Appearance. Thick brown scales cover most of the Earth Drake's body. Although very tough the scales are smooth and have a shinny glare to them. This drake has no spikes on its body or head what so ever. It is a very muscular beast, and rather slow walking. Its front set of paws/feet are huge, with thick strong claws and its snout is long and narrow, leading onto a solid flat forehead, which is attached to a long but strong neck. Its shoulders are very wide, normally 4 times the width of its head. Its hind legs have several huge muscles, designed for pushing. The tails is short, and stumpy. Strangely this drake doesn't possess a set of wings. Earth Drakes usually average 8-10 peds in length, including the tail. Return to the top

The Earth Drake
View picture in full size Image description: A vicious Earth Drake peering from one of its caves. Drawn by Faugar.

Special Abilities. Although these beasts look very strange, they were obviously made for one purpose, which is to dig. They are capable of travelling at very fast speeds under the ground, but when above ground, they are slow and clumsy. Earth Drakes have no wings, so they cannot fly either. They are also known for there amazing sense of hearing.

These drakes are masters of Earth magic, having the ability to control the earth itself whenever they feel the need to do so. Through magical means they can loosen earth, which makes it easier for them to dig through or also strengthen the protection of their bodies. When angered Earth Drakes can even cause tremblings of the earth up to small, local earth quakes, causing e.g. whole mines, which are not fortified well enough, to crumble. An unsuspected encounter with an Earth Drake somewhere deep down in a dungeon under the earth therefore may be pretty dangerous. Fortunately the magical energies are somewhat limited and the drake needs to rest between casting more destructive waves of quakes.
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Territory. Earth Drakes are not often spotted as they tend to live deep underground in their own made caves. In times of heat, these animals have been seen basking in the sun. Most of these sightings were in the Northern Savonian continent. A group of travellers claims that one of these animals burst from the ground consumed one of their companions - this incident was reported in the lands of the Kuglimz.
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Habitat/Behaviour. These creatures tend to stick with their families, but if two males were to meet. Only one of them would walk away alive, as Earth Drakes are very territorial and have an extremely aggressive nature. They do not enjoy company, unless it is that of a mate. Dead juvenile Earth Drakes have been found, and it is believed that the fathers kill their children if annoyed by them.
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Diet. Earth Drakes are carnivores and have a unique hunting technique: They are capable of hearing animals and can somehow tell what kind of animal it is from under the ground. After deciding upon an animal as suitable prey, they follow for a short period of time before using there large front claws to burst from the ground, and grab onto the prey. They then drag it under ground, kill and consume the poor animal. They do not have preferences of food they seem just to go for anything they can lay their claws on, literally.
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Mating.  Very little is known about the mating rituals of the Earth Drakes, as it is done deep down underground. People say that their mating also may be the cause for small earthquakes, where fighting over the female urges the males to use some of their powerful Earth Magic.
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