Appearance. The Blue Glitra is a rare and elusive bird. It has taken years to compile information about this enigmatic and beautiful bird and even now there is much that is still not known. Eyewitnesses say it is two to three palmspans long with a bluish-green head and breast. The back and wings are a dark blue sometimes blending almost black in coloration. They have violet cheeks and crest with the crest elongated. The body seems to have a soft iridescence about the feathers. Blue Glitras have an extended, narrow and pointed bill. The tail feathers are the true glory of this bird. The main tail feathers are a palmspan and four to six nailsbreadths long and are every shade of blue and purple. There are three central tail feathers that can reach up to two and a half palmspans. The central tail feather is two nailsbreadths wide and ends in a broadening circular shape. There is also an eyespot in the center of this broadened area. The outer pair are narrow, with short soft filaments, with the ends curling around the central feather eyespot. All the tail feathers have a bright luminescence about them that seem to intensify when bathed by rays of the moon. Return to the top

The Blue Glitra
View picture in full size Image description: A Blue Glitra on a Nigtshimmer Flower. Picture drawn by Enayla.

Special Abilities. It has been suggested there is something magical about the song of the Blue Glitra. That may well be, for all people who have heard the song say it is a beautiful and entrancing song, but so sad. When asked if the song makes them sad all have answered in the negative. None whom have heard this song are able to describe it accurately. The best would be to say it puts a person in a kind of somber, reflective mood, but none of the thoughts seem to turn to sadness. Return to the top

Territory. The Blue Glitra has only been spotted in forested areas throughout the northern continents of Caelereth. All sightings have been widely separated and don't seem to be centered upon any one place or forest. Return to the top

Habitat/Behaviour. The Blue Glitra seems to be a sort of migratory bird, never staying long in one area. No adequate theory can be put forth for this constant and unusual behavior. For this reason there is no way of declaring one area or another as its home range. One thing can be known for certain, this is a nocturnal bird. It has never been spotted during the day. Also, it will start singing at dusk and often times heard just before the sun rises.
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Diet. The shape of the bill to a Blue Glitra suggests it feeds on caterpillars and insects it snatches out of trees and foliage. There is also speculation they feed on seeds from the Nightshimmer Flowers. If so, it would explain why the plant never seems to repeat its growth in any one area.
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Mating. As stated before, the Blue Glitra is such an elusive bird, much about it remains a mystery. Good evidence suggests the mating season is in the spring. It is believed courtship is accomplished through a ritualized back and forth warble. This courtship song is so sad it can bring a grown person to their knees sobbing uncontrollably - or at least so the saying goes...
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Myth/Lore. Here an interesting occurrence concerning the Blue Glitra must be mentioned: A study of the ancient records turned up a mentioning of this bird. It appears that during the first Sarvonian War two small opposing armies came upon each other at dusk. Instead of attacking the armies entrenched themselves in preparation for battle the next morning. During the evening and into the night the singing of a Blue Glitra could be heard. The next morning there was no battle. Both armies had packed up and gone their separate ways.
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