The Cattrel was bred to be a herding dog, and this breed has become a favourite with sheep and cow farmers throughout Mid-Southern Sarvonia. Other dogs can be trained to do this task, but the Cattrel is the best choice. They have a natural knack for this type of work and it fits their energetic personality. Even though the Cattrel would make a fine house pet, they tend to be better at herding than other breeds and generally enjoy the open fields.

There are a few different types of Cattrel, allowing people to select one to their liking. These are the Chrondran Cattrel, the long-haired Cattrel, Silky Cattrel, and the Short-haired Cattrel. Pure breeds of this group of dog are hard to find and highly prized by wealthy land owners. Aside from working these animals are sometimes bred as pets and 'show dogs'. Some choose some of the more showy forms of this dog to increase their popularity by attempting to have the 'most perfect hound'.

Appearance. Cattrels are usually medium sized dogs, weighing from about three hebs and a hafeb to five hebs. Different types tend to have different heights. Mostly the Cattrel is a fairly light build dog with a pointed snout and ears that stand up most of the time and droop a bit at times. The herding dogs of this breed tend to be a bit stockier than the dogs bred for pets. Here are some descriptions of the individual types:

Special Abilities. This dog is extremely energetic and agile with great stamina. Running all day is like nothing to this creature, even over rough and uneven ground. They are highly motivated to work and very intelligent. These three things are put into full effect when this animal is doing its job. They also take to herding cattle and other animals well; it is almost as if it is just natural instinct. These animals are great herding dogs and they make good family pets, but only for people living on a ranch, farm, or large plot of land. They have too much energy, can be destructive, and sometimes suffer from depression if they live in the city and are stuck in a house or kennel all day. Return to the top

Territory. Cattrel are usually owned by mid-Santharian farmers, and hence are usually found in this area. Breeders of this dog have made an attempt to keep the pure bred hounds of this line to themselves, and so they are not usually found in the Santharian provinces further north than Xaramon.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Cattrel is a very hyper and loveable animal. They are not very good indoor pets because it takes a lot to tire them out. When left alone in the house it is not uncommon for them to destroy the place. Most times they should be kept in a kennel or in stables, whether they are kept as a pet or a herding dog. This breed is great with people, but they can not always be trusted alone with small children because they do not understand their strength. Most Cattrels love being outdoors and working on a farm where they can run around as much as they like, but as they grow older they adapt to life indoors. They can be trained to behave around people, but when on their own they revert back to their explorative instincts.
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Diet. The Cattrel eats mostly meat like all other canines, but will eat other things. Vegetables and grains are also a favourite of this animal and sometimes it will eat these more than meat. When living as a pet, most owners tend to give it table scraps. While the animal appreciates this, it isnít always healthy for them. Giving them food from the table too often can make them sick. Herding dogs need a strict diet of meat, with grains and vegetables given every five to six days. Any type of food that is not necessarily healthy for people defiantly isnít good for the Cattrel.
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Mating. At approximately a year old, Cattrels reach maturity. They mate about twice a year. Females tend to give birth to small litters, leaving the numbers of purebred Cattrels low. After the bitch is impregnated it takes two months before the pups are born. Most litters consist of two to three pups. Four or five pups in a litter is not unheard of, but is uncommon. Female Cattrels cannot have mixed breed pups, but males can father pups on other breeds of dog. The number of purebred Cattrels in Sarvonia has remained stable throughout the years, as there are quite a few breeders that are attempting to raise the population of true Cattrels. However, the efforts of those who do breed this type of dog have not been completely in vain, as they have played a large part in keeping purebred Cattrels in the world.
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Usages. The most common use for Cattrels is herding. They are superb herding dogs and make life much easier for cattle and sheep farmers. While the purebred dogs are not easy for the lower class to get hold of, mixed breeds are almost as good. The wealthy have been known to take in Cattrels as pets. Most that own purebred pets of this breed often make deals with breeders that are trying to keep the true Cattrels alive. Trading and coin is the bargaining chip for these deals and in the end, both sides find the outcome to their liking.
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