The Blue Drake can often be found near the shores of lakes and rivers, dipping in and out of the water looking for food, or half buried in sand and dirt during the midday heat. They are not very large and are somewhat timid, so finding one is more difficult than it might sound. The Blue Drake is also often called "Urzash" (plural form identical), representing an abbreviation for the uderzan blue the drake features.

Appearance. Like all chromatic drakes they are named by their colour, in this case an uderzan blue, with hints of sognathseen and vontromarin that can be seen reflecting in direct sunlight. Blue Drakes have startling solid green eyes, accented further by the blue colouring of their 2 ped long bodies, giving their eyes an almost glowing appearance.

Their wings have three joints which are just as useful for swimming as well as flying, and webbed claws that will propel them through the
water with surprising speed when used in conjunction with their wings. Each paw sports four claws, which are hooked sharply to aid in gathering food. The Blue Drake also has a distinctive horn that curls back from the crown of its head at about a half-ped in length, giving the face of the drake a 'swept-back' appearance.

Their bones are hollow and light weight to help them stay afloat in the
water; this is aided by the odd pocket of thick oil just above their stomachs. The oil is in a ‘bag’ that can stretch or contract over the entire length of the drake's torso at will. If killed while in the water, the bag contracts and forces the Blue Drake to flip over and float to surface stomach up. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The Blue Drake is capable of swiming, though not as well as its cousin, the sea wyrm. It can also fly, but again, not as well as other dragons or drakes. But it can float at any depth in the water it wishes and hold its breath for long periods of time; this is significant because this is how the drake gathers its food. It performs this feat by seemingly stretching or contracting the oil filled ‘bag’ in its body, allowing the drake to hold its position wherever in the water it wished to be. This is not admittedly, a very thorough explanation, because it seems to stand to reason that the drake would still flip over and float to the surface. One Brownie alchemist has made a claim that the drake can heat or cool the oil as it pleases and he bases this claim on experiments done with some of the oil: when the oil is warm, it is a liquid and very light weight, and when it is cool, it is very thick and heavy. Most alchemists however, are inclined to distrust this far-fetched notion. Return to the top

Territory. Blue Drakes have been seen in Santharia at the Manthrian east coast near the White Fish Cove at the rock formation known as Gorgoroth's Claw and the Cliffs of Hyndillan, but also further up at the Strait of Kharamm and the Nightfog Cliffs. The town of Marduran is the best staging ground for hunting these creatures. Further south in the Manthrian province you might also see them near Gopstone Point, about 200 strals north of Ciosa.

Some Urzsashs have been heard to be seen in deep water off the east coast, and this seems to be proven by the fact that carcasses, torn up by shraken and wyrms (teeth have been found in the bodies identifyng their hunters).
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Habitat/Behaviour. Blue Drakes can be found in the cool waters of lakes and streams at night, and buried in the cool, preferably muddy earth throughout the day. Colder water seems prefered, and this causes them to dive deeper as summer comes on.

The Urzash is a most timid drake, preferring to stay secluded and isolated from other creatures in general, including their own kind, and the reason seems to be related to their smaller size and lack of great abilities when dealing with any potential threats. It is not unheard of for other dragons and predators to seek it out as prey, which only adds to its reclusive nature. It is nocturnal, slipping into the water in the dark of night to feed. This has made observing the Blue Drake and its habits a difficult task to say the least.
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Diet. Urzash eat a variety of aquatic creatures, including fish, small terrapin, and shrimp which they catch by floating in the water, then snagging with lightning quick strikes from their hooked talons. They have even been known to feast on kelp and other water plants as well to balance out their diet. Adventurous Brownies have been known to be eaten by these drakes, as apparently they don’t consider a Brownie very threatening…
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Mating. The mating habits of the Blue Drake have never been observed: this is because it is done underwater, and only in deep lakes or rivers. It is one of the few times a Blue Drake will leave its accustomed body of water and seek out the company of another drake. The bull/male is more willing to leave its territory behind than the female, so it are often the females who live on the shores of deeper lakes and rivers, and males near the more shallow waters.

The two drakes meet on the surface of the water, circle each other a few times as if judging one another, and then they dive. From there, the rest is guesswork for any who care to do so.
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Usages. Blue Drake oil has some uses; it burns surprisingly well and some people claim it makes good cooking oil with a strong, sweet flavour when applied to food. But such oil is expensive and difficult to get, as hunting the drake is a difficult task due to its night time habits.

The horn of the
drake can be used as a blowing horn by smaller folk such as human children, hobbits or Brownies (a little large for them admittedly, but still possible). It makes a high, piercing note when properly hollowed out and blown, which is by no means unpleasant to hear.
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Researchers. One noted entry on researchers is the Brownie who made the claim about Blue Drake oil; his name is Redleaf, and he has been quite adamant about his idea that the drake can heat and cool the oil in its body at will, but no one is taking him seriously. Return to the top

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