The Flying Ape or "Capou-Capou" (singular and plural form are identical) is a small monkey-creature that resides mainly in the jungles/forests all over souther-eastern Nybelmar. The Capou-Capou is green with small wings on its back. While the monkey isn't really capable of flying, the wings are used often though in order to glide from tree to tree. Aside from that the Capou-Capou can take off and move about one ped off of the ground for a distance of five peds using its wings only.

The Capou-Capou Flying Ape

View picture in full size  Picture description. A Capou-Capou Flying Ape sitting next to a Viaquis mage. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.

Appearance. The Capou-Capou has green skin along with the green fur that covers everything but its head and belly. Its face - like at most apes - resembles a human one in many aspects but has several elven features, especially the pointed ears and the more delicate look should be noted here. The Capu-Capou's belly is a orangy yellow like its face, and the skin in general is very smooth. The monkey acts like most apes, moving hunched over, never standing at its true height. They are usually between 1 ped and 1 fore to 1 ped and 2 fores. Most Flying Apes weigh between 5 Hebs to 7 Hebs and 1 Halfeb.

Males and females seem fairly the same in the basic appearance but differ greatly in specific details. The females mainly have a brighter shade of green instead of a dark forest type of green that the males possess.
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Special Abilities. The most notable special ability of the Capou-Capou of course is its ability to fly short distances. Well, "flying" probably isn't the right term, but the wings are used often though in order to glide from tree to tree. Aside from that the Capou-Capou can take off and move about 1 ped off of the ground for a distance of 5 peds using its wings only. To accomplish this little bit of flight it requires a lot of energy from the ape, it must flap its wings very quickly and they just glide the rest of the distance. Especially when at flight from larger predators, this ability is very valuable. Return to the top

Territory. Capou-Capou prefer warm climatic conditions and tend to stay in the southeast jungles/woods of Nybelmar, only a few can be found in more northern regions. They live in very dense forests, mainly the larger ones but are also known to travel from forest to forest at certain times, which possibly is related to unregular changes of the seasons. Lately researchers confirm that the Capou-Capou have acted more nomadic and have begun to travel further in western and northern regions as well unlike their usually behaviour.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Capou-Capou act in a group as if they are all equal among each other. They stay together in family-forms one might call "clans" or even "tribes" to ward off predators. If a predator attack alone and manages to kill or wound a monkey, the animal might be attacked by the whole group, using claws, stones or branches as weapons of defense. Capou-Capou mainly stay in one forest and do not travel much from one location to another unless food supplies run out or there is a shift in the usual time of season changes.

The male is the dominant sex among the flying apes. They have the duties of finding safe areas to dwell and to also protect the clan from predators. They also take care of finding food resources, travelling around to find berries and other edible items they share within the community.

The females on ther other hand care for the babies, build the tree-homes and keep the conditions ideal to live in, e.g. by clearing out plants that are poisonous and could be dangerous to the young.

Among the clan one of the stronger Flying Apes is "made" the leader. In fact the ape, who takes control of the clan in certain situations (usually by fleeing or attacking first when danger draws near), is followed in its behaviour and often acts as leader in similar situations. In very rare cases it may even happen that if other males resist this ape they end up fighting to the death. Usually the winner in such a fight is the leader of the clan until another ape builds up enough nerve to challenge the leading ape for its right to guide the clan.
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Diet. Flying apes eat only vegetables, prefering fruits and berries over all other plants. They especially love the vinterberry and have no trouble finding them at the base of most trees in the southern forests of Nybelmar. Usally the males are the ones who gather all the food for the clan while the females take care of the young. Capou-Capou travel together, usually in groups of two as they forage for wild berries and vegetables.

On the other hand the Flying Apes do not live without danger. They fit into the diets of various predators that reside in the same jungles that they do. One of the main enemies of the Capou-Capou is the Giant Spider.
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Mating. Males usually play the active part in deciding about their mating partners and fight each other, not only in one-on-one duels, but as well in groups. After an ape is victorious in a battle to submission (not to death), the winning male selects his mate.

The young Capou-Capou are taken care of by the mother until approximately the age of 1 when they are expected to fulfill their duties along with the rest of the clan. The females aid the older females while the males learn how to defend the clan and forage for food.
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