The Ceh-Fish is only one of the many monstrous fish species that dwells in the Ancythrian Sea. Ceh-Fish have an intimidating appearance, and they are among the largest fish in existence. Their flesh is very popular, especially among the natives of Narvoss. They are also hunted by the Goltherlon elves west of the Ancythrian Sea for their flesh. The bones are used for artists' tools, the tail-fin in particular. They are a very rare catch, however.

The Caeh-Fish

View picture in full size Image description: The monstrous Ceh-Fish catching a giant insect with its pure tongue. Picture drawn by Mikael.

Appearance. Ceh-Fish are one of the largest animals of the Ancythrian Sea. The size of an adult fish may range from 2 to 3.5 peds in length (with the exception of the Ancythrian strain, which reaches a maximum length of 2.5 peds). Their scales vary in color, but usually are silver-grey, with colorful hues when reflected in the light. Older Ceh-Fish have bronze or golden scales. The Ceh-Fish has an enormous white beak, which it uses to kill its prey and defend itself (note: smaller fish means any fish smaller than itself). Their eyes are two tiny, jet-black, points in their front, one on each side of the head.

Behind the beaks of the Ceh-Fish are long, dart-like tongues. The average length of a Ceh-Fish tongue is about one ped long. They are green and have a barb on the tip for grabbing the prey. The tongue is strong and flexible, so the fish can have an easy task of holding down its prey.

The fins are usually about one quarter of the length of the fish and located exactly in the center of the body. The Ceh-Fish has a long tail, usually one to two palmspan long, which is unusual for a fish. The tail fin has a triangular shape, and is about half of a palmspan wide. This fin is made of a very strong piece of bone.
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Special Abilities. Ceh-Fish usually do not bother using stealth or tactics when hunting. They simply find a meal, grab it, and move on. When food becomes scarce in the winter season, they change to sneakier tactics. Ceh-Fish will hide in the shadows and wait for a school of smaller fish to pass. It will then trail these fish, and eat until there are no more of them left. For these smaller fish, its tongue is not required; it usually just swallows them whole. Return to the top

Territory. Ceh-Fish reside in various places around the world: North of the peninsula of Paragonj, near the island of Narvoss, near the Northern Peak, and the northern half of the Ancythrian Sea. Some have even been spotted in the depths of the southern Adanian Sea, where the icy streams coming from the continent of Cyhalloi pass the island of the Doranian Kingdom. The Ancythrian Ceh-Fish is slightly smaller, and rarer than the regular fish.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Ceh-Fish are known as the bullies of the sea. Although they have no teeth, their beaks are still a terrifying weapon. Very seldom hungry Cah-Fish who lurk on the surface or near the coast even catch large insects with only their tongues, thus alarming nearby fishermen of their presence. They often destroy the nets of the fishermen, so they are killed with harpoons. The latter is not too difficult, as they generally swim alone and very close to the surface. It is not advised, however, for inexperienced fishermen to hunt for Ceh-Fish.

On the rare occasion that these giant fish shoal, they can be lethal. They become extremely aggressive when they sense the death of one of their family members. In the very rare event that the Ancythrian fish travels as far south as Cavthan in a shoal, veteran Cavthanian fishers hunt the fish down to protect the smaller fish from which they thrive.
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Diet. Ceh-Fish live off of almost any fish that is smaller than it. The one exception is the khendochar, which is poisonous. They eat whenever a meal is available. Ceh-Fish are generally at the top of the undersea food chain. The Ancythrian version, however, often become snacks to the larger Ancythrian shark.
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Mating. Ceh-Fish are hatched from eggs and live for 2 mating seasons, which is about 6 human years. During the mating season, the female Ceh-Fish lay about ten to twelve eggs. Ceh-Fish become very violent during the mating season, and protect their eggs with all of the vitality they have. Once the eggs hatch, however, they leave them alone to fend for themselves.
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Usages. Their flesh is very popular, especially among the natives of Narvoss. They are also hunted by the Goltherlon elves west of the Ancythrian Sea for their flesh. The Goltherrhim have no fear of Alvang, and will go as far as the Alvang coast to hunt theses fish down.

Due to their strength Ceh-Fish beaks are ground and used in adhesives in shipbuilding. The bones are used for artists' tools, the tail-fin in particular. They are a very rare catch, however, for Cavthan fishermen do not wish to fish too far north. They fear coming too close to the ominous city of Alvang. Therefore, a large industry is not produced from Ceh-Fish, and the parts aqcuired from them are very valuable.
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