Appearance. Doch Nuts (DOE-SH NUTS) grow on small bushes which can survive in virtually any climate from very hot to mildly cold, but not extreme cold. It is believed that they first existed in the desert since the bushes aren't very green, but rather more of a beige. The hard shells of these nuts are the same color as the bushes, which sometimes makes the nuts hard to see while on the bush. Once they are ripe the shell cracks, revealing the greenish nut inside. The crack also makes the shell much easier to open. Return to the top

Territory. It is not known where Doch Nuts came from originally, probably just some little patch of desert in the middle of nowhere. Now they have spread all over Southern Sarvonia, and thanks to their ability to survive in diverse climates, have been able to be cultivated most anywhere. They are also very cheap to cultivate, and the bushes usually give off about three batches of nuts a year, which has also given them the nickname "Poor Man's Nut". But if you are looking for Doch Nuts, don't go looking for a bush, but simply head for the nearest inn.
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Usages. The Doch Nut obviously has only one use: To be consumed. They have a very pleasant taste and aftertaste, with a slight natural saltiness to the shell. They are mostly used in inns and taverns, as they go well with ale, or just by themselves. They have become popular over Southern Sarvonia since a few traders first started moving them about, and still they spread over the continent.
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Myth/Lore. There is a myth that has spread along with the nuts that they actually contain a natural substance that, as soon as it hits your tongue, make you want more nuts. Since they have been used in inns, and given the nickname "Ale Nut", they believe that ale amplifies this effect. The only cure found for the instant addiction is to eat a different sort of food. This still leaves you with a residual want, which is usually stoked whenever the person sees a Doch Nut or smells one. Return to the top

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