The Dravilonia is a very strange, yes even weird kind of beast, which is mosten often mentioned in dark legends about the Lord of the Shadows, Coůr, serving his warlords. The Dravilonia is a kind of an undead dragon, but more the size of a drake, summoned from the Netherworlds by the minions of Coůr. It can only be ridden by undead or demons and hates everything that lives. Aside from transportation of other foul creatures its only purpose is destroying and killing. This combination made it a frightening appearance on the battlefields of the Third Sarvonian War, where the invasion of Santharia from the north was led by evil warlords using Dravilonias as a means of transport.

The Dravilonia
View picture in full size Image description: The fearsome sight of a Dravilonia. Obviously the beast got rid of its rider... Picture drawn by Isilhir.

Appearance. The Dravilonia is a large, drake-like creature. Its whole body is covered with small scales, except for the chest, which is covered with larger ones, which are practically impossible to pierce. It has two horns sticking out at each side of its head, one on the beak, one on each elbow, one large and several short ones on its claws as well as several short ones on the head and shoulders. A Dravilonia is approximately 2-3 peds high and 6-7 peds (including the tale) long. The Dravilonia walks on its hind legs only, but because its whole trunk leans forward, it has its tale as a counterweight. It has two large transparent wings, which look quite fragile, but which are actually very strong. Return to the top

Special Abilities. A Dravilonia isnít very smart, even not for an animal, but it has very keen senses, and is especially good at smelling. Its skin isnít very thick, but of some material that isnít easily penetrated. As has been already mentioned the breast scales of this drake are impossible to pierce with any known weapon, which makes Dravilonia scales a very desired additon to any armour. Also arrows donít seem to hurt the Dravilonia in any way, so mostly it will take a mage to kill it again.

The Dravilonia doesnít have any magical abilities, as do his living dragon cousins, but it is said that with each living thing they consume, they grow strong, bigger and gain more strength. With its wings the drake cannot only fly; its muscles are also strong enough to create strong windblasts with the usage of these wings.
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Territory. The Dravilonia has no real territory on Caelereth. They live in the Netherworlds and can only be summoned by very powerful mages. In Caelereth they prefer dark places to live in, like caverns. Those caves are mostly sealed off by the same mages who summoned the Dravilonia, as they often have great troubles controlling them.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Dravilonias are very difficult to control. Mages who summon them never keep them close, because they might feast on those who conjured them back to the world of Caelereth. If theyíre let loose in a battle, theyíll always attack living things of the enemy first, but might turn on you when theyíre finished with. When they canít kill, they become restless and will start rampaging through their masterís own territory.

Although you wouldnít say it, when you see one's stubborn behaviour, Dravilonias can indeed be ridden. The minions of Coůr use it for their commanders and mages to ride on. In rare occasions it is also reported that this beast is used by the beasts of the Netherworld by more intelligent and magically developed demons.
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Diet. Because itís an undead creature, they donít need food to stay alive. However, they love to eat fresh meat, because they distaste all things living. The more they eat, the stronger they get. For this reason, itís an excellent weapon against huge armies; because it has a lot to devour and will considerably outgrow its enemies. The only thing a Dravilonia really needs is a continuous mana supply, without it, it will vanish.
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Mating. Dravilonias donít mate, because theyíre undead. Most people believe that theyíre the souls of slain dragons or drakes returned into an even more horrible form, but thereís no proof for that.
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