Description. High Demons are said to have a will of their own and show some considerable intelligence and often are extraordinary in strength and power. These are the most dangerous creatures known on Caelereth as they use their powers and wits only to serve a higher power (usually interpreted as Cor or his minions) and bring death, destruction - and above all - chaos to the lands. Luckily these Demons are seldom in the recent centuries but whereever exceptional catastrophies take place people worry whether there is some greater evil at work. Especially mhorashty and mystrans fall into the category. Return to the top

Overview. The known High Demons are as follows:

The Mhorashty

A mythical demon species (spoken Morr-Ash-Tee, plural Morashty as well) said to represent the servants of Queprur. They roam the world of the mortals for unknown reasons but seem to be drawn to death like fleas to a dead corpse. They're said to wander freely between our world and the Netherworlds but more you don't know. In other contexts they're also seen in connection with Etherus as creatures of lust and the sins of love although their alignment to death and destruction seems to be pre-dominant.

Creature of the shadow and shape changing e
vil spirit. A Mystran is seldom encountered directly but only in other creatures it obsesses. Mystrans are highly intelligent, and many incidents in Santharian history tell of Mystrans who controlled large armies of orcs, lending their cunning and intelligence to them. Return to the top

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