The Chomas is a common, blue-scaled lizard like creature, living around the Cár'cál'cáey Mountains, down to the shores or the Dark Sea of Aegyslam in Aeruillin. It is a bit more intelligent than an ordinary dog, and has in some cases been made a pet by the locals. They are not aggressive, but will defend themselves if provoked. The Chomas don’t hunt larger creatures than a small cat, and the locals think of them as a creature bringin luck.

Appearance. The Chomas is about one ped long, with a head that reminds of a lesser drake, and a body that is similar to a lizard, covered with blue scales. The feet have 3 claws at the front, which is used for fighting and climbing. They also have long legs, and are quite muscular.

The Chomas prefer to run if possible, and can achieve great speed
. The known speed a Chomas reaches at wild flight is about the same as a horse at full gallop. The claws find use as weapons, as they can’t outrun flying creatures like drakes.

Chomas are also known to lose their tails when running, as it is easily removed. This is believed to be a natural way of distracting pursuing enemies, and in fact in most cases it really works. It grows out to its full shape in a matter of months. Locals often pick up the tail, and the bones and skin is used in certain amulets promising its wearer luck. Such amulets are often given as presents to family and friends. It is tradition to give the amulets to someone close, or as a reward to someone who has done something that needs to be rewarded. But, as the Chomas tails are tokens of friendship, they are not sold. Outlanders call this pure superstition of course. Return to the top

Special Abilities. The Chomas is gifted with a great running speed, which it uses to escape its enemies. When its enemies overtake a Chomas, it can loosen its tail, making it fall off to divert enemy attention, so it can escape.

It is also said among locals, that a friendly touch by a wild Chomas is a token of luck. Parts of the tail is also used as a amulet for luck, and given away as a token of friendship.
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Territory. The Chomas lives in the area around the Cár'cál'cáey Mountains, down to the shores or the Dark Sea of Aegyslam in Aeruillin. They prefer areas around humans, but they usually keep out of sight.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Chomas are flock animals, but without a leader. They are not very aggressive, and it is easy to win their trust with some food. They don’t like to be bothered, so approaching them rashly often results in a flight, or a lot of scratches.

Chomas, however, are quite lazy, and use parts of the day to just lying around on a random rock in the sun, sleeping or relaxing. Otherwise, they are hunting or drinking.

Once in a fight with these creatures, it is easy to find out that they are cowards
(unless it is mating season). At once they find out that their life is in danger, they will try to run away.
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Diet. The Chomas eat when they can, which means whenever something smaller than a cat gets into sight. They eat small creatures, like rodents, and small birds, or sometimes, small cat-like creatures. As a lot of local farmers have been giving them spoils over the years, they have become a lot more attached to the humans, and their food. But on more than one time, a particular bright pack of Chomas have gotten into a house and consumed every scrap of food within its reach.
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Mating. The Chomas lay about 10-15 eggs in the late spring, after a rather rushed mating, where the males of the flock try to get the attention of the female. To approach a flock during mating is dangerous, as the males will try to kill unwanted intruders to impress the ladies.
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Myth/Lore. There are a lot of local legends where Chomas play a minor role, and at those parts where it is mentioned, Chomas play the role of a carriers of luck and a messengers bringing good news.
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