The Avenor Cat, also called the “Fisher’s Cat,” is a shorthaired breed that enjoys life around the sea. They were once considered to be nothing but flee-bitten strays and for a long time many people considered them not to be a real cat breed at all. However, when the renowned Guild Felinus began to identify it as a true breed, people slowly recognized them for their individuality in the cat world.

The Avenor Cat
View picture in full size Image description: The Avenor Cat, often found at piers. Drawn by Viresse.

Appearance. The Avenor Cat is usually portrayed as having a herín pattern, though they are commonly seen in mottled, tabby and solid coat patterns, though they may sometimes come in herín as well. They are a shorthaired breed and are never seen with longhaired coats. This might be because the breed usually exists only in warm environments near the coast. They usually come in cream, tan, black, and ash, though most have trace amounts of other colours in their coat. These colours include rose, silver, and dull cerubell, gold, and allia in their coat.

The Avenor Cat is known for having a rather shabby appearance. They have thin but muscular bodies and have paws equipped with claws that are usually sharper and that heal and grow much faster than most other breeds of cat. The eyes of an Avenor Cat are usually yellow, copper, and, more commonly, green. There are, however, numerous cases of blue-eyed cats and many breeders believe that this normally unusual coloration of the iris may become a more common sight over time.
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Special Abilities. The Avenor Cat has highly adept senses, especially those related to their sense of smell. They are known for being able to distinguish the odor of certain fish in order to determine if they are a poisonous species or if they are indeed edible. Their claws are also sharper than most other breeds and, when they get broken (which tends to be quite often), they heal faster than most other breeds of cat. Return to the top

Territory. These cats can be found on the coast of the Santharian provinces of Manthria and Sanguia, laying around shipyards and ports, basking lazily in the sun. They are also commonly found on fishing boats just off the coasts of the aforementioned countries. Warm environments suit them best and they thrive in sea-bound areas, making them quite at home among the Avennorians living in this region.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Avenor Cat tends to prefer warm weather in more southern regions of Santharia. They are often found sunning themselves in open areas on clear, warm days. They can be rather vocal at times, but because they depend mainly on their own selves to supply their bodies with food and not an owner, their voices are more commonly used to communicate with each other or will be used in time of distress (usually when they fall over the side of a ship and can’t get on deck again). Unlike most cats, the Avenor has little fear of water. They don’t prefer it, but they also won’t hesitate to leap in if need be.
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Diet. Like most cats, the Avenor Cat hunts rats and mice, which are rather common around ports and shipping yards. These felines are very skilled in the way of hunting and tend to be rather clever. The cat will also commonly eat fish or parts of fish that most people don’t even like to touch. For this reason, Avenor Cats have a very strong stomach, able to down almost anything. These felines are rarely given special cat food but will, from time to time, be thrown scraps of fish.
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Mating. See Domestic Cats entry.
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Usages. The Avenor Cat is primarily used for its hunting ability. Rats would plague fisherman, ruin much of their fish supplies, and run crazy in the fishing yards if the rodents’ population wasn’t maintained by this skilled feline. They are thus a friend to fishers and sailors. The cat also acts as a disposal of spare or unusable fish parts, and sometimes serves as a companion to sailors and fishermen when they are out on the large and lonely sea.
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