly effective and has come into high demand among aging nobles of both genders.
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Reproduction. Of the numerous spores released, some wear seeds which would implant themselves into the holes in the armour and even into the very flesh of the beings below. After approximately three weeks, the being dies and explodes from pressure. This releases a multitude of growth spores which drift on the wind until finding more trees to grow on.
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Myth/Lore. In archaic magic manuscripts, the process of how this plant was created by a servant mage as a defense for strongholds is described in detail. The mage of the stronghold would create a network of magic between all the plants and connect himself to it. A solider who survived long enough to write about his experience with Bikiri wrote this in his journal which is now preserved by the Injerín elves in one of their libraries.

"[...] The cloud of silver seemed to appear from nowhere, the troops paused and the general screamed it was just fog and to go on. Soon, the so-called fog had settled over every last man in front of me and behind me and on me as well. Our lungs caught fire and felt as if they were drowningl. Red acid seemed to materialize from nowhere and soon our skin was all that stood between us and the cloud. I ran as well and as fast as I could, the healing train had been slow and was behind us. Lucky them. Seeing the few men struggling with crawling towards them, they rushed to our sides. Now I hear their whispers when they think we sleep. They say we will not live long, and cannot decide if to kill us or let us die in agony [...]"

-- Helphon Drakk (editor): "Battle's History. Diaries of the Forgotten", p. 167. Return to the top

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