Seen on the rolling hills of Caelereth’s landscape, there are two main types of Cows grazing the lands of Sarvonia:

Santharian Cattle
View picture in full size Image description. The Rimmilch Cows grazing at the Farmsteadings of Twynor. Picture by Bard Judith.

Both cow types are domesticated, and cows are generally very gentle around humans. Cows are found where ever humans are settled, as long as the animals can survive the climate, which the hardy beast usually can. Although the beef animal is much more adapted to the cold and harsh climates, dairy cows oddly enough do very well in the heat, even extreme heat, as that is where they produce their maximum amount of milk.

Cattle Overview. Following is a list of all kinds of Cows known in the lands of Caelereth:

The Baneg is a very common member of the bovine family. They adapt easily to most climatic conditions and are very mild in temperament. This made them desirable and they were domesticated very early on. Although the Baneg originally came from southern Sarvonia, they can now be found in herds all over Caelereth.

The Daw is a species of Cows that is kept by the penda'u at the continent of Akdor. It measures up to two peds in heigth and three and a half ped in length. It has long brown hair, that gets thicker near the hooves, grey eyes that may contain both threat and calmness. The males grow horns up to half a ped that are curved slightly downwards, and could make fierce weapons. They are kept for their milk, but also for their beef and skin.

A large, semi-feral species of cattle that is found only in the Kanapan lands in Northern Sarvonia, the Furno or Kanapan Bulls are hardy and tough, with a heavy coat of thick fur.

The great Havach-Oxen (also called simply "Havach"s, "Quasi-Ox" or also "Platebeast"), unique to Nybelmar, are used as draftbeasts and ridingbeasts. Plated beasts the size of elephants, with powerful curving horns, they are nonetheless placid by nature and timid of disposition. They prefer to herd together, and mate for life.

The Kyrattin Cattle

The Kyrattin is a member of the bovine family and is most identifiable for the long horns seen on the heads of both sexes. Making its home in the Kruswik Steppe, a large grassland in the northern part of Southern Sarvonia, a large number of the Kyrattin were domesticated by the Kyranians soon after their arrival in about 11705 b.S. Providing milk that is both rich and creamy, meat that is temder and tasty, pelts used for a range of products, sinew used for bowstrings and horns for trophies, tools and instruments, almost every part of the Kyrattin are used by the Kyranians and their descendants in some way.

The Packox ("Oxen Pack Mount")

The Packox (plural "Paxen") is a heavy, bulky, large and slow member of the bovine family that makes its home in the icy north of the Sarvonian mainland. Domesticated and used primarily as beasts of burden by the Antislar tribe and progressive elements of the Remusian tribe from Northern Sarvonia, the Paxen are easily identified by their thick coat, curved white horn and ritualistic dances during their mating season.

The Rimmilch Cow

The Rimmilch Cow is by far the most common kind of cattle you will encounter in the United Kingdom of Santharia. As the name already implies, the Rimmilch Cow dominates the areas around the Rimmerins ring, but also can be found until the Tandalas up north, thus providing dairy products for large parts of Santharia and is especially liked for the excellent milch cheese.

Skaurgere (also called "Plainsbeasts") are large, broodish animals prowling the vast expanses of the Nybelmar plains. Gruff in nature and quick-tempered, they are dangerous to tame. But they are far brighter than their hairy lumbering exterior lets on and once "broken" can easily be ridden and can pull carts. The loud guttural growls and roars they produce carry well across the plains.

The small, brown, delicate frame of the “Strata” is no hint to its milk production. This animal is well suited for the barren, dry climate it is situated in, and thrives there, under the close care of humans, of course. The milk production of this tan sweetie is enough to supply Thalambath, Bardavos and Strata with milk, butter, cheese and cream.

The Iceland Wison

The Wison is a member of the bovine family and has many similarities to domestic cattle. However, it is clearly an animal that is suited for the Coast of the Icelands in Northern Sarvonia. It provides a veritable cornucopia of products that the Ice Tribes use to survive in the harsh environment of the Ice Coast. The Wison is a herd animal. As individuals, their eyesight and hearing are not that advanced, but within the herd this is compensated for. These herds are typically 100-200 animals, though herds of up to 400 have been sighted. When pushed to extreme agitation, herds have been known to stampede. Nothing can stand up to a stampeding herd, wildly charging as one massive entity, and anything caught in its path is usually crushed by the multitude of hooves.


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