Sometimes affectionately called the “Strat-Cat,” the Strata Cat has extremely short hair due to their hot environment and has an unusually slender body. Some Strata Cats have hair so short that some people regard them as being hairless, even though they do indeed have hair. Royalty, because of their usual appearance, often keep these kinds of Strata Cat.

The Strata Cat
View picture in full size Image description: The short-haired Strata Cat. Pic by Viresse.

Appearance. The Strata Cat is one of the most unusual among the domestic cat family. This breed of cat thrives in hot environments in the deep southern areas of Santharia and sometimes as far south as Shan’Thai in Aeruillin because of their extremely short hair. Some regard them as hairless because they tend to have coats that are only a grain or so long. This gives their bodies a velvet feel. Their hair is always tan or light-ash in color and is rarely found in the intricate patterns that are found more northward. They almost always have solid patterns.

The Strata Cat has an unusually thin and slender body. At first sight, one might think that these felines were starved nearly to death, but the skeletons of these cats show that their bodies are designed to be very slim and thin, though slightly elongated compared to other breeds. The Strata Cat is the tallest breed of cat with its slender legs, but also has some of the smallest feet and paws of any other breed. Their claws are thus rather small, though terribly sharp. The tail is fairly long to help the cat maintain balance when running, and the ears of this cat are rather big and often a red or pink color due to their thinness and the blood vessels running through the ear. This feline is very light and never exceeds a hafeb in weight. This lightness helps to keep them from sinking into the sands of their environment.

The Strata Cat has green, gold, yellow, or orange eyes, though albinos with faded blue or pink eyes are fairly common.
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Special Abilities. The Strata Cat can survive long periods of time without food or water, though it has an uncanny ability to find them both wherever the cat wanders. They are extremely light and thus can stand on sand without sinking too deeply in the sea of small grains. They are also surprisingly fast due to their long legs and light bodies and can maintain high speeds for a long while before they become worn out. The Strata Cats have also adapted to the harsh environments by growing large ears through which blood can circulate through to help them cool off their bodies. After running or when the cat becomes too hot, the ears will become bright red. This is where the quote "Red as a Strat-Cat’s ears" originats from. Return to the top

Territory. As the name implies, Strata Cats are found in former Stratanian territory (nowadays known as the Santharian provinces of Truban and Brendolan) and other fairly hot regions. They have also been seen in Shan’Thai, though not in the same quantities as are found in Santharian regions. They often accompany people as a companion, especially to nomadic herders or wanderers. They are sometimes kept as pets to barkeepers or tavern owners. Because of their unique appearance, royalty will also sometimes keep them as pets.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Strata Cat is one of the most flighty and can easily be frightened at times. They can move as extremely high speeds and thus frightening one of these felines is not in one’s best interest if they wish to see it again. Living in a dangerously hot and scorching environment, this cat knows better than most that the world can be a very perilous and uncertain place and are ready for whatever might come their way. They are always found in hot climates unless they are kept by royalty living in northern countries.
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Diet. In desperate times, the Strata Cat will eat almost anything including rats and other such rodents, small reptiles, bugs, and plants. They will do anything they can to keep from starving to death. When times are not so desperate, they are more content to feed of lizards and rats. Most of these cats have owners, but are only fed when supplies allow. If supplies are sort, the cat will have to rely on him or herself to get the nourishment they need.
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Mating. See Domestic Cats entry.
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Usages. Though the claws of the Strata Cat are small, they are still sharp enough to spear small animals that may ruin a shopkeeper’s food or a herder’s supplies, such as rats and mice. Strata Cats also tend to be very good companions for nomadic travelers. In times of drought or when supplies are low, this cat may also be eaten, raw if needed.
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